Spurs Find Their Calling at the Gates of Hull


If there’s one thing we might learn from the weekend’s last ditch victory against Steve Bruce’s Hull – and it’s a symptom of the bloody things being in such stark supply – is that these players sure know how to celebrate a win.

Indeed, every team needs its unique brand to set it apart from the rest and for Spurs, where they’re really excelling right now, is in their ability to orchestrate an eleventh-hour celebratory pile-on.

Traditional inconveniences like keeping it tight at the back or doing good football haven’t really panned out for us this season— the very existence of the Fazio/Kaboul defensive axis seems to have been forged exclusively for ‘Sh*te Defending’ MOTD highlight packages, that even braindead eggs like Alan Shearer can decipher — so it’s nice we’ve decided to focus on our obvious strengths.

Cooking up multi-player bundles after we beat the League’s prime silage. Cardiff last season, Villa and now Hull this. It’s all going terrifically.

We should cherish these moments, of course. It was a visually unpleasant triumph but not as ugly as our position might’ve looked had Eriksen and the gang been unable to turn it around. The ignominy of being on level points with Liverpool would’ve been too excruciating to bear.

Harry Kane continues to make friends with yet another committed and goal-burdened display. Gary Lineker remarked on Twitter – a man who should know about these things – that the young striker looks to have an inborn gift for sniffing out the chances. A natural goal scorer. With 11 goals in 16, it’s hard to disagree.

In a post-match interview you could’ve written the answers for the moment Hull were numerically reduced, Steve Bruce demanded that the officials use common sense when interpreting the violent conduct law.

To avoid this, perhaps Bruce could’ve explained to Gaston Ramirez that kicking Jan Vertonghen in the legs until he falls over is not good common sense, before castigating the fourth official for effectively having eyes. It’s everyone’s fault but your own, Steve.

Away from our indifferent League form, Spurs host Partizan Belgrade tonight, knowing a victory will take them into the Europe League knockouts as group winners.

There’re absentees aplenty with various suspensions, (Fazio) injuries (Walker) and maternal witchcraftery (Adebayor) so expect the line-up to have an improvised feel to it. The important thing to remember is that Harry Kane will definitely start, probably score, and I wouldn’t mind betting he’d have a go at doing the half-time announcements or stewarding the carpark if called upon.

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