Redknapp’s Thoughts on City Plus More Stuff to Give Away

o-brother-where-art-thouBack at Eastlands, then, where the mood is decidedly less ‘go forth and conquer’ as ‘try not to make too much of an ordeal of aiding the inevitable.’ City need a draw this evening to all but knock us out of the race- barring a cricket score against Birmingham- a result which, let’s face it, we’ve been pretty adept at offering in recent weeks. And against lesser opposition of that which we face tonight. Six of the last eight have been evenly spread affairs, if you were wondering. I’m not morbid enough to remind you of who they were against.

Still, at least we can rely on a cheery Harry Redknapp sound-byte to lift our sprits. It’ll all end in tears for those overpaid nancy boys, right? We’re going gung-ho for title next year, you say?

“I think they will win the Premier League in the next few years,” Redknapp told Sky Sports.


“I think they can be a real force next year. They’ve got a strong squad which is only going to get better now, because they’ve got unlimited funds to buy anybody they want, and they can pay the wages.

Oh dear.

“They’ve got players there now earning £200,000 a week. I mean, it’s crazy, isn’t it? It’s another world really, isn’t it?”

“What can you do though?” he added. “I don’t know. We’ll have another go next year. We’ve got good players here. It’s hard but we are close this year.”

Um. Come on you Spurs?

The truth is we’ll probably win tonight. We just need it to be in a fashion so comprehensive, that it plunges City into a paralysed state of shock and self-doubt. One that questions them not only as footballers, but as people.

6-1 to Spurs it is, then.

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59 Responses to Redknapp’s Thoughts on City Plus More Stuff to Give Away

  1. avatar Roy Singh says:

    I am saying this with reluctance. If we win then, then consider this to be a victory of winning our diginity back.

    Good Luck

  2. avatar johnhalloween says:

    This game will act as a display of where our team is at in terms of commitment and morale. Not sure which way it will go.

  3. avatar drwinston001 says:

    unfortunately this game is a no win for the team. If they play like they have recently they’ll lose but if the team performs and gets a result it’ll only remind us all of how poor they’ve been in the last 9 games. City should thank us for being quite as poor as we have been because in reality had we performed at even close to our potential this season we would’ve walked the top 4.

    • avatar KayBee says:


      The sad fact is that we haven’t deserved the CL this year (unlike last season).

      We’ve had ample opportunities to make up ground on Chelsea, Arse AND City, and we’ve kept spurning it. In some matches before CL games, our players looked quite distracted, almost as if they only had eyes for the upcoming glamour match, and that plain ain’t good enough.

      A bit more concentration next season please lads – a one off Champs League adventure is no good, we want it year in, year out.

  4. avatar KayBee says:

    I don’t actually know who played for the Sounders. I wanted to rock that top as well!

  5. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Man City are the favorite team of soldiers of fortune everywhere. They are even more vulgar than the Chavs. They know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

    Fuck Man City. Fuck them up their stupid asses.

  6. avatar Longwell says:

    Sky Sports would have you believe that successful Premier League campaigns are predicated on beating your fellow ‘big clubs’ at the top of the table. This is bullshit. Take care of business against the dross in the bottom half, and what you do against the big boys is almost irrelevant. And it’s exactly that which we’ve utterly failed to do this season, just like all too many seasons in the recent past. Last season was something of an aberration in this regard, and the rewards were there for all to see.

    The other trend that has bitten us in the hindquarters this season is Redknapp’s aversion to regular squad rotation. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that many key players in the squad look to have run out of steam at the sharp end of the campaign. In addition to the ‘two or three class buys’ Harry so covets in order to take the next step, he’s also going to need to learn to use what he’s already got a little better.

    • avatar seattlespursguy says:

      Yup, I thought Bale was looking in need of a rest at times in the early part of the season, but he never got one and had some breakdowns later. Of course, this isn’t an easy call. Harry would have got slaughtered if Bale was held out and we lost a game. Another sign of Twitchy’s ineptitude, some would cry.

      • avatar Longwell says:

        Twitchy says Twitchy tells the fans what to think, not the other way around.

        I think in the modern game, you have to rotate regularly just to keep more of your squad match sharp as much as anything else. Giving key players adequate rest when challenging in multiple competitions is obvious (or should be), but making a small number of changes from game to game as a matter of course helps keep more guys motivated and involved I would think.

        United, whatever else you want to think of them, should be a model for this. Does anyone know what Fergie’s best XI is? No, because he manages a squad, not a first string and a second string. In Harry’s world, when you’re a starter then that’s your place come hell or high water unless you get hurt or start to suck. This drives me crazy.

        • avatar KayBee says:

          Yeah! As SSG says, Bale was played into the ground, despite clearly needing a rest. Criminal really with Niko on the bench itching for action.

          Nice to see young Rose stepping up at LB… it’s about time Benny had cover – another player horrendously overplayed.

  7. avatar Longwell says:

    Ah, Crouchie. Is there any competition you can’t fuck up for us? Bless ‘im.

  8. avatar Longwell says:

    I would rather finish 6th playing the way we do than 4th playing the way City do. And that’s not sour grapes, that’s the god’s honest truth.

    • avatar seattlespursguy says:

      Agreed. It will be a poorer competition with City hoping for goal-less draws. You get enough of that from the Chavs and MU.

      • avatar seattlespursguy says:

        That said, it can’t be denied now that we absolutely haven’t deserved to be back in the CL for next year. The performances haven’t been good enough for a while now and that has to be addressed. The program now is keeping our best players, select new signings, and moving the not good enough. A bit of rotation wouldn’t hurt either.

  9. avatar Mark G says:

    I am no fan of Man City or they way they have spent to gain sucess but we live in a capitilist world and thats just what happens. We no longer live in a world where directors or financial backers are willing to wait for sucess. Thats what happens in the Championship and League One.
    Regardless of our form over the last 3 months and the inability of our strikers to score goals we will never truly compete against the likes of Citeh, Liverpool and the Chavs when we are run to sensible financial constraints.

    I for one can live with that. Money and interest in football is very transient and we have all heard the rumours of Abramovich maybe losing interest etc. I am happy for Spurs to be the best of the rest knowing we are not living out of anyone elses pocket. We are self sufficient and far better off for it. Some people are saying that we have punched above our weight even. I wont have that, we have just played good attacking positive football. We have played like Spurs.

    The problem comes when more and more clubs get bought out by rich folk and we really do get left behind sat the best of the rest in 9th or something. I pray that day never comes.

    Off Subject, William Gallas was bloody epic again last night.

    • avatar Mark G says:

      The amount of times we’ve blown the chance to go above Chav, Citeh etc has made last nights result look a formality for sometime now.

      I’m gutted all the same but you could see it coming a mile off.

      • avatar KayBee says:

        Yeah, I agree, but I’d bitten my tongue up til now. 😉

        The question now is, do we really want UEFA Cup/whatever it’s called now, or would we rather Liverpool were lumbered with it?

        I’m quite ambivalent on it; really, I want us to win every match we play in and try to finish as high in the table as possible, and I also figure we’d be better placed to have a decent stab at winning it, hopefully playing our youngsters/second-stringers in the early stages of it – but on the other hand, we made the CL last year on the back of a Europe-less season, and I think it would aid us again to not be in it.

        What are everyones opinions on that?

  10. avatar Longwell says:

    Originally Posted By- KayBeeYeah, I agree, but I’d bitten my tongue up til now. 😉

    The question now is, do we really want UEFA Cup/whatever it’s called now, or would we rather Liverpool were lumbered with it?

    I’m quite ambivalent on it; really, I want us to win every match we play in and try to finish as high in the table as possible, and I also figure we’d be better placed to have a decent stab at winning it, hopefully playing our youngsters/second-stringers in the early stages of it – but on the other hand, we made the CL last year on the back of a Europe-less season, and I think it would aid us again to not be in it.

    What are everyones opinions on that?

    I’m on the fence. On the one hand, it’s extra revenue for the club and an opportunity to get more youth/fringe players regular game time against decent opposition. On the other hand, it’s taxing on the squad when they have to jet off to some godforsaken wasteland in the former Soviet bloc in midweek.

    Bottom line is Harry appears to not take it seriously and sees it as an unwanted distraction. If that’s the case, and we don’t have the squad depth or managerial commitment to rotate the squad appropriately, then I’d rather we finish 6th and focus on getting back in the top four and progressing deep in the domestic cups.

    In an ideal world, a European campaign would be good for the club. But if Harry is convinced it will be a burden, then it will be a burden because he is a stubborn old goat.

    • avatar seattlespursguy says:

      Europa is slog, but I’m not comfortable with the idea that we are above it now. It’s a lot of games, but one thing managers and players do that winds me up is complaining about actually having to play football matches! We have a squad to cope with Europa if we’re smart about it. In the early stages, put in kids and the deadwood we can’t move on. Same with the CC. Keeps them playing and looking to break into the 1st team.

  11. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    The Gods of football are having a laugh, aren’t they?

    ‘Lets have them losing 1-0 to an own goal.
    I don’t think we’ve done that one yet.
    Dawson? Nah we’ve punished him enough already.
    How about a forward scoring at the wrong end?
    Nice one.
    Better make it Crouchy as he scored the winner last year.

    Sorted. We do like a bit of ironic symmetry’

    If we lose the last three will Harry get the sack?

  12. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    We could have this nucleus for a Europa/Carling Cup squad:


    Cudicini- Pletikosa


    Naughton – Bassong – Caulker – Khumalo – Rose


    Livermore – Townsend – Jenas (captain) – Bostock – Mason


    Obika – Kane – Dawkins

    Sure, we may sell some of these guys, but when you figure we not be able to sell all our deadwood like Keane, Hutton or Bentley and you add in those who aren’t getting a game at the time, I don’t see why a Europa run would hurt us too much, at least in the early stages.

    • avatar Longwell says:

      For what it’s worth, I am skeptical about the utility of playing an entire team of youth and second stringers in a competition like that. Odds are, they would get mullered, which doesn’t help the senior fringe players improve their confidence and desire nor does it help the younger guys develop.

      Again, I think United is a good model here. You need the right mix of first team regulars with fringe guys and youth for this kind of rotation to be productive. Throw out a team composed entirely of guys who don’t play as much, let alone play together much, is asking for trouble.

  13. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Woo and, indeed, Hoo. We looked a decent team today. And the Scum lose and Spammers go down. What a pleasant Sunday!

  14. avatar Longwell says:


    That is all.

  15. avatar Aran says:

    We’ve looked a decent team against City, Chelsea and Liverpool. If we’d had a striker on form we’d be sitting pretty on the CL places right now. Midfield? Good. Defence? Good. Attack? Profligate.

    We need to build our team around Sandro and Modric in the middle. Bale, Lennon, VDV; all top players but they need strikers who can convert the chances they create. But Sandro and Modric? That’s a middle pair who would look good playing for any side in the world. If we can keep most of our top players and bring in a striker or two we’d be set. Look at the number of draws at home. Nine I think. That all comes down to dominating but not winning matches. That all comes down to the poor form of our front men. Simple as that.

    • avatar seattlespursguy says:

      Of course there are several areas we could strengthen, if we were inclined, but striker is the only vital upgrade needed. If we did nothing but get in a lead the line striker we would be vastly improved. Imagine this team with Drogba and VDV as the spearhead, Lennon and Bale tearing down the flanks, and Luka and Sandro controlling the middle.

      • avatar Aran says:

        Exactly! We don’t lack strength in any other area. Even defensively we’re strong, we just had terrible injury problems this year at the back.

        I’d like to see us bring in two strikers. One older head, top quality but reaching the end of his career. One young upstart with something to prove and a reputation to make. Let Pav and one other go. Crouch has his uses in Europe and can be useful in certain games. Defoe, if he find his form again, can score plenty of goals. But we need to bring in reliable strikers.

  16. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Priorities (imo)

    1(a): Keep Luka, Bale & VDV.

    1(b): Lead the line striker.

    2. Young and hungry striker.

    3. Shift those that need shifting: Keane, Bentley, Gio and O’Hara for sure. Hutton maybe. Niko wants out, as does Bassong, but I hope we could keep them. Pav seems likely to go. I bet Harry keeps Pete and JD but that’s OK as long as we get more firepower up front. And Jenas; for the love of God move him out.

    4. Make a choice on King and Woodgate. We saw what King is still capable of today, but if we only see him for one game in ten, is it worth the squad place? Same with Woody. I think Woody is done but King might have another season left. If a decent CB like Cahill is available we may want to pounce.

    5. Figure out the keeper position. Is Gomes good enough? Is this just a dip in form? Do we get another Keeper as #1 or for competition?

    6. Fullbacks: Do we keep Charlie and bring along the Kyles? Rose has been good on the left so can he cover for BAE? Is one more back needed if the youngsters aren’t deemed ready?

    7. A winger to provide competition for Bale and/or Azza.

    That should sort us out.

  17. avatar AS says:

    That must be our best performance at Anfield in years. Not just the scoreline but the way we were top dogs for most of the game. The amount of one touch passing especially in the first half meant Liverpool could not get the ball off us. Overall our performances against the top sides this season has been the best for a generation.

    We played like we did yesterday at City and at Chelsea for example but the difference yesterday was that we got the goals that our play deserved. Even if the penalty was harsh we were worthy 2-0 winners and it showed the value of goals to kill off an opponent. Once the second went in the game was over.

    We scored yesterday but overall goals are something we have missed an insane amount this season. Just add one good striker to the team this season and we would be in the top 4. Add two or three good strikers and a steady keeper in the summer we can at least think about chasing United rather than City. Add a Drogba and Aderbayour to the current first XI and we would have been flying all year..

    Aside from goals the bit we are probably missing is some leadership or character when we play the lesser teams and some of the more agricultural players those games need. Those games where you need your Phil Neville and Craig Bellamy types because they are feisty characters who probably fight to win even at tiddly winks and can deliver as well in the small games as the big ones. Spurs have tended to accumulate more of the fancy dan types which is an easy way to win over fans but not so good to win against relegation strugglers.

    So I hope for a summer of keeping the regulars, replacing the strikers and the deadwood, and getting some winning characters into the team. If we want to progress that is what we need to do. Not doing it last summer cost us the CL place and money this season. We should do it but in truth I expect us to have another non event of a summer window like the last few. So this summer will mostly involve avoiding newsnow etc and enjoying the nice weather.

  18. avatar KayBee says:

    Great result yesterday! 🙂

    We played really, really well, and for the first time in what feels like 10 years, got the goals that the performance warranted.

    I’m seeing lots of on-line Liverpool fans complaining about Webb’s performance, but, quite frankly, they can stop their bleating; How soon they forget his performance in the corresponding fixture last season (rescheduled when it snowed, in itself dodgy, as Anfield wasn’t very snowy and we were in very strong form), where Webb gave practically everything their way, including writing off a perfectly good goal Defoe scored as offside, when the ball was touched by two different Liverpool players before Defoe struck.

    Yeah, life’s a bitch, my little scouse chickadees.

  19. avatar Aran says:

    Already some fairly strong rumours of potential striker signings. It will happen this closed season. We’ve shown that we can mix it with the big boys and we’re ready to get back in there with some solid investment. This wasn’t a false dawn like the old days. This is just the way it is at the top of the Premiership.

    There are six CL level teams int he EPL now. No denying that Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea and City are CL quality. No way you can argue that Spurs aren’t – we made the quarter finals at our first attempt! And Liverpool are clearly a CL side. If anything UEFA should be offering the EPL an extra CL place. Big league, big clubs and lots of fans. It only makes sense to get more of our lot involved.

    • avatar AS says:

      “…with some solid investment.”. That is the bit that I expect to be missing again. Sure we will trim the wage bill letting Bentley/Keane etc finally go and bring in some youngsters who Harry can train up in that endless Europa booby prize. But we did not do the “solid investment” thing in January nor last summer when the arguments were much the same. Which rules out the Drogba or Aderbayour types and pretty much any top calibre target for that matter unless they are going super cheap for some reason which don’t happen often. That is what our recent CV suggests to me anyway.

      • avatar Aran says:

        To posit an alternative argument; it does appear we were putting in some very large bids for a number of big names during the last two transfer windows but we weren’t willing to pay stupid money.

        A solid investment is not the same as paying crazy money for a big name. I want Spurs to sign a big name but I don’t want it at the expense of the solid basis on which we are currently run. In the short term it may work out but the risk in the long term is staggering. Manchester United didn’t get where they are today by spending crazy money. They built slowly on a sound financial base. Arsenal did the same thing. The only teams spending crazy money are those backed by billionairs and those who are going bankrupt. Spurs are neither!

        • avatar AS says:

          I think we probably agree on what we need and both doubt we will see those high calibre targets arrive too. I am just not sure that there is no alternative that does not break the bank.
          It is true if you cannot afford caviar then mortgaging your house to buy some is mad but also it makes no sense to go hungry as an alternative 🙂 ie Messi or bust left us with Pav/Defoe/Crouch starting and could again next season. It is after all only a few years ago we sought out targets in the 15m range and bought players like Modric to strengthen the team. Presumably that was not putting the club at risk then but if we do it this summer it would? After all we did just miss out on another CL jackpot bonus of cash for the sake of a striker or two which illustrates that saving money does not always make you money.

          • avatar Aran says:

            It isn’t so much the fee as the wage. If a player is asking for crazy wages and we agree to them then Modric, Bale, Lennon and other top players will expect similar offers. Take on one overpaid star and watch your wage bill soar!

            I expect that’s why we’ll look for an old head and a diamond in the rough to compliment our strike force. I’d take Van Nistelroy and a young Drogba (some real talent coming out of Africa these days, let’s look there!) along with Defoe and Crouch. Get rid of Pav (bring in £8-9million I’d say) and offload the onloan stars and we could keep the expenditure reasonable and keep the wages down. We need to lose Woodgate too. He’s on big money and isn’t playing.

          • avatar AS says:

            To cope with wage disparity we can just use whatever methods we use already. I doubt that VDV is paid the same as Gio or Jenas and doubtless Bale and Modric are rewarded differently to Bassong and Woodgate because Spurs is a business and not everyone is equal and people know that. So we cope with wage disparity already. Anyway the biggest unrest in recent years at Spurs was the Ramos era so keeping wages in check is no guarantee of dressing room harmony.

            Also there is a point where even this puffed up money mad moisturising and tweeting generation of players get their dosh and realise then want to be part of something rather than fight for another pointless pay rise. Look at Kaka was it who turned down 250k p/w from city because he was happy where he was. I heard Aderbayour talking about wanting to be part of making history at a club, I doubt Gallas is here for the money. These players, The ones that are worth having, are often young guys looking for a substitute family that is going places and if you get that right they want to play for you.

            Finally the flip side is what if we do not seriously strengthen. What does Bale, Luka, Lennon, Gallas, Daws etc think of that? If we just add some teenage striker from Timbucktoo sure there are no wage grumbles from the stars. Just aspiration grumbles. They might think ‘Damn man. The rest of us are all ready for a title challenge and the strikers should be in the kindergarten or the knackers yard!’ 🙂

            I think we need to do the maths and if we can add a Drogba by selling Bentley and Pav then doing that makes a lot more sense than the last two windows.

  20. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Anyone else have a bad feeling we will get humped by the Brum?

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