Villa Violated as Sneijder’s Camp Say ‘No Dice’

Merry everyone! I trust the festive period has handled you well? Upon hearing the rumours on Christmas Day that contract rebel Wesley Sneijder was about to join Spurs, the thought occurred to me that someone may have spiked the bread sauce with anti-freeze. Then the sobering but inevitable quotes from Camp Wesley immerged yesterday and the dream cough, spluttered and finally met its maker. There is nothing, absolutely nothing true about that, said one of his representatives, with what sounded like genuine contempt for the very idea. Ho-hum.

It was with flawless timing, then, that Gareth Bale and chums made us forget about Rivaldo/Kaka/Moutinho MK2/3/4 and be thankful for that which we already have- as is customary this time of year. A walloping fine win on Boxing Day was both the ticket and just what the doctor ordered.

The first half at Villa Park was an exercise in sterile domination; gluttonous amounts of possession and corners- lots and lots of corners- but very little in the way of actual chances fashioned. The set-pieces and minutes racked up and still Brad Guzan looked reasonably comfortable with what we were hurling at him. Defoe had a decent one-on-one scuppered, Bale pop-shotted on occasion but the breakthrough didnae come and every man, woman and child could see where this might be headed. As long as it remains 0-0, the dangerous watchwords of the hopeless.

And the Midlanders were hopeless for the most part. A spirited flurry just after the break was the best it got for them before JD and Gareth began sending out invites to the goal banquet. Naughton’s lip-smacking assist started things off; when Spurs were yelling out for a bit of final-ball smarts from the midfield, it was from a rather unexpected source that the lock was finally jimmied. It’s a bloody Christmas miracle!

Then it was all about Bale. His second hat-trick for Tottenham, first in the League. Pace, power, composure and precise finishing. The boy is no more a one-trick winger than I am an astronaut. So numerous are the components to his game that  it would be no surprise to learn that he can do a nine dart check-out on demand and has a formidable badminton serve. Multi-talented, multi-layered and genuinely world class. Let’s not take him for granted, shall we?

Sunderland up next.

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18 Responses to Villa Violated as Sneijder’s Camp Say ‘No Dice’

  1. avatar Lee Anderson says:

    I’m gonna stick a cheeky tenner on Bale to win the Australian Open lol

  2. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    But in denying it they have verily given us/me hope.
    The very act of denying something acknowledges its possible existance.
    We bought very upmarket Xmas crackers this year as you can tell.

  3. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Positives: kept attacking and pushed for the win. Great shift from Lennon.

    Negatives: stupid cheap fouls. Walker is beyond brainless.

  4. There’yar. Links.

    I know it’s a shitter but I’m not quite sure how to customize the moderator. I’m usually within earshot to rectify it but in the meantime perhaps post one link per post? I promise to look into fixing it! Doing a major overhaul in the new year.

  5. avatar Aran says:

    Yeah, the dive that never was, eh? Why are we not appealing that card? Surely video evidence proves he didn’t dive.

    Good signs of progress to enjoy going into the second half of the season. If we can grab one or two quality additions and get Kaboul, Parker and BAE fit and strong then we’re looking solid for a challenge for the top four or even three.

  6. avatar SA says:

    Seeing as the next four games look like this;

    Arse: Swansea, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool


    Spurs: QPR, Man U, Norwich, West Brom

    I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to at least maintain that gap, hopefully by 6-9 points.

  7. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Reading that VDV gave Sylvie a New Years rap in the mouth. No excuse for that bullshit.

  8. avatar Longwell says:

    Chelsea 0-1 Queens Park Rangers


    Need to thank Harry’s boys for that mighty favor by beating them like a drum in about two weeks, I’m afraid.

  9. avatar who framed ruel fox? says:


    We’re having a few tech issues. It appears the site may’ve been breached

    Has anyone noticed that when you load WFRF, a bunch of coding or links appear at the top of an otherwise blank page, just before the homepage appears? Also, if you search the site through Google, does a ‘site maybe compromised’ warning show just under the title?

    Trouble be afoot. Hopefully swinging back into action with a day or two.

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