The Team to Face City

Tim Sherwood doesn’t need a Uefa Pro Licence to work out that his foremost concern this evening will be: stop Man City putting the ball in our net loads of times. Easier said than done, of course, as the Eastlands goal-juggernaut put the finishing touches on their 110th of the season at the weekend, as they motored back with soul-squishing predictability against Watford.

Taking into account that City have managed to evenly distribute 18 goals between West Ham, Arsenal and ourselves alone, Giuseppe Sannino might consider 4-2 a wholly respectable scoreline. As near to a close-run-thing as they’ve encountered all season, heck, I’d even mark that down as a draw.

With Goals being City’s business, then- and business being awfully good- Sherwood will be pleased that Dawson and Vlad Chiricheș are available tonight. After all there’s nothing that troubles Sergio Agüero more than a centre-back paring with that devastating blend of terminal slowness and boozy brain.

Still, we can presume Vlad wasn’t drunk in the return fixture and we got pumped 6-0, so maybe it’ll all be fine.

Here’s how they’ll probably line-up:

4231 Man city




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