The Super Mega Sunday Bumper Edition (!)

Well, what a day in the old Anglais de Premiero that was. (Pretty sure that’s a flawless translation) Barely had we put on a pair of trousers that could be deemed fit for public display was Fernando Torres and his new chums doing a hilarious job of not beating Norwich at Carrow Road. Torres, of course, at the heart of the Lol-cano; spewing out Lol-ten hot lava for everyone to see. He’s all about the comedy. Then, it all got a bit weird when Robbie Keane started peeling the years back in the Midlands derby in early afternoon. Weird in the way that you might go to a nightclub with your dad. You know? You’d laugh if only it wasn’t so pathetic.

Oh, yeah. And then Liverpool lost to Bolton in the evening kick-off. Only they said it was Bolton. To me it looked suspiciously like Real Madrid. Nigel Reo-Kaka doing some lovely things in the white shirt of Los Blancos as Andy Carroll did some equally puzzling stuff in the rouge of Merseyside.

Now, of course, it’s Spurs’ chance to benefit while others have stumbled. Whatever joy there was to be extracted from the results yesterday, it’ll count for the equal sum of bugger all if nothing’s taken from Manchester in the cold light of the here and now. Thems the breaks, kiddo.

So what are we to expect? Well, one thing I will guess. If there’s any of that pretend card waving nonsense in the technical area, I’d imagine it wouldn’t be too long before a rather angry Joe Jordan made it his personal business to reduce the number of limbs Roberto Mancini was able to use for such skulduggery, down to zero. Nothing says ‘keep a lid on it, son’ like an arm dislocated at the elbow and shoved up one’s nether regions. Shocking stuff from the silver- plumed Italian in recent weeks. And doesn’t his voice sound like a zip? Yes. Yes it does.

On the pitch it’s likely to be even more exciting. There’s every indication that there won’t be a repeat of the August fiasco, and that can only be a good thing. Both teams are missing key men. Suspension and The Africa Cup of Nations claiming two of City’s finest- while so-called ‘contractual obligations’ leave our most potent striker in the stands. The colossal Ledley King is a doubt, too.

Much, then, rests on the shoulders of one Jermain Defoe and his capacity to operate as a lone-striker. The force is strong in this one but so far in his career there’s been little to suggest this is entirely his bag. A terrific finisher with oodles of raw, explosive talent but he’s more of a ‘cover me, boys- I’m going it alone’ type of player and his greatest gift is perhaps is his greatest weakness. Selfishness. Harry, though, seems to have little doubt that he’s up to the task and that’s more than enough for this humble onlooker. So there. Bring on the City, says I.

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37 Responses to The Super Mega Sunday Bumper Edition (!)

  1. avatar Aran says:

    This is one of the few fixtures that I would be happy to see ending in a draw. Essentially, when you go away to the likes of City, United, Chelsea and Arsenal and come back with a point you have to see that as a point gained, whoever you are.

    That isn’t to say that I think a win is impossible but it would be a very big deal if it happened that way – it really would blow the title race wide open. But I’d be happy to come away with the goal difference unmoved and an extra point in the bag.

    As ever, for me it’s about the top four spot and staying above Arsenal and Chelsea. Liverpool aren’t a threat anymore as far as I can see and Newcastle never really were in the long term. So it really is a three way race for two CL qualification spots. That’s what really matters.

    That said, imagine this scenario: Arsenal beat United and Spurs take three points from City. Suddenly Spurs are up to second a mere two points behind the leaders with sixteen games to go. You’d get great odds on that happening – might even be worth a punt!

  2. avatar canarydelia says:

    Canary here – loved your blog! Stumbled across it through Newsnow picking up the Norwich tab. Without doubt your folk were the best team to play the Canaries this season – hope you go on to win the Prem – unless of course it becomes a two way battle between ourselves 😉

  3. avatar Aran says:

    King starts!

    Other than Defoe in for Ade this is basically the best 11. Bench looks good too with Dawson and Livermore waiting in the wings should we have an injury or two.

    Who knows? I guess anything could happen.

  4. avatar Day of the Triffics says:


  5. avatar Aran says:

    Oh dear. Doesn’t look now does it? It’s a shame because things were going alright up to then.

    • avatar Aran says:


      But looking on the bright side, Arsenal lost and Chelsea only managed a draw so the status quo vis-a-vis the top four has been pretty much preserved. Then there’s the mannar of the defeat which, for my money, showed Spurs in a good light. Responding to going 2-0 down, away from home against a great team by banging in two of our own, well, you can’t ask for more than that, can you? And in the end it could so easily have gone the other way.

      What we learned this weekend is that the side Spurs can put out is as good as any team in the league. We weren’t overmatched or outclassed. We went toe-to-toe and it took a big chunk of good fortune on their part to beat us.

      • avatar seattlespursguy says:

        And did it missing a vital cog in Ade. JD leading the line wasn’t brilliant, but we could have won that game.

      • avatar KayBee says:

        I think we played bloody well, all things considered. A bit shaky at the back, perhaps. A little toothless up front, sure, but we played well.

        I think we really rocked City with the nature of our comeback; no criticism from me for King’s penalty challenge, for BAE losing possession which led to it, or even for Defoe, someone I do criticise quite often, for that miss.

        Totally agree with you that the difference between the two teams on the day was good fortune.

        Something that always seems in short supply for us when old baldilocks is officiating a game we’re involved in.

  6. avatar Longwell says:

    Still fuming.

    The only positive I can take away from that as a fan is that my somewhat loose antipathy for City in general has now been crystallized into a seething and roiling hatred that has been sadly lacking in my life since Arsenal became such a shambles.

    Some are taking our pal Howard Webb to task, but the man isn’t a superhero. He can’t see everything. The blame should be squarely on the individuals who resorted to assault in response to being given a game. It appears the FA will be investigating, at least. Fat lot of good that does Spurs now, of course, but hopefully some measure of retrospective justice will be handed down.

  7. avatar who framed ruel fox? says:


    Don’t mind me.

  8. avatar who framed ruel fox? says:

    And back in the room…

  9. avatar Longwell says:

    Balotelli gets charged.

    Lescott free to smash someone else up in City’s next game. Webb says he didn’t see the incident but, if he had, would NOT have sent Lescott off.

    What the deuce?

    • avatar KayBee says:

      It’s only Spurs, Longwell.

      He’d have had no qualms if it was a poor little Manchester United player being smashed by Lescott’s arm nodule, or trampled on or Balottelli’s Fisher Price My First GBH stamping boots.

      Still, gotta laugh, I guess. (not)

  10. avatar cc says:

    The players can take a huge amount of belief from the city game.
    The league leaders assembled at huge cost and we matched them and a fair ref would have sent 2 of theirs off.
    I don’t buy this easy run of fixtures city have got either. Everton at Goodison are a tough nut to crack and Swansea away is no guarantee of points. Plus Fulham, Villa, Blackburn and Bolton and they will be hard pressed to max out on those. Especially when the team is looking as brittle as it does.
    It is a huge ask but we are playing better than them and if Ade can stay fit (because Spurs will not buy another striker) we can keep winning you never know.
    One last thing. VDV was poor. Gone off the boil. If he starts our next EPL game it must be in his contract. Because Defoe is a better bet for goals alongside Ade right now.

  11. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    Third is still on and it”s not polite to push your way to the front of the queue
    so that will do for me. Lost it by two inches.
    When was the last time Ledley King gave away a penalty?
    Must be worth a T-Shirt Foxy.
    Make it easier for you:
    (1) I won’t enter
    (2) Ledley gave away a penalty in the last minute of injury time to lose the game.

  12. avatar KayBee says:

    Hey Foxy. Having real problems with the site today – it’s not loading up in a timely fashion, sometimes giving me a “Page Cannot Be Displayed” message, and, then, sometimes this message:

    No data received
    Unable to load the web page because the server sent no data.
    Here are some suggestions:
    Reload this web page later.
    Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data.

    Thought you may be interested to know.

  13. avatar who framed ruel fox? says:

    Monring all!

    Apologies for the lack of action.

    I hope you’ve set your eyes to ‘stun’ because I’ve got some cracking stuff lined up in the next few days

    Your humble servant,

    Ps. is anyone having any techinical troubles witrh the site, as Kaybee was mentioning yesterday?

  14. avatar KayBee says:

    I feel bad for Uncle ‘Arry. S’only fair to tell you lot… I did his Tax Return for him.

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