The Comedy Stylings of Arsenal- Plus Stevenage in the Cup for Tottingham

I’m not usually one to get my chuckle on at the expense of other’s misfortune; schadenfreude, on the whole, is a filthy mistress to being spending your time with. But I will make an exception in light of Arsenal’s lol-carnival at the San Siro last night. So much for Milan being a team of tired old dogs. And so much for Arséne’s cunning plan to take the game to the Rossoneri- rather than hope to bajeesus the opposition would be courteous enough to allow them a counter-attack or two. Like that silly, naïve Spurs team did last year. When Peter Crouch scored and, you know, they went through.

Oh Mercy.

On the subject of glamorous fixtures, Tottenham travel to *quick look at Wikipedia* Broadhall Way this Sunday, for a 5thround F.A cup tie with mighty Stevenage. One-time thorns in the side of Wor Alan and Newcastle United in the late-nineties.  Interesting facts about The Boro: they were the first team to win a competitive match at the new Wembley and amongst their number they have a midfielder called Stacy and another called John Mousinho. Who, presumably, is José Mourinho’s English equivalent.

The ‘Special’ One.

Not a fixture to be taken casually, of course. This is a team on the up that would like nothing more than to show up a bunch of fancy-dan London-types. That said, with J-Dizzle and Saha up top we should have sufficient firepower to see us through, while giving Adebayor a hard-earned breather. Chuck in a midfield of Kranjčar, Lennon, Livermore and Modric and a backline of Rose, Nelsen, Dawson and Kaboul and we really ought to be cooking on gas. But what say you? More power, captain?


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21 Responses to The Comedy Stylings of Arsenal- Plus Stevenage in the Cup for Tottingham

  1. avatar Longwell says:

    I think Modric could use a breather too, though I’d have him and the boy Bale on the bench just in case. I’d get Sandro involved if he’s fit and maybe Gio too.

  2. avatar super spurs says:

    Well just a quick one for the mix……..All those Gooners crooning how Niave european-wise we were going to Real madrid… losing 4-0………. “we didnt have the experience”… “pretenders at the Champs league” etc. etc. MMMM where are they now? as you say revenge is best served cold…. bye bye Henry for good!

  3. avatar Alee says:

    I think the team should be:
    Walker, Kaboul, Nelson, Rose;
    Lennon, VDV, Sandro, Kranjcar;
    Saha, Defoe;

    I hear that Stevenage are the Stoke of the lower leagues so maybe we could have Livermore instead of Saha; this will give us a DM pairing and allow VDV to play in the central attacking playmaker role that I think is his ideal position, but one he never gets to play with Modric on the pitch. Defoe should have enough against Stevenage to score, although I wouldn’t half mind seeing what Saha can do on is own with Kranc, VDV and Lennon supplying him.

  4. avatar KayBee says:

    AEG to be new owners of Spurs?

    Well, it looked on the cards over the Olympic Stadium deal…

  5. avatar Longwell says:

    Anschutz has had a lot of success, but he was born with the proverbial silver spoon. And gold fork. And diamond-encrusted platinum knife.

    Also, speaking as a Yank, I’m not sure his positions on evolution and gay rights would sit well with the generally more progressive and liberal Englishpersons.

    It’s almost certainly too much to hope for to be owned by a nice, cuddly multi-billionaire these days. But I kind of like ol’ Uncle Joe, pretty much solely by virtue of the fact that I don’t know anything about him. And he seems to like it that way.

  6. avatar Anonymous says:

    Sites fine, it’s the content that’s a bit dodgy sometimes.

    Hope the ‘would we like to be bought by a billionaire
    and buy our way to success debate’ is not going to be raked over again.
    Don’t want it: don’t need it.
    End of: fact as they say.

  7. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    That’s me by the way. Could you tell>?

  8. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Scum are failing again at the moment, but I think a draw and replay would suit me better. Whinger should consult the AVB plan.

    As for us, I hope the boys keep the proper focus tomorrow. With both Mancs out we have to be the cup favorites.

  9. avatar ruetheday says:

    Saha? Cup tied, no?

    Also, I’m sure the sponsors would prefer if we referred to Broadhall Way by its official title, the Lamex Stadium – though how you sell naming rights on a 7100 capacity stadium, I’m not sure: if anyone knows, give Mike Ashley a ring. Play your cards right and the daft bugger might even chuck a Sports Direct mug your way, as a show of gratitude.

    Speaking of mugs – and goons – I think today’s chapter in our neighbours’ Nakedly Obvious and Spectacularly Public Implosion of Nearly Everything* takes the 2012 tally to:

    Arsenal 17 – 17 Nine Other Teams

    Whereas I believe we stand at: 

    Tottenham 18 – 5 Nine Other Teams

    Now, I fully share foxy’s stance on schadenfreude, and look forward to next weekend with a peculiar mix of optimistic excitement and the traditional sinking disquiet… but however you dress it up, they’re pretty statistics. 

    * it took me longer than I care to admit to come up with that acronym.

    • avatar ruetheday says:

      My apologies, I’d read he Guardian’s preview of today’s match, which has Louis cup tied. I’ve just made the effort to check Everton’s team sheets for their Tamworth and Fulham games and he wasn’t even on the bench. Bloody Guardian fact checkers, they’re worse than Wikipedia. He is cup tied for the Carling cup, but that’s obviously not an issue!

      Anywho, Stevenage are apparently a good old fashioned up-n-under side who like to get in the opposition’s faces and play the percentage game. Width and passing finesse would be handy then, but I don’t fancy risking any of our more gentle souls on a rubbish pitch filled with eleven potential leg-breakers, so I’d be tempted to send out a side with Parker (or Sandro, if he’s fit) and Livermore in the middle, Kranky and Dos Santos wide. Pack the bench with talent, just in case, but ideally we want to ease past them without turning our injury problems into a crisis. I’d rather like to see us send out a full-strength team next week.

  10. avatar cc says:

    It is Gooner destruction time. The NLD will be like an Ant vs a SteamRoller. We are gonna mess their shit up. 6-0, Ade 3, Saha 3, Wenger resigns on the final whistle, ‘your seasons over’ ringing round their empty stadium, priceless !!

    Walker Kaboom King Benny
    Lennon Parker Modric Bale
    Ade Saha

    COYMFS !!

    • avatar Anonymous says:

      According to Harry we have substantial injury concerns for this week, inclding the obvious ones of Sandro, Gallas, and Hudd, along with BAE, Ade, Luka, VDV and King. Hopefully, this is mind games by Harry, but I’d feel better with a few of those names back.

      • avatar seattlespursguy says:

        And that was me, BTW.

      • avatar cc says:

        I expect, and hope, at least some of that would have been to justify fielding a weakened side at Stevenage and also to play up injuries to take pressure off the players.

        But it is a delicate balance though. Take Ade out and our attack is blunted, take Luka out and our posession play is greatly weakened, take the wingers out and we lack pace and width, Rose is far from adequate cover for Benny who is a key player for us and we have loaned out our cover for Walker etc.

        So while our first XI is better than any side the goons can field and I expect would win most times even at their place there are not many behind our first XI of the same quality. So fingers crossed on the injuries as the line up I suggested will batter them, which will be nice 🙂

    • avatar ruetheday says:

      After the Milan game, “having a go” would seem to be a good tactic against the Arse – but will Harry brave it? After all, he could lose a lot of face (especially after the non-event of our last match) if he set out to attack and we got picked off on the break. England expects, and all that. I can see this being a cagey one, even more so than usual. I reckon he’ll go 4411, with two of Sandro, Parker and Livermore in the middle, with (assuming VDV isn’t 100%) either Modric or Bale behind Ade, and the other on the left wing (probably interchanging).

      On that note, Bale as a trequartista didn’t seem to work very well at the weekend. His movement was poor, his pace was useless in that position (square peg round hole? or just a lack of experience?) and he basically seemed to just get in the way of the midfield. I’m not sure if Harry was trying him in a even more free role than usual simply to see what happened, to cope with our injuries, or because he thought it might make an interesting tactic to use in future, but it really wasn’t the right system on the day. I think Bale could potentially be awesome in that system, but not in that position. Also, I think that’s a great system, and one with which we could punish a lot of other teams (especially Arsenal), but it won’t work if our centre backs sit deep and don’t have any options to pass out to. That way, we end up with a back seven constantly inviting more pressure on itself while the three forwards chase wild clearances.

      Presumably they work on this stuff in training (occasionally at least?), so I’m not sure why it went so wrong on Sunday. Blame the pitch all you like (it was awful), but the pitch wasn’t the reason we sat deep and did ourselves few favours.

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