Super Heroes

boomWooand if I may be so bold-hoo!

Magical and marvellous scenes on Wednesday evening. Cynics out there will tell you that the lump you felt in your throat at the game’s conclusion was actually just your heart returning to more familiar territory- after spending the majority of the ninety minutes lodged nervously in your mouth like a warm pork pie, as wave after wave of Milan attack fell by the wayside. Or into the back pockets of messrs Sandro, Gallas or Dawson. And it’s probably not too far from the truth.

And yet, somehow, in spite of all the threadbare nerve-endings and hand-over-mouth gasps as our backs pressed further and further against the wall, Tottenham emerged triumphant against the seven times European Champions and into the last eight. Woo hoo, indeed. A staggering effort. By all involved.

Inconceivable to think that before our stalemate with United in January, the only other instance in which we’d failed to concede a goal was in the season’s opener against the Oil. Now, here we sit after keeping one of the most virulent strike-forces in Europe out for three long hours. How we managed it this time around is largely- and in some cases, solely- down to the aforementioned human bank vaults of Gallas and Dawson. Who were both just…behemothic.

splonkAnd, of course, Sandro. Bloody hell, Sandro. What a machine. To paraphrase Barry Davies on the short-lived Actua Soccer series for the Sega Saturn: he read it so early, he’s already on the next page. And that was the key to his success. His reading of the game was, as suggested, uncanny. Carefully dismantling Milan’s forward thrusts with subtle, well-timed tackles; never one to wade in like a wrecking ball- just intelligent use of the ball and the space around him. If he can start playing like that in the League- and not just in games which arguably are more suited to his style- ie, at a slower tempo- then we’ll have quite a talent on our hands. One feels we already do.

So who’s next for Spurs? Some would suggest it hardly matters. In my mind it would be in our interest to avoid the English and the Spanish. One’s just not exotic enough and the other too much like bloody hard work. They can wait for the final. Ahem. While we wait to find out, then, it’s hats off to Harry and the team for creating a new piece of beautiful history not likely forgotten.

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  1. avatar Aran says:

    I was beyond happy with the result on Wednesday. It’s a shame that some fans of rival teams can’t seem to get their head around the fact that The Spurs have a good side now. When we beat Inter it was only because they had a crap manager. When we qualified as winners of our group it was only because the other teams played poorly. When we did well it was only because we had, depending on which game you ask about, VDV/Bale/Modric in the side. Beating AC over two legs? We’re just fortunate they’re all old and can’t play good anymore innit!

    I seriously think that were we to win the CL they’d still be in denial about how far we’ve come. They’d still be calling us lucky, referring to our ‘one dimensional’ football and tactical naivety. I sometimes wonder what we have to do to shut this lot up.

    Sorry for the moan. I just get so… so… miffed.

  2. avatar Beach_Bum says:

    If you are supersticious now is the time to remember that this is 2011—yes “1” and these years have brought success for Spurs.How far the team manage to go is at this stage irrelevant.This has bee another great “1”year.

  3. avatar AS says:

    Lots of top performances especially Gallas was a rock at the back and Sandro did great and Crouch worked tirelessly.

    It was not all 10/10 though. There was a ropey performance from VDV who needs a good game soon or will not be a guaranteed starter. Also while Modric was ok he did not have the impact he usually does. Not sure if it was the quality of the opposition or if he needs Palacios alongside him or maybe just one of those nights.

    Anyway good to see King on the bench and if we can get a few more games into Bale and Hudd and Kaboul and Woody are fit soon we will have more more options available for the some tough run in games.

    In the CL draw I want Barca then Madrid for the next two rounds. I know some are hoping we draw Accrington Stanley or something but what is the point of being in the CL if not to face the very best 🙂

  4. avatar RioSpurs says:

    You’ve only gawn and started a new one. This was my response to Mark G on the last thread re: the ‘are you watching ar-se-nal’ guff:

    ”Perhaps people were singing for different reasons, but personally, it was a ‘f**k you’ to all the goners who said we’d never get top 4, never qualify FOR the groups, never qualify FROM the group, never beat Milan etc etc.

    Nobody hates a ’stand up if you hate a*****l’ more than me, but that one went beyond and made a much bigger point than the ’small time club’ accusations that were being levelled at us.”

  5. avatar Davenport bunworth says:

    Flew over for the match and nearly had heart failure. We are strange supporters as we have just knocked out a great team with massive history and we are whining about not playing the spurs way. Get a life as we won by being disciplined and keeping our lead These are special days. However 36,000 capacity will make us struggle to really bring revenue to compete with the other boys and nouveau riche and their subsidised stadium in Manchester
    Could make the final if we got schalke and then bayern


  6. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    Success through good football,:always,;well mostly,;er usually; oh go on then let’s win ugly* this time there’s a lot at stake.
    Eventually you get to who cares how we play as long as we win.
    Well if you believe that then you might as support Stoke.

    Crunch time is coming.

    *Not so much ‘win ugly’ as ‘draw unattractively’

  7. avatar elwehbi says:

    Howdy Fox! Great feeling to make it through to the quarter-finals of the CL. Now if we can only take the Premier League by storm over our next few fixtures, I would be ecstatic. West Ham (home) today and Wigan (away) next… both can cause us problems, so no hiccups please, boys.

  8. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    While I hate it when Spurs don’t play, we at least had the fun of le Arse getting knocked around. And anyone see that really unimpressive effort by City against Reading? Sit Back and Play for the Counter? Their fans must be so proud.

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