Spurs Raid The Yellow Submarine


Just who in the blazes is this Mateo Musacchio character and why are Spurs so keen to spoon out £17m to liberate him from Villarreal? The short rebuttal would be: did you see the state of our defending last season?

Clearly you don’t take the number of thumpings that we did under AVB and Sherwood without guessing there might be trouble afoot.

The expectation is that Pochettino will lunge two-footed into any defensive issues that Spurs have, with not only a series of neat tactical adjustments and a rebrand of style, but also some good old-fashioned player upgrades.

So, even if we assume that Jan Vertonghen is going to be the fully-engaged 2012 model that Gotham deserves this season, it’d be an unthinkable gamble to venture past deadline day with only an injury-prone Younes Kaboul or a terminally immobile Michael Dawson to partner him. And, although the general consensus in this parish is that Vlad Chiricheș will be a fabulous defender one day, he’s not quite lived up to the promise yet.

In any case, the evidence appears to suggest that Vlad might be sold this summer, along with Dawson, leaving our centre-back stockpile even more depleted. Perhaps it was revealed to our new coach that he quite likes a drink.

Meanwhile Eric Dier has come in on a raft of (mostly) goodwill and optimism from Lisbon, but he’s still only 20 years-old and unlikely to feature all that often.

The signing of Musacchio, then, looks to be a cunning move. Doing a bit of lazy Googling around the defender it’s clear that, not only is the Argentine a handsome chap, his playing style is remarkably suited to the Pochettino blueprint. At first-glance a robust and physical centre-back- capable of playing at right-back- Musacchio is also quite at peace with the ball at his feet. As any good South American should be. So much so that, according to ‘the internet’ he made his debut at 16 for River Plate under Argentine legend, Daniel Passarella, as a midfield anchor rather than a defender, and spent much of his early career in that role.

An in-form, tough-as-leather, ball-playing centre-back?

Oh go on then.



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3 Responses to Spurs Raid The Yellow Submarine

  1. avatar ddogsbillix says:

    Will be interesting to see how much (if we aquire him) he will cost with all the 3rd party ownerships/sell on clauses from River Plate etc. Wonder will Chelski swoop in the last minute will-i-am style when we put in all the footwork!

  2. The more I hear about this guy, the more excited I am about pairing him up with Jan. Shame it looks like it’s going to be a complicated deal to tie up.

  3. avatar Ray says:

    If we are to believe all the speculation surrounding Musacchio and lets be honest, it’s all pure speculation at this point, surely the Spurs hierarchy would have known in advance about the complicated nature of Mateo Musacchio’s contractual situation with his current club. His agent would have been contacted, his club would have been approached about his availability and contractual obligations and the player himself would have been spoken to with permission of course. Between the three of them, someone surely would have pointed out the complicated nature of the players contract and who the hell actually owns a piece of him. You wouldn’t need Pythagoras to work that out. Are we being taken for fools yet again by the press or even worse Daniel Levy and THFC?

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