Spurs Should Be Desperate to Qualify for New-Look Europa League


Alright, everyone. You can relax now. Definitely no Champions League football for us next season, as if our anaemic challenge hadn’t been as good as dead for months. It was only mathematical confirmation that Spurs needed; the cold, hard figures which would take any remaining hope we had to the roadside and finish it off with a spade.

Once again it was with the help of an agreeable Newcastle side that our fate was finally resolved; with nothing left to play for except the unfamiliar concept of pride, Pardew did the honourable thing and let Arsenal stroll to three points at The Emirates on Monday night. Arséne Wenger had the cigar cutters ready for the interval while Mezut Özil and the gang prepared to play an entire half in their pyjamas. As for Alan Pardew, well, the love doesn’t live here anymore, sister.

Personally, I don’t think he’s been the same since he discovered that being a Premier League manager didn’t give him licence to dispense playful touchline headbutts when the fancy struck.

He’ll be sacked before June if he doesn’t walk first.

Talking of the condemned, Spurs’ Greatest Ever Manager continues to express his desire to accumulate as many points as he can before the season’s end. He’s used the phrase in nearly every interview since he took over. You can’t argue with a game-plan as solid as that, of course, and right now the potential total Spurs stand to amass is a walloping 72. A handsome collection under any circumstances. With this target in mind and with Tim confident of recouping maximum points against our two claret and blue adversaries, the likelihood is that Spurs will be playing in the Europa League next season.

Before you recoil in horror at the thought of another midweek expedition to the Arctic tundra or a Ukrainian city made famous for its hammer-wielding maniacs, it’s worth noting that the competition will be a significantly more attractive proposition than in years past. Not only is it easier to win, with the Champions League deadbeats excluded from joining the party in the knockouts, the additional reward for doing so has made it a great deal more appealing. Not just some of grandma’s best silver to put in the cupboard for the winner; a place in the following season’s European Cup, too.

So, if we’re to assume that the teams above us (and Manchester United) will spend liberally this summer and a top four finish is made even trickier to pull off, this could well be our best chance of crashing The Big Euro Pot next year. Spurs certainly shouldn’t turn their noses up at the thought of entering the new improved Europa League.


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7 Responses to Spurs Should Be Desperate to Qualify for New-Look Europa League

  1. avatar Shite Fart Drain says:

    NO!!!! I dont phukkin relax a55hole for 1 minute!!!! This season was supposed to show some phukkin PROGRESS!!!!! Instead, under that fukwit LEVY…..we are now back to where we started before Arry came along…..a team that doesnt know how many of its 111 million 7 players we bought under AVB will be here next year, a team that is completely devoid of any camaraderie and help for each other on the pitch, …………..fuck me I could go on and on about Spurs, but now I just cant be fuckred to write for ages about what a piss-off this failureof a team is…………watch Man City and Chelsea,,,,,,teams full of guys that WANT TO BE WINNERS!!!! Not fukkin losers like this bunch of dipsticks and LEVY is the fukwit to blame for this utter shambles!!!!

  2. avatar Spurgatso says:

    Crikey ,get yourself down the hospital before you explode mate.we’ll take the Europa like you say has definitly got something to play for.Mind you the CL qualication might be unecessary as we are going to win the league next season,and the FA cup and the other one that they keep changing the name of,am I a Spurs supporter?not that you’d notice.COYSaT

  3. avatar Alex says:

    To be honest Europa league will have bad and good points. With non champs teams joining it can help a lot we can field 2nd string sides for most of it so won’t affect 1st team. And like every fan i like watching my team as much as poss. It will also generate more money. No matter what a lot of players out there want Europe comps might be 2nd in line but it can attract some half decent player. If we win it it will attract even better players athletico Madrid are perfect examples of that. So not all grim if we get it

  4. avatar Aaron says:

    All this blame on levy, I agree he has made some wrong choices, but remember where spurs were before levy… Mid table obscurity.

  5. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Remarkable the reaction of (many) English managers, press, fans and players to the Europa. Most foreign bosses seem to like it and our own Hugo and Christian were talking it up recently. It may not have glamour ties in the group stage–the pub teams, as Tim recently called them–but the knock-outs throw up some good matches. I’m a fan of Europa and want Spurs in it.

  6. avatar upthespurs says:

    I’ll take Europa for another season especially if we have de boar to lead us to glory

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