Slightly Awful Dour Rangers

omgThere’s a certain retrograde feel about the Premiership this year, what with Norwich and QPR knocking about on the shop floor. It’s like the mid-nineties again; a more innocent time when Trevor Sinclair, Darren Eadie, Les Ferdinand and Ruel Fox could justifiably call themselves king. (Well, perhaps not the last one.) It’s so Merlin sticker collection I can barely stand it. Things may’ve changed somewhat since the Hoops were last spotted lunching on the top table- Norwich’s absence has been less protracted, of course- but there’s a warm-hearted familiarity about their presence this season that I kind of like. So there.

But are they any good? A less than convincing second half against Chelsea last week- despite hefty numerical advantage- would suggest there’s room for improvement. While they eventually gasped over the line there was every chance the whole thing could’ve gone to the dogs. Or John Terry’s house, as it’s often called. I’ve not seen the stats to prove the point, but at times it looked as if they were totally overrun by the Chav’s depleted droves. The six-nil defeat at Craven Cottage didn’t look to clever, either.

As ever, we’re at the mercy of the footballing gods this Sunday- which means Adel Taraabt will likely have a vital role to play. Whether it’s bazooking (yeah that’s a word) an overhead-kick from twenty-five yards or getting a red for elbow-dropping the ball boy; you just know he’s going to be at the centre of it. Your predictions, if you’d be so kind. COYS!

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