Scousers Skewered: Thoughts on a Rather Good Win Against Liverpool

hotspur winFour to us, none to them. That’s the long and short of it. A dazzling afternoon of football from the chaps in Lilywhite yesterday; one in which numerical advantage might’ve provided the opposition with reasonable excuse, had we not been utterly dominant in every minute before Charlie Adam’s second yellow and every minute after. At eleven-aside, in the autumnal North London sunshine, Parker, Modric, Walker and Co. had Liverpool trussed up, gagged and going nowhere. Things change pretty quickly in football, of course, but the importance of The Red’s reduction in personnel might be like describing the difference between a slap in the face and a kick in the groin. Neither are going to end well.

Modric had a wonderful game. Much like the reverse fixture in the closing act of last season, the Croatian’s presence was all-consuming. When he’s good, or, indeed, is able to locate the whereabouts of his head, then my word is he good. With Fabregas’ homecoming, Essien perma-broken and Lampard long since descended into irrecoverable bouts of largeness, the title of League’s best central-midfielder must surely bestowed on the Spurs man. In the nanoseconds between him making contact and the ball jettisoning into the net’s top pocket, all the grizzly summer transfer hoopla was all but forgotten. Then it was just the task of watching a truly fantastic player at the height of his powers.

Likewise, Scotty Parker Party Starter looked proper. All the tenacity of Palacios but with the foresight to realise that he ought to do something useful with the ball once it was obtained. There was one defence-splitting pass in particular- for Defoe, if I’m not mistaken- that was so top-drawer it had a nosebleed and asked to come down again.

Defoe and Adebayor’s partnership is coming along nicely. Again, it’s that odd sensation of having two strikers on the score sheet at the same time that doesn’t sit well. I’m sure we might get used to it. In time. Did anyone else see Peter Crouch’s shin (I will stop picking on him) collide heavily with thin air on MOTD2 last night and thank all that’s holy he’s not doing it for us? The ghost of Christmas pass, pass, oh and he’s put it wide.

Tottenham are doing just fine, folks. They’re doing just fine.

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