Quarter-Final Draw: Who’s Your Money On?

__Sexy_Bender___by_clzDing dong. You may be vaguely aware that it’s the draw for the Champions League quarter-finals tomorrow. Now I don’t know what the procedure is at this late stage but one would hope that the event was enshrouded with a bit more glamour than usual. Something with a bit more pizzazz than the doddery old ex-pro emptying bingo balls out of a sack. Or god forbid, Tim Lovejoy. No. What we need is a spectacle fitting of the occasion. Something to inspire those of us sat at home in our underpants; gawking at the television set like bibbling morons. Golden pellets of unicorn dung instead of balls. Teams to be drawn out of a priceless Etruscan vase instead of a tumbler. The exhumed corpse of Al Capone as MC. That should just about do it.

One thing’s for sure, how ever they dress it up, Tottenham are in there with the best of them on Friday, chafing the proverbial shoulder with Euro gentry. Barcelona, Madrid, Inter, United. We’ve come to a point now where it’s good stuff as far as the eye can see and all the way down. No easy games. Even the likes of Shaktar Donetsk- with whom we have a fleeting history- look like a tidy outfit these days, and went as far as shellacking Roma off the park last week. Shalke, too, with mister Champions League himself spearheading the attack, are anything you’d be inclined to call duck soup. And that’s before we’ve even talked about Chelsea.

So, anyone brave enough to call it?

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88 Responses to Quarter-Final Draw: Who’s Your Money On?

  1. avatar ... says:

    I reckon Inter, Or Schalke
    Would Love Schalke, as the draw, but I can reckon that We would draw Inter….Just our luck

  2. avatar Bentleys pants says:

    Milan again….. San Siro is ours …….

  3. avatar chuey says:

    I don’t mind who we get, as long as Man u and Chelsea get just as hard a draw as just us. We’ve seem to have battled so much harder than them to get to this point! So if it’s real, barca so be it as long as Man u and Chelsea don’t get Shalke and Shaktar…although the ideal draw i think would be the latter 2 with a semi against either inter or real and then barca in the final….to dream is to do!!!!

  4. avatar brock says:

    i’m thinking madrid for some reason. It would be good to play a team like that, I don’t buy into everyone saying we have to avoid the big teams like madrid and barca. if they are that good and we are that “lucky” we will eventually cross paths, and I would rather play one of those than an english team again. i think we do that enough already

  5. avatar matt burr says:

    we will get barcelona, don’t want to suggest that these draws are in anyway a fix but just watch it happen. Barce will want to speak to Daniel Levy about the sale of Gareth Bale so a smoozing at the neu camp will be on the cards. the teams with the money get what they want

  6. avatar brock says:

    @matt burr

    haha sounds like a fix is exactly what you are suggesting

  7. avatar Spursforme says:

    Barcelona for me please. Lets go for it. The way i see it who ever we get it will be tough to progress. I think we have done a lot better than anyone could have thought this season, and as much as i would love us to, i cant see us winning the CL given the company that we have in the 1/4s.

    If we get knocked out by Shaktar we go out with a whimper, Give us Barcelona and i think we will be on a win win. Clearly, everyone would expect us to loose and I suspect convincingly. but just think of the special Barca nights both home and away We would attract the best press and media attention, play better, and who knows could even win if Barc dont take us too seriously. and if we did loose no one would be surprised. Bigest earner, best nights ever, and the chance to really show Arsenal up.

  8. avatar Kyle says:

    My preferences

    ! – Shalke
    2 – Shaktar
    3 – inter
    4 – Chelsea
    5 – Madrid
    6 – United
    7 – Barca

    Shalke and shaktar shouldnt be a problem over 2 legs, inter might be a bit dodgy because they know our team now, i think we can take chelsea home and away if we have a good day, but if they have a good day, we might be screwed. We actually have a very similar team to madrid, they have overall more quality and of course ronaldo, but we have bale to cancle him out and modric has more quality than ozil so we can do a job against them if we play our cards right. United have always been a thorn in spur’s side for as long as i can remember, i dont want to face them at all. Barca could destroy us, thats the only way i can put it, we would need to be very lucky and i think the only possible way of us beating them is with our pace on the counter attack through bale and lennon, but then again you cant get much more pace than that so we have as good a chance as anyone of beating barca. Come on you spurs!!!


  9. avatar Dex says:

    I really hope we get, well – anyone 🙂 Its been a dream for me to see Spurs at this level (after aspiring for so long) that I am satisfied with this season, already. Whether we qualify for it next year, doesnt matter – we have experienced it, extended our fanbase and database of potential transfers. No more, Tottenham, ‘Who’ or ‘Why’ when asked who I support!

  10. avatar JMSPUR says:

    i get a funny feeling were going to draw United, i dont know why i just do. Either that or another trip to our 2nd home (San Siro). i would like to play Shaktar, i dont know why, i just get the feeling it would be a really exciting game, i know they thumped Roma but Roma arent anywhere near the team they were and they lag miles behind the 2 Milan teams (the 2 we have already beaten this year!) in the league. and as someone already mentioned we owe them one for knocking our kids out of the UEFA cup a couple of seasons ago. however the fantasist in me would love to play Madrid, that cheating sc*mbag Ronaldo will probably find some way to rob us but this is what the champs league is all about, playing against the biggest teams on the biggest stage and who knows, maybe, just maybe we could add another massive scalp to our ever growing list, TO DARE IS TO DO!!!!

  11. avatar Kosher Nostra says:

    Anyone but Man Ure!!

  12. avatar Spooky says:

    Planning to blog on this too.

    No easy games left now. So, screw it. Let’s just have Real Madrid.

  13. avatar Lewis says:

    Ideally Schalke! I do think we will have more chance of beating Barca, than Arsenal, since Arsenal have the psychological difference of having a team that can far outplay them with keeping the ball- something they are not use to. We at spurs don’t normally have significant possession advantages- just look at Milan the other day. We don’t want Man U- they have a psychological hold on us- and I figure from the club downwards & even manager would figure we would lose.
    I hope we get a good draw & Chelsea bag Madrid; ManU v Barca, Inter v Shaktar; Spurs v Schalke.

  14. avatar KayBee says:

    After having come through the shittiest group (with aplomb) of any of the Engerlish teams, after topping it and then drawing probably the hardest game we could have gotten in the shape of AC Milan, I think we deserve a Shalke or Shaktar.

    It won’t happen though.

    It will be one of the English teams, Barca or Real.

  15. avatar firsttouchds says:

    Bring on Barca! I think tactically we could have the upper hand against this great Barcelona team IF…..

    We DEFEND well, 9 players behind the ball soak up the pressure and when we we get that ball either launch the ball to crouch who they should struggle against or a quick flowing end to end counter attack this is where they are susceptible to leaking goals as when they are attacking if they lose the ball it can be sometime 3 sometimes 4 back. The problem the gooner’s had is that Barca close down really well (because they have got the ball all the time!) so the goon’s had no outlet pass wher we have Crouch and mad pace .. Plus we can defend better (most times) than Le goons so I think we can Dare to do and send the biggest warning yet to europe!


    • avatar AS says:

      Agree with that. V Barca the goons barely crossed the halfway line which is a mare whereas we can get out of our half with the wingers + Crouch. Plus we can play to our strengths without this inferiority complex that sees the goons trying to ape Barca but looking like a knock off copy as a result. Harry will just look for ways to beat them and he has shown already a sharp tactical mind, that he can communicate this to the players, that the players training is effectively preparing them for games. I honestly think we can put up a much better showing than the goons have managed the last two years. Of course we will be massively second faves against Barca but we can play that to our advantage too.

  16. avatar Northern Spur says:

    Whoever we draw, let’s hope we are the away team in the first leg. Also, as the draw is for the quarters and semis, we need to be drawn second both times. I hope we avoid an english team and that both are out by the time of the final. If we do go out net round, we’ll have done etremely well and we can put all our efforts into winning 3rd spot in the league.

  17. avatar AS says:

    Hope we get Barca or Madrid as second choice preferably one after the other in the QF/SF.
    Least want manure or cfc – horrible playing english sides in europe – and Shaktar because I get a bad vibe off their name 🙂
    Fingers crossed we are home second leg whoever it is.

  18. avatar dannyspur says:

    I think that 2 of the English clubs will be drawn together and the other will get Barca

    • avatar KayBee says:

      You ol’ cynic. 😉

      Just for the record, I think you’re spot-on.

      • avatar ruetheday says:

        Me too. We’ll have Barca (it’s an ‘easy’ game for them), Chelski and United will pair off because UEFA know the corporates won’t want to pay sky-high prices to watch a Prem match in Wembley.

        Shalke for Inter, Shaktar for Madrid. Or vice versa. I don’t know why they don’t just seed it, to be honest. A lot of people are looking at Shaktar/Shalke as an easy draw; I think that’s wrong, so I’d rather see us draw Barca and have a night to remember (and the possibility of hilarious glory to remind the gooners of for the rest of all time) than risk going out with a whimper to so-called-fodder.

    • avatar Spursforme says:

      how right you were


  19. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Anyone but the English. I don’t want the Chavs or ManU simply because we see them throughout the year anyway. We’re on an adventure and meeting the same old clubs would be a bit boring.

  20. avatar KayBee says:

    By the way, Foxy… nice Bender picture.


  21. avatar Mark G says:

    I must admit to being worried about who UEFA will want us to play not whop we will,actually be drawn against. What everyone is eluding too is that they beleive UEFA have under lying agendas and I am inclined to believe that also.

    I think at the very least 2 out of the 3 English teams will be drawn together and the other will draw one of the “Big” teams such as Real, Inter, or Barca.

    My ideal draw would be Man Ure against Chavs, Real against Barca, Inter against Shaktar, SPURS against Schalke 04.

    I dont buy all the ” Oh well we’ve done well to get this far” talk. We’re here now so lets have a Fuc8ing good go at it eh

    • avatar KayBee says:

      I’ll hold my hand up to thinkin’ there’s an agenda at play.

      They will not want an all English final (not that I imagine there will be with Barca marauding as they have been).

      I will be shocked and will come on here and hold my hand up if we draw Shaktar or Shalke, but I am extremely confident I’ll be saved from having to do so by the draw.

      • avatar Mark G says:

        Lets hope for a pleasant surprise

      • avatar Spursforme says:

        No beating about the bush. far to often draws go the way that UEFA would like for it simply to be a coincidence. I think in the old draws when the balls used to disapear in the tube for a few seconds gave the powers that be a good chance to change the odd ball that “came out of the other end” just enough to get the overall draw that they wanted.

        now the balls do not go out of view i am not sure that they can still manipulate the draws in the same way.


      • avatar Spursforme says:

        no need to hold your hands up, I think you predicted this stitch up for English football.

  22. avatar chuey says:

    That draw would be too perfect!

  23. avatar al granville says:

    My preference would be for Real Madrid. If we win what glory and what a confidence booster. If we lose, well there’s really no disgrace. Then make sure of finishing in the top four and buy a top drawer striker in the Summer.

    • avatar Spursforme says:

      good point, them or Barca. just dont want a so called easy draw as we always, always cock up. we stand more chance of seeing off Barca or R Madrid. As you said what glory, even in a close defeat! Then go all out for the top 4.

  24. avatar RioSpurs says:



  25. avatar theme teams says:

    Is that Barcelona Rio?

    You surely want them or Real Madrid all the way, Spurs are very English in that they play better against the bigger clubs. Might as well test yourselves eh?

  26. avatar KayBee says:

    Fancying Barca or Real and expecting an eff-up against Shalke or Shaktar (who are, admittedly, better than many give credit for)??!?

    You’re such a bunch of Spurs fans. 😉

    • avatar seattlespursguy says:

      As I’ve often said during this amazing season, we can go into a match with the Arse, Chavs, Italian royalty, and Champ’s League mainstays; we can even say “bring on Barca or Real,” and I will not feel cocky, but I will feel confident of getting a result, if we play as we are capable of playing.


      Put us against Stoke, Wolves or some other crappy team like a Young Boys or an unfancied East European side and I will be shaking with dread.

  27. avatar Spooky says:

    Soz if its been mentioned but did you see the CL rehearsal? Utd drew Chelsea, Barca got Madrid. We got Shakhtar.

  28. avatar Ruetheday says:

    Originally Posted By- Spursforme
    now the balls do not go out of view i am not sure that they can still manipulate the draws in the same way.

    ‘Course they can. One pair of hot balls, one pair of cold balls (fill them with suitable chemicals so the heat doesn’t dissipate too soon), one pair half-full of liquid, and one pair full of sand. Then you simply tell the drawers what order to pull them out. This way UEFA will normally get the draw they want, but the drawers will be genuinely in the dark about the pairings and so look surprised/excited/whatever by the pairings. I’m not saying this is how UEFA do it, I’m just saying if I was in charge of a multinational football business, keen to squeeze the best possible value out of my product, that’s how I’d go about ensuring the most dramatic/exciting matches happened in an order that would ensure maximum sponsor/advertising revenue in the final. But yeah, I’m a cynic.

  29. avatar KayBee says:

    I’ve got Radio 5 Live on now…. awaiting the draw…

  30. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    We got Real!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. avatar who framed ruel fox? says:

    So basically we’ve got to beat Real Madrid then Barcelona to get to the final….

  32. avatar Mark G says:

    Well we’ve rampaged and pillaged our way through the best of Italian football and now we are set for Spain.

    If one of the tabloids get a shot of Harry and Rafa playing bowls near the south coast I will probably physically wet myself.


  33. avatar KayBee says:

    We’re going to do Real.


  34. avatar who framed ruel fox? says:

    Imagine. Maicon, Segio Ramos. Potentially Daniel Alves.

    There could be no reputations left by the end of all this…

  35. avatar Spursforme says:


    We get Inter in the final, can not wait

  36. avatar seattlespursguy says:


    An old joke, but the Arse are changing the name of the Emirates Trophy Cabinet to “Cabinet.”

  37. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Let’s not lose sight of the spam paying a call. With the Chavs and Shitty playing each other, we’ve a chance to make up some ground. The chance only matters if we take care of the pikeys.

  38. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Harry gets some stick from me for going with a pairing of a half fit VDV and a misfiring small man who is the least able forward we have to play as loan striker. Not just “going with” it, but persisting with it when JD was obviously having a stinker.

    I also heard Harry defending JD, saying he was out of sorts because his grandfather died. OK JD, sorry for your loss, but if your head isn’t right because of a personal issue, then you shouldn’t play.

    And once again, our lack of a clinical striker costs us.

    • avatar Ruetheday says:

      Yeah. Sad to say but that’s pretty much spot on. Also, when Harry finally (and he left it pretty late) made a change, he didn’t do anything to take advantage of our increased presence in the box – Lezza and Baler on the pitch but not once (that I can remember) did we get a decent cross in (besides a couple of muscle memory stabs from Charlie who’s poor start to the game was compounded by the fact he kept forgetting Crouch wasn’t on the pitch to stand at the far post). I’m all for us mixing things up by playing through the middle, but when you’re not getting the goals, playing to your strengths would seem like a good idea.

      I dunno. Harry’s quite right that we shouldn’t be expecting 4th place every season, but surely we’re allowed to get frustrated when we draw so impotently against a team fighting relegation? And JD’s tshirt said it all – arrogance without merit. On the plus side, we spanked them in all but shooting accuracy, Bale’s free kick was sublime, and the Welshman’s signed a new contract (does that mean he’ll stay, or Levy will get silly money for him?). Still, frustrating.

  39. avatar Mark G says:

    I have watched the game, read about 7 different match reports and still cant beleive we didnt score. Lions share of posession, shit loads of attempts, woodwork 3 times, and still 0-0.

    The season will finish before Defoe does.

  40. avatar KayBee says:

    For what it’s worth, it was a really good game to watch.

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