Profligacy and Pish

21-1Yes, yes. Real Madrid, Mourinho and the Bernabéu. That was all very exciting news for a Friday morning. What concerns me now is the rather mischievous asides that many of us were making about having to win the Champions League this year in order to make bloody certain we were in it next time around is looking less and less a harebrained scheme by the minute. The way the weekend panned out it almost seems like our best shot.

Simply outrageous scenes of wastefulness on Saturday lunchtime; of the like I haven’t seen since my Lithuanian neighbour flopped a perfectly good king-sized mattress out onto their front lawn last summer. Let me tell you, the things you can do with a Brillo pad and a daub of caustic soda. Boy howdy. Sadly for us there’s not a substance in the periodic table that will be able to expunge the memories of our final encounter with the ‘Ammers this season; of yet another day where spurned chances and limp forwards were court jesters and form goalkeepers and woodwork, king.

Defoe certainly wouldn’t have won over many of his critics. The commentary team mused quite early on about the prospect of Jermain having ‘one of those days’ in front of goal and from the second it was even suggested the script might as well been torched to cinders and swept into the balmy afternoon air; such was the game’s plot so obviously laid out. He could still be out there now and not yet have scored. While both of the really glaring chances were forgivable in their own way- in that the first required cosmos skipping reflexes and the second was well saved- one can’t help but feel at least one should’ve been made to stick. It’s a puzzler, that’s for sure.

But what does one say? Ho-hum? Better luck next time? I’m at a loss. I mean, we played some breathtaking football at times and the points always seemed within reach. It’s just yet again the hoards of chances coming our way were auspicious but for their lack of contact with the white netty-type stuff festooning the goal frame. Which I hear is rather important in this game.

Still, all to play for. Everything still in our hands. Who else has a feeling it’s going to be all about Eastlands again?


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  1. avatar Greg Meyer says:


    enjoyable read …if you were neutral ,Spurs played quality stuff to make a very, very entertaining game… Spurs … class personified … if they had hit the onion bag just once ( the fluffy stuff back of a white line at a white lane) then … a fairy tale ending for us. Oops apparently acording to the gospel of “Arry you cannae win them all …blackpool, wolves …

    we can do fourth … just becoming harder…

    cheers … Greg.

  2. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    I REALLY didn’t want to say this. BUT…………….. I told you so.

    Defoe is less than worthless at the moment. Ok, his grandad died on Friday night so his head may have not been on the game 100% so (a) why did Harry play him (b) why did Defoe not excuse himself from the game – we all would have understood if either of those two options had taken place.

    Defoe however, did play and he was shit. He not only gave us a blunt edge up top but he also failed to link up with any of the attacking players in the side. Bale and Lennon are wingers, wingers best suited to getting to the byline and crossing the ball, Defoe’s height and willingness to get on the end of crosses negates that and his inability to link up play meant that VDV suffered as he chose to hang around the edge of the box and wait for the inevitable clearances as he knew Defoe was not going to win anything.

    I was screaming for Pav or Crouch at the end of the first half – why Harry waited for so long and then decided to KEEP Defoe on was beyond me. Surely it should have been Pav on for Defoe and Niko on for VDV?

    I’ve said it before and REALLY hope it doesn’t come to pass BUT I fear that our failure to purchase a decent striker in January will cost us 4th place and Champions League football come the end of the season.

  3. avatar Mark G says:

    I think you are spot on. Its going to come down to how we do in the big games. We need to well against the Chavs, Ar5enal, Liverpool and City to even think about 4th place being possible. We always play up for the big games and play down for the smaller teams (no offence intended) and thats just a Spurs trait and always will be. Chavs beating City didn’t do us any favours in my mind either

    Jamie, I am not quite as harsh as you in my criticism of Defoe but I agree that he is a lame duck and we must get shot of him in summer. He has never been a team player and I honestly think that when he plays its 10 men plus Defoe rather than a Spurs 11. He is a self centered little tosser. He can’t pass, can’t stay on-side, doesn’t lift his head, and most shockingly for a striker is having a baron spell seemingly longer than the gooners trophy hunt.

    Not good enough and I hope it doesn’t cost us.

  4. avatar Kash says:

    Defoe has played 300 prem games and got 99 goals. Around 1 in 3. This is a pretty decent return. He is in a slump and some will get on his back. For me it should have been Pav and VDV to start and bring on Defoe if and when needed. As soooooo many net reporters are saying 2 of the best ( if not THE best ) wingers in the business means you have to have least one tall striker. Feck it play Crouch and Pav and tell the wingers just to bombard the area with crosses ALL DAY long. Its got to be better then 90mins of Dawson to Crouch , knock down VDV get injured. Cmon Arry sort it out. ps lay of The foe. Top striker going thtough a slump.

  5. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Going with Defoe was a reasonable idea in isolation, given that he bagged two the game before, but pairing him with VDV has shown no signs of working in the past and did not work again. But we kept on with it, even though JD wasn’t meshing with Rafa and was having a very bad game overall. And then we took off Rafa and added Pav, who only set up JD for some more misses. It was a poor decision from Harry.

  6. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    Anyone for taking a punt on Adriano? Available on a free and without a club.

    He’s a total nutter and might flop dramatically, BUT he’s only 29 and he was one of the best strikers in the world up until 2yrs ago. He honestly cannot be much worse than what we have in the squad at the moment.

  7. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Originally Posted By- JamieSpursHis contract with Roma was ripped up and he’s now a free agent, I’m not sure how it would work with the 25 man squad restrictions though.

    However, if I remember correctly didn’t Newcastle just sign Shefki Kuqi after the transfer window shut and he was in the same situation? – out of contract, without a club etc etc.

    I honestly believe he’s no worse than what we’ve got (an improvement on what we have in my eyes) and Harry’s track record of getting troublesome individuals back to the top of their game makes me think we should have a look at him. Like I said before, he’s a nutter and could flop big-time but as Crouch proved late last season, you only have to score one goal to make the difference!

    I’d have him if we’re able to add him. There are worse players out there, and it can only freshen up the forwards.

    • avatar JamieSpurs says:

      A corpse in a Spurs kit could freshen up our forward line.

      A midget with a god complex

      A russian with the urgency of a sloth

      A lanky man who can only score in europe

      Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Tottenham front line.

      • avatar ruetheday says:

        When you put it like that, they actually sound a little bit more intimidating. Perhaps we should put those descriptions on their warm-up kit, and have them bear their teeth at the opposition defenders.

        Incidentally, I don’t mind the idea of Adriano, if he’d be happy to sign on a short-term deal, and if the EPL/FA would approve his registration (I thought we’d maxed out on 25 players again, but perhaps not?).

  8. avatar AS says:

    We should play without any of the strikers.

    Put Bale up front and Niko behind him. Guaranteed goals*

    (or a waste of time but no worse than the waste of time we get from our strikers)

  9. avatar Ruetheday says:

    Got to hand it to Jose, he’s a master of the mind-games – “They have reason to be proud already…” = well done little Spuds, good return for your first attempt, no shame in going out to the mighty Special One now. “In the Premier League…it looks like the top teams have lost a bit” = and my, aren’t you struggling in that league, Tottenham? Well, bless you for working so hard against those Italians, but you don’t really think you’re going to manage against a Spanish giant, do you?

    Yeah yeah, eff off Mourinho. It’s a game of four halves, and we’re not going to cash in our chips just because you and that lanky waxen girl Ronaldo come to town.

    If I were Harry: “Yeah I think he’s got a point, you look at the teamsheets and see a squad like Madrid, assembled at such astronomic costs, and you’d think they really *ought* to be winning everything.”

    No pressure, Jose.

    • avatar JamieSpurs says:

      Well said mate.

      Totally agree with you. You’d hope by now that everyone knows that Jose comes up with shit psycho-babble/mindgames and just ignore him.

      If anything I’d use it as motivation, aim to prove Jose he’s not quite the genius he thinks he is!

  10. avatar KayBee says:

    Bale out of the England/Wales match.


  11. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    Good title Fox.
    We have plenty of options: mainly don’t select Defoe.
    Pav played well I thought and deserves a start.

    Lennon and Bale have both mastered the pull back
    or the quick ball into the near post.

    Just need someone in a Spurs shirt to make the runs.

    • avatar AS says:

      Wish our strikers could be sorted just by replacing Defoe with Pav in the starting line up. But Pav struggles to keep up when he starts though and goes missing too often for a team with CL ambitions. We should have sold any or all of the strikers in the summer and used the proceeds to replace them. The decision to sit on our hands has cost us many points this season and could cost us 4th and £30m.

      • avatar Mark G says:

        In fairness i think the Board tried to bring someone in but most players are a bit reluctant to move mid season. Top that with the fact that most of the players we would be after want silly wages.
        It does pain me though that we couldnt do something in January. Everytime I look our goal difference and wonder what an extra 15 goals would have done for our league position it makes me mad.

        Thinking of starting a campaign for us to sign Dirk Kuyt in summer. A fantastic work rate and he knows where the net is. I think he is contracted to the binners until 2013 but what does that mean these days anyway. Just a thought

        • avatar AS says:

          My guess is that we made a bad decision – to stick with what we had.

          Your guess is that we spent 3 months last summer trying to find better strikers than Crouch, Defoe, Keane, Pav, and Gio and failed to find a single one.

          Which the harsher judgment ? I think yours is.

          • avatar seattlespursguy says:

            I think the cock up occurred last summer rather than January. When you have decent, but unproven, players like Carroll moving for 35 million and fees of that or more mooted for good Italian or Spanish strikers, it isn’t too surprising that no deal was made.

            It was last summer when Levy decided not to buy. He didn’t want to spend big as we were only in the CL qualifier at that point. That isn’t totally unreasonable as our forwards had scored a decent amount of goals last year. What wasn’t forseen was JD being out for months and him and Crouch completly losing form.

            It’s easy to say with hindsight, but yeah, we should have bought last summer.

  12. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Wake up People!!!!!!

  13. avatar who framed ruel fox? says:

    What? Who said that? Where am I?

    This international break is torturous. But no time to grumble. Some bloggy-shaped stuff first thing tomorrow.

  14. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    A peruse of the news:

    The OS is calling Bale’s hammy a minor injury, yet the papers say it’s a race for fitness in Madrid.

    Billy G. extends his stay, which I think is good, but two years more? He’ll be 36.

    Caulker bunged up his knee and is out for the rest of the season. Kyle and Azza were broken by Capello.

    3MP was caught visiting a flight attendant’s flat. Signed in as “Peter Johnson” (really?).

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