No Hard Feelings, Harry | QPR-Spurs Preview

All eyes on self-anointed fackin’ football manager, Henry James Redknapp this weekend, as his oft abysmal QPR side are tasked with the responsibility of avenging their boss’s summer dismissal against the club who did a good deal of the dismissing. Well, all of the dismissing if we’re being honest.

There’s almost certainly some people who’d like to see karmic justice dished out in this meeting of minds- dirty great platters of the stuff if preferable. Those who believed Redknapp was just innocent collateral damage in a mad chairman’s scheme to run a football club into the ground. Why else would Levy fire the People’s Choice other than if he was a wibbling nutcase hell-bent of carnage?

True enough, the sun shone brightly on Tottenham during ‘Arry’s four-and-a-half year reign. Rock-bottom to Champions League quarter finals in one-and-a-half seasons is quite an achievement to put it mildly. There was heart-stopping stuff along the way, too. Redknapp’s now legendary vague tactical approach clearly lent itself well to a free-flowing laissez-faire brand of attacking football and it was one heck of a ride at times. But it was perhaps the England Manager-elect’s vision of the future where the troubles lay. In that, he didn’t seem to have one.

The old cliché that he’d taken Spurs as far as they could go is a tired one, but you can’t look beyond the fact that his last five major signings of his tenure at White Hart Lane were Adebayor (loan) Scott Parker (fairly injury-prone 31-year old) Friedel (mad old) Nelsen (?) and Louis Saha (busted up). Not exactly the foundations of a New World Order.

Now we’ve got ourselves one them contemporary football managers we’ve heard so much about, with everything geared towards safeguarding far beyond merely the next trading window. A young, dynamic coach to go with our sparkly new training ground and defined transfer policy. It’s Captain Buck Rogers in 25th Century. It’s the way forward.

In practically every way, Villas-Boas is Redknapp’s direct antithesis; his antipode; his polar opposite. Where one might tell a player to circumnavigate themselves along the apex of the centre-circle  at a rate of 13.4km an hour, straight-talking ‘Arry would tell ‘em to round around a bit and stop asking so many questions. One’s the darling of the media, old china plates with the boys in the studio, always good for a quote; the other appears as an impassable smokescreen of Venn diagrams and convoluted business-talk. One is all about tactics and preparation, the other is, according to Rafael van der Vaart, er, not so much.

In the quest to tie together some neat narrative strands, the tabloids might be hoping for a QPR win tomorrow. They’ll use the headline Rope-a-Dope with the word ‘Dope’ in big red letters and everyone will nod their heads knowingly. Even if this is the case, and we do stumble against the League’s worst, I’m still mighty confident that we made the right choice and that our future is in secure hands. Indeed, even Mr. Redknapp himself is impressed with his predecessor’s work so far:

“He’s doing a fantastic job there and long may that continue for him. He got a job but it wasn’t my job. When he got the job I was out of work. I’ve got no problem with him. He seems like a nice guy.”

‘I don’t spend my nights worrying about what he’s doing. I will shake his hand and invite him for a drink whatever the result.”

Nice touch, Harold.



Quotes from the Daily Mail.


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13 Responses to No Hard Feelings, Harry | QPR-Spurs Preview

  1. avatar royalspur says:

    Thanks Harry for a great 4 years, enjoyed watching my team again with real belief we could actually win some big matches, AVB has carried on but it was Harry’s ground work, and thanks for taking 3 from chelski, don’t go and spoil it now on saturday

  2. avatar borris says:

    To a point,.. I wont say thank you for lack of rotation and bullshit press conferences saying it would be a iracle if we finished 4th! – I fucking was with that knob in charge!

    Back where he belongs in a no lose job where he can be ‘just unlucky’ every time they lose.

  3. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    It was time for Harry to go, but I’ll always appreciate the achievements of the team and the attacking football we played under Mr. Redknapp. Now to smash QPR. And I like our chances of doing that better under AVB than I would if Harry were still in charge going to the bottom side in the league.

  4. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    If you feel like a laugh, check out this (fake) Daniel Levy Twitter account:

  5. avatar Longwell says:

    Well, that was fucking dire.

    • avatar seattlespursguy says:

      Wasn’t it just? Once again we can’t break down a team set to hang on for a point. The difference the Manc teams, Chavs and us is they can often find a way through a wall of defenders and we often fail at that.

      • avatar ruetheday says:

        Well, another option or two up front might help us. Both Manc teams have, what, four strikers who’d walk into our starting XI? And the Chavs have… Er, no… Wait, what? Must just be luck on their side.

        We’ll keep going – the wheels haven’t fallen off with that result – but it looked suspiciously like Harry did indeed have the advantage of knowing our team very well, and with it the knowledge that sitting deep and some judicious kicking and shoving would very quickly wear our patience thin and lead to a great deal of uninspired nothing.

        Quick aside – we keep charging out of the gates at full-tilt, then running out of steam after ten-fifteen minutes: might it be an idea to start a little bit slower once in a while, let the other side gain some confidence and run themselves about a bit, then go for the jugular after fifteen-twenty mins have passed? At the moment we seem to be exhausting all our best ideas before the game’s even a quarter of the way through – perhaps we could take advantage of the element of surprise by playing dead for a little while first?

  6. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    Looks as if Harry and Andres had gone large on a 0-0 forecast.
    Under Harry we lost this last year.
    40 points, safe from relegation for another year.

  7. avatar Longwell says:

    Club confirms Sandro had surgery on his knee. Recovery schedule “to be assessed”.

    That’s a nice kick in the fucking nuts.

  8. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Team Talk:

    Captain Parker: Top hole. Bally Jerry pranged his kite right in the how’s your father. Hairy blighter, dicky-birdied, feathered back on his Sammy, took a waspy, flipped over on his Betty Harper’s and caught his can in the Bertie. Bunch of monkeys on your ceiling, sir! Grab your egg and fours and let’s get the bacon delivered. bally ten-penny ones dropping in the custard … (searching for the words) um … Charlie Choppers chucking a handful …

    Defoe: No, no … sorry. Say it a bit slower, old chap.

    Captain Parker: Slower banter, sir?

    Defoe: Ra-ther!

    Captain Parker: Um … sausage squad up the blue end!

    BAE: No, still don’t get it.

    Captain Parker: Um … cabbage crates coming over the briny?

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