Monday Morning Jibber Jabber: Sandro and Modric Wanted

gossiping_old_ladiesPaul Simon once advised us that we could call him Al. That’s not some clever tie-in with the rest of the post. It’s just, you know, a really great song. Good video, too. Not enough patio furniture in music videos these days. Or saxophone solos, for that matter. It’s all ironic nerd glasses and frisbee-sized sovereigns. So I’m told.

Anyhoo, to more pressing concerns. We turn our backs for two minutes and the ruddy tabloids are trying to auction half our squad. As Spurs could offer no conventional meat for the back pages this weekend- what with the *ahem* artful manner in which we removed ourselves from the F.A Cup†- the spotlight instead hung over some of our prized assets.

We’ll try and buzz through the stories as quickly as possible. Like removing a plaster or punching a rodent’s face off. It’ll only hurt for a second and in some cases not at all.

The Sunday Express are throwing down some Sandro to Inter pong. Reports- and I use the term loosely- suggest that the Brazilian’s owning of Clarence Seedorf at the San Siro on Tuesday evening has put the Nerazzurri on high alert. Ten million pounds sterling the price being ballyhooed about. Jermain Jenas is said be devastated.

Elsewhere the NOTW are asserting- once again- that Luka Modric will be top of Sir Alex’s this summer. Groundbreaking stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree. Next they’ll be telling us that Michael Carrick will be chucked in as a makeweight…

What’s that?

Oh. I see.

And I was feeling quite chipper this morning, too.

Roll on Blackpool.

†Mad props to Leyton Orient. Don’t Russell Slade and Barry Hearn just seem like thoroughly nice blokes?

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43 Responses to Monday Morning Jibber Jabber: Sandro and Modric Wanted

  1. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    Redknapp IMMEDIATELY, dismissed the story and said Modric wouldn’t be sold, not even for £100m, this was backed up by an audio interview with Harry on the BBC and story backing up his words about Luka. Apparently Mr Modric is a totally stand up guy, hard worker, doesn’t moan, gets on with the job in hand, top player etc (as if he’d be anything else!), Redknapp convinced that Luka wouldn’t want to move, that’s backed up by the fact he signed a new 5 year contract in the summer. – Redknapp would walk if Levy sold Luka or Bale, that, I’m deathly sure of.

    Sandro story………… started by some scurrilous rumour on talkSPORT the day after the Milan game, no quotes, no ‘insiders said’ bullshit, just a story. The Express, in one of the most blatant ‘lazy journalism’ examples copied this almost verbatim – NON STARTER.

    After Sandro’s second half against Sunderland and awesome CL debut display in the San Siro, I genuinely believe we’re seeing the emergence of a beastly midfield enforcer with the potential to become a fantastic player for Tottenham in the years to come.

    So Mr Fox……………….

    Sleep tight, don’t fear, gone are the days when Man Utd prised our top talent away at the drop of a hat, this current Spurs side is built of far sterner stuff. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Spurs side quite like this one, I’ve always felt superior to others by supporting Spurs, but this current side have me enthralled and proud to wear lilywhite.

    • avatar AntiOnan says:

      Sandro was IMHO always the new Dave Mackay and I even see him as a future captain as he is EXACTLY what we have needed so badly since Mackay left for Derby.

      Most of you will think that I am kidding but I saw Mackay when he played for Hearts and almost kissed Bil Nich’s **** as he walked past me after i heard the news…”Bugger Charlie” we shouted.

  2. avatar AntiOnan says:

    Its a bit like “Groundhog Day”: as soon as one of our players raises his head above the average, the printing presses roll.Sometimes it s the same name. Sometimes its the same club. I just love the bit about Modric’s “release ” clause which is a real first for a PL player and only the measly sum of 35mill.
    I guarantee that if Crouch or Defoe start to score regularly in the CL, BAE or Hutton score form a 30m “sizzler”,
    JJ plays 5 games in a row and get >7 for all 5. If Palacios, starts making passes that REACH his teammates, Lennon starts placing crosses where they should be for 5 matches in a row, Gomez makes NO blunders in >5 matches in a row and neither of our CDs gives away a free kick near our box, let alone a penalty then They TOO will be headlined by the headhunters.

    Soon they will be tapping into the clubs sewers hoping to get some fresh souvenirs to sell while they are still hot …errr warm.

  3. avatar SteadySpur says:

    Every club in the land wants Bale, VDV and Modders….doesn’t mean they can have them though. Talk about something worthwhile.

  4. avatar Charles says:

    If Sandro plays regularly he will be worth 30 mil by the end of this season.Befor he arrived at Spurs i said he was a great signing and “highly rated” in South America.The problem is Harry seldom plays him.
    I also think Pav. with a run of more games would score more goals then Dafoe and Crouch put together.There are not many centre forwards in the P.L that pack the power with both feet.Harry wants a lot more from Pav.(work rate stc.) I say let the lad do what he does best….score goals.!!!!!After all he did prove in the European Championship that he can score goals at the highest level.(If i am not mistaken he was the second highest scorer.)

    • avatar Aran says:

      Sandro hasn’t played much yet but I think Harry is handling him well. He’s new to the league and he needs to get up to speed. No point throwing him in at the deep end and wrecking his confidence before he’s ready to go. I suspect we’ll see more of him in the closing stages of the season to blood him ready for next year.

      • avatar AntiOnan says:

        Exactly!! it has taken this long for Sandro to get up to speed. In an interview by some Brazilian , he said he was amazed by the speed and ferocity of the PL and that he had a real shock in his first competitive game: he intercepted a pass and turned to see to whom to pass and BANG he was flat on his back and the ball was how he shields it now.
        IMHO our new Mackay

        • avatar Aran says:

          I certainly hope so. The sign of a great player is his ability to adapt. Sandro is still very young but he’s adapted quickly. A little longer and a bit more training and he’ll really show his class. Remember how hit and miss Modric was when he came to us? Now he’s the best midfielder in the league!

  5. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    Harry is a manager that rewards hard work and committment in training, from what I’ve heard Pav does not possess much of either quality.

    I’ve always maintained that Pav is the best striker we have at Spurs but he’s never shown enough workrate or willingness to nail down a regular place in the side. He’s got to realise that operating as a lone front man means he has to do more when we don’t have the ball and get involved far more often when we are in posession.

    Hate to say it, but I reckon Bent would score hatfuls in this current Spurs side and as the season goes on I’m becoming far more sure that we should sell Defoe and keep Crouch in the summer.

    • avatar Aran says:

      I agree with you on Pav. The reason we have such great team spirit is that the side is full of players who work for each other. If you allow anyone to ‘get away with it’ then you dent the morale of the entire team. Redknapp knows you pick your team to maximize the sum of the parts rather than just by who has the most talent.

      I mean, look at the work rate of this team! VDV never stops buzzing around the pitch. Bale will run the length of the pitch again and again for 90 minutes. Dawson and Gallas boss the box like terriers and Modric links up the entire midfield, always looking for a pass and ready to receive. Each man on that pitch has shown time and again this season that he will run himself into the ground for the team. That’s why we’ve won so many games from losing positions and scored so many late goals. The never say die attitude of the unit is clear. You can’t allow any player, however talented, to taint that.

  6. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    NOT Spurs related at all, but this man was my hero when I was growing up and of all the articles that have been written about this man in the last week or so, I feel this one sums up my hero in the best way imaginable.

    It’s a superbly written piece by one of the best journalists in the footballing world, worth a read!

    • avatar who framed ruel fox? says:

      Sid Lowe’s excellent on Football Weekly. Cracking piece, that.

      • avatar JamieSpurs says:

        Sad as it is to say it…………. I was actually gutted when I heard Ronaldo had retired. I idolised him when I was younger.

        For me it was the Ronaldo’s and Kilnsmann’s of this world that I admired, there’s nothing quite like a TAKER of goals. Sure, there are wonderful players who dazzle and create chances for their teammates, but Ronaldo just used to see the whites of the goalposts and go for it, very rarely did he make a mazy run, it was more like a bulldozer, inexorably hellbent on pummelling opponents, getting into the box and beating the keeper with consumate ease.

        He was the REAL deal, for me, he’s the best out and out striker of the modern era. Who knows what else he may have achieved if his knees had held out.

        Ronaldo: “you run, I score goals”

        • avatar Aran says:

          With you on that one. The likes of Linekar and Shearer; goal scorers and nothing else. No fancy stuff, simply making all the fancy stuff count.

        • avatar who framed ruel fox? says:

          I would say Ronaldo was more than just a bulldozer. Sure, that was part of his game- especially in that infamous one season at Barcelona. But at his best he was one of the most graceful and elegant players in the game with skills nearing levels of ridiculous…

          • avatar Aran says:

            Some of that is utterly amazing.

            That said, I think I know why JamieSpurs used that word. He’s a very direct player. Sure he has skill – you don’t score the goals he’s scored at all levels without good feet – but there’s something in his strength and weight which allowed him to bully defenders in a way that many smaller strikers just can’t emulate. In some of those clips you could just see how he used his upper body strength to go through the defenders who just couldn’t stand up to him.

          • avatar JamieSpurs says:

            I fully agree, I was more relating to the manner in which he could take on defenders that distinguished him from other strikers of his era, when he was in the mood, NO-ONE would stop him (only himself).

            The brilliant thing about him was his ability to go from rampaging bully to graceful technician in the blink of any eye, often making his way to goal with a strong surging run only to make time stand still as he drew the keeper and steered the shot home.

            I think as a striker, he is without equals in the modern era, he was one of a kind. I truly believe that Messi will become the worlds greatest player EVER but as a striker, a taker of goals Ronaldo stands alone in our lifetime.

          • avatar Scanford says:

            This vid sums it up: pace, power, skills, barca’s horrid 90’s kit.
            Number 8 is ridiculous.

  7. avatar who framed ruel fox? says:

    So we’re agreed. Tottenham could use a striker like Ronaldo….

    • avatar JamieSpurs says:

      We could do with a striker who is not the following:

      Reliant on bursts of form – like Defoe
      Oblivious to the offside rule – like Defoe
      Lazy – like Pavlyuchenko
      Shit in the Premier League – like Crouch
      Easily bullied by 99%of Premier League defences – Like all three of the above

  8. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    So, a seaside trip and we are seriously depleted for what is a chance to go third in the table. So, we have–you guessed it–a must win.

    Billy G–Daws–Bass–BAE

    • avatar seattlespursguy says:

      Ah, just read that Luka is fully fit, so him and Sandro in the middle.

      • avatar Aran says:

        For a “seriously depleted” side that’s a damn strong team.

      • avatar Jay says:

        Agree about most of the line up but Wilson + Luka in the middle would be my guess. With Bale out and VDV injured yet again there are not many goals in either line up though.

        • avatar Aran says:

          I dunno. I think we’ve got goals in the team. Two up front should be a great opportunity for our strikers to make their mark.

          Anyone else see the rather clever comments by Harry? Talking about how it would be a miracle if we made the top four again. He’s a smart man. Takes the pressure off the lads and puts it all on the other sides. He talked about how much money City and Chelsea have spent and how terrible it would be for them if they didn’t make it but how it’s not so important for Spurs. Subtle and clever.

          • avatar KayBee says:

            I saw that and thought exactly the same.

            All the while with one eye on being ahead of Chelsea and leapfrogging City. 🙂

          • avatar Mark G says:

            Aran, I think it’s good for the lads and is probably an attempt to ease the pressure a bit but it is still a pretty standard see through Harry comment.
            Everyone involved with the club will know the importance of finishing top 4 regardless of how much City or Chelsea have spent.

          • avatar Jay says:

            In theory we have goals but in practice that seattlespursguy line up has amassed a total of 5 goals for Spurs this season between them in the league so I stand by my not many goals in that team statement.
            Harry’s mind games are good and like all good mind games accurate too because considering the budgets of city/cfc they really should be streets ahead of us. Puts the emphasis on why they are underachieving which is an interesting story too.

  9. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    I reckon we’ll go 4-5-1 tonight

    I’d like to see Luka behind JD with Wilson and Sandro charged with winning the midfield battle and Modric using his brain to get the pace of Defoe turning their defence and looking for balls in behind their CB pairing (It worked brilliantly for Utd when they turned round a 2-0 deficit in January using the pace of Chicarito to put the Blackpool defence under pressure). JD is due a goal and despite how crap he’s been lately, he can’t get much worse can he?

    A more realistic option is:

    Krancjar on the left and Pienaar behind Crouch.

    Niko was extremely unfortunate to be left out against Milan, according to some of the chat on Soccer Saturday Niko was all set to start against milan until Harry had a last minute change of heart and tactical thinking. With that in mind I reckon Niko will start tonight as he’s on a good run of form at the moment and if a players on form he should get a game and Harry will be aware of that.

    Pienaar was brought in as a utility player but due to our injury problems he’s come into the side almost immediately and I’ve been impressed with his workrate and how seemelessly he’s settled in. He can play behind a main striker and his versatility may see him start there tonight IMO.

    Blackpool won’t make it easy, BUT we need to pick up 3pts tonight to keep the pressure on the rest of the chasing pack.


  10. avatar KayBee says:

    I think we will see quite a big scoreline tonight.

    Blackpool have a fab, attack-attack-attack philosophy, and Holloway’s been sounding off about needing to play that way against us, yet, as you’ll all know, that will suit us down to the the ground, counter-attacking with pace and style as we do.

    Something like a 1-4 to us, and I don’t mean that in any way shape or form disrespectful to Blackpool, who have entertained me thoroughly this year with their cavalier play.

    (Now i’ve said that they’ll beat us 1-0)

  11. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    I see Danny Rose has been recalled, any thoughts??

  12. avatar KayBee says:

    Team motivation for tonight:

    Win and we go third, pushing City down to fourth.

    Win and we go five points clear of Chelsea, who will have a game in hand on us, albeit against in-form Manchester United.


  13. avatar KayBee says:

    By the way, has anyone seen this brilliant interview with our Benny?

    “Benoit Assou-Ekotto is a rare breed of modern day footballer. He looks you straight in the eye and tells you what he actually thinks. Even if it’s not what you want to hear.

    Forget the clichés, rhetoric and talk of loving the game. The Tottenham left-back is as real as it gets.
    Before we start our interview, at his flat in central London, my producer asks him whether he likes my wristwatch.

    His response: a quick glance at the watch in question, a shrug of the shoulders and clear “No”.

    He isn’t impolite though. “I’m sorry, it’s just what I feel,” he says with a sly smirk. I know I shouldn’t like him. But I do. His straight talking is refreshing and it doesn’t stop when the camera is rolling.”

    Video here:

  14. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    Anyone else getting annoyed of Jamie O’Hara’s ‘messiah’ complex?

    He’s not a bad footballer, in fact, there was a time when I wanted him to become our homegrown midfield enforcer and seeing him miss that penalty against Man Utd in the final still breaks my heart.

    HOWEVER……………. since he had his little moment in the sun being just about the only half decent player at a shit club like Pompey he’s now taken it upon himself to become the saviour of the damned.
    He’s now wanking on about how he’ll save Wolves from the drop. Wolves have been very unlucky this season as they’ve shown on more than one occassion that they can beat the very best in the league. Unfortunately for JOH, now he’s involved there I want to see them go down, he’s believed his own hype garnered from being the solitary footballer with any abiility at the car crash that was Portsmouth and I’m sick of all his hot air.

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