Meat Pie, Sausage Roll

Right, so let me get this straight. England are going to win the Euros now after all? Oh well that’s a relief. It was touch and go there for a moment but thanks to those courageous kids, some hardened old sea dogs and a bit of can-do attitude it looks like we’re going to bloody well do it. And if FIFA don’t like it, well, they can gay off, can’t they? Those lefty, weekend in the Alps, poppy-hating dunderheads. Yeah. Up yours, FIFA! And up yours, Spain. Yeaaah!

Funny ha has aside, the big shakers in Zurich, for once, were on the money with the whole Poppygate saga. Of course they were. All you’d need to do to come to that conclusion is find out what Alan Shearer thought and base your opinion on the exact opposite. I dinny know wha’ they’re pleeing at, said Wor Alan, in a somewhat befuddled state of alarm. It dunny make sense to me, like. A wordsearch in the Beano would have you stumped, sunbeam.

On a brighter note, Scott Parker had another all-action day at the races this weekend. By thunder. Quite what Andrés Iniesta, Xavi and David Villa made of it all, I couldn’t begin to guess. If anyone knows the Spanish for why doesn’t he leave me alone? or I can’t feel my legs! we might go some way to finding out. As a recycler of possession he’s first-rate; as a ball-winning, combative midfielder, on current form, he’s peerless.

Is that fair or has the international break finally wronged up my brain tank?

Maybe don’t answer that.

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  1. avatar elwehbi says:

    Scotty Parker to be the next President of the US. No joke.

  2. avatar tom says:

    porque no me deja en paz!!!!!, no siento mis piernas 😉

  3. avatar ruetheday says:

    Very fair. And yep, the whole poppy business was a wonderful slab of sour lemons about the World Cup bid, as far as I could work out. Yeah FA, hit ’em where it hurts. Don’t worry about the fact you’re manipulating a very important and sensitive issue to do so – your pride is what matters after all.

    While we’re on the matter of football politics (which we’re not, but I won’t let that stop me), I have to say I appreciate Don Fabio and the FA’s embracing of our democratic ‘innocent until proven guilty’ policy, but am I the only one who’d feel a little more at ease around the whole situation if Fab actually named the consequences of JT actually being found guilty? In all likelihood (regardless of what was in fact said, and recorded by national TV cameras), the inquest (the FA one, at least) will simply call it a misunderstanding and make both players kiss and make up, in its usual deeply patronising way, so Fabio doesn’t really stand to lose anything by hypothetically taking a tough stance on racism, but football (and potentially society as a whole, to some extent) stands to gain a lot if he were to say “Of course, if he is guilty he’ll never play again for *my* England team, and I’d personally recommend that the FA consider a lifetime ban from international level – England is an integrated, multicultural society, and there’s no room for even part time racists in a squad that represents the nation”.

    But he’s not said that, has he? No one has. Could it be that they’re all quietly convinced that Terry is as guilty as hell? If that’s the case, why pick him at all?

    Oh, and by the by, I’ve never been JT’s biggest fan, but equally I’d like to think (but can’t say for sure, since it’s never really been an issue for us in my lifetime) I’d say the same of any Spurs player in a similar situation. Scotty P is in blistering form, and I’m growing to love the fella (hold my hands up – I thought he’d be a terrible signing), but if he were in this situation, I wouldn’t particularly want to see him in an England shirt (not that I particularly give a toss about England anyway) while the investigation was going on, and I certainly wouldn’t want it to be forgiven and forgotten if he was found guilty. Kick racism out, and all that. Or is that just a slogan, with no real meaning?

  4. avatar Aran says:

    Scott Parker is brilliant. A brilliant footballer of course but beyond that he’s a brilliant mental note. A mental note that reminds us all why we are not football managers and why Harry Redknapp is.

    When we signed him most people were less than impressed. He’s a bit old. He’s not fancy and exciting. If most Spurs fans had been involved we would have spent the £8 million on the next Ronaldo. We would have bought the exciting young thing from Brazil or Sprain. But Redknapp bought Parker. Boring, old Parker.

    Next time anyone thinks they could do a better job than our Harry they should be reminded of this.


  5. avatar the stranger formerly known as trembly says:

    Just read this WFRF. Made me chuckle on a cold winters day. Keep on keeping on. Great stuff.

  6. avatar TBFWHL says:

    Terrific stuff, as always. Always worthy of a read and a laugh. Carry on the good work, sir.

  7. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    Thank God you’re back Fox.
    They just ignored me.
    So what’s new.
    Left the keys in the secret place under the flower pot

    More PoppyCock than Poppeygate.
    Hope Scotty is rested tonight.

  8. avatar KayBee says:

    I like all these “Barcelona will not be held to ransom over Bale” or “Barca chief warns Spurs over Bale price” headlines.

    Well, good/i>. Don’t try signing him, then – nobody’s asked you to!

    • avatar Longwell says:

      Champions League money, especially when you go deep in the tournament, makey bottom line look tres jolie. However, we have to expect the club will report a fairly sizable loss in the next annual report; revenue from European competition will have gone down while the wage bill, at best, remains flat. It certainly underscores the importance of getting back on the CL gravy train as soon as possible.

      Most interesting news to me was the proposed de-listing of Spurs as a PLC. That could be a precursor to any number of moves including ENIC putting the club up for sale, Uncle Joe saying “fuck it” and sending a few dump trucks full of cash to WHL, anything…

  9. avatar KayBee says:

    I just got a Jevohahs Witness advent calendar.

    Every time you open a door, someone tells you to f*** off.

  10. avatar cc says:

    I am thinking we dodged a bullet by not signing Suarez. Good footballer but…

    Sometimes our players are a bit too ‘nice’. But there are worse things than being nice.

  11. avatar cc says:

    Walker Kaboul King Benoit
    Lennon Parker Modric Bale
    Defoe Adebayor

    5-0 to Spurs – Defoe 3, Ade 2

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