How Does Andre Put City on Lockdown?

Man City away. This fixture last season will be remembered fondly as the game in which Mario Balotelli tried to pierce Scott Parker’s ears with a football boot. Of all things. Instead of being shown a red card, though, as most agreed would’ve been fair in light of such a dastardly act, he stayed on and scored the winner. It was a great day!


*deep breath*

In a season reliant on the swing of minuscule events, this one was particularly agonizing. At the other end, it was dear Jermain Dizzly being a proton’s width from making it an altogether different game, as he nearly got his own studs to Bale’s low cross, which would’ve put us three-two to the good. Tiny, teeny margins.

That being then and this very much being now, Spurs head to the Eitihad this lunchtime in curious if not trailblazing form. Injury-riddled and still finding our feet, we never seem too far from the ridiculous scenario when booing a performance out of the players is some folk’s idea of a plan. The midweek besting of NK Maribor would’ve helped lift troops’ morale. Casually dusting over the fact that the opposition looked like they’d sniffed glue shortly before kick-off- really, quite terrible- you can’t underestimate the value of a good win. After the Wigan, ahem, incident it was just what the butcher ordered.


The question now, after his goal-getting joy against the Slovenians, will Villas Boas feel obliged to plonk Defoe straight in the team at the expense of the excellent, if less goal-y Emmanuel Adebayor. My instinct is that he’ll stick fast with JD but I’d be none too surprised if he started them both in an attempt to bring the game to Mancini’s often defensively suspect lot. Dempsey, you’d guess, would make way.

Midfield Jelly

It’s in central midfield where things look particularly delicate. Sandro’s being the most recent case of bad stuff happening to good people. He kindly Tweeted that he was having intense treatment on his calf this week, in a bid to get himself in showroom condition. Tom Carroll’s marvellous showing couldn’t have come at a better time but even his most devoted enthusiasts wouldn’t wish Yaya Toure on the poor lad without some Sandro-shaped beef along side him. He might never recover.

Brad or Hugo

This is still a Big Issue, obviously. So, I don’t know, maybe wrestle for it?

Huge game, huge performance needed.



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11 Responses to How Does Andre Put City on Lockdown?

  1. avatar powergem says:

    Well the Sly one Foxy Wigan PIie eaters have come and gone stole the points then got beat by the same tempo that beat us. I warned you if AVB played a lone striker we would get beat and i also named the score on my twitter and even the half time 0-0 . So today we need three things Lloris Dawson Ady to all come in to the team score the goals mostly in the second half and near the end like one second to go if we can. There is three teams at the moment who are flying with energized performances . We have to match City’s work rate because i no when Lennon and Bale arrived the work rate goes up a notch and if the team is a lot weaker then the killer pace comes out. This is the hidden scandal football has failed to stop Ephedrine caffeine and Aspirin and this is the killer tempo all three mixed there are others five South African Rugby players and a few footballers have failed tests for but there is no doubt in my mind this drugs are behind manick work rate and shock results it easy to spot when the ball gets passed players chase it right across the pitch till they cause a team to give the ball away or take it of them and its constant pressure and wave off attacks with all eleven full up with extra energy. This is why its so hard to look at teams on paper and it dont matter what system you playl it all depends on how much of a gamble other teams will take by getting caught or dying with exaustion buy using this dangerous way of playing. When Kolo failed a drug test i all ready knew what was going on and you Foxy will no i blog on your site the problem is this i love football and Spurs if my team was playing like this i would not be happy but i would understand if others are getting away with it then it will end up like athletics every one takes them. I don’t. want a i witch hunt but the FA to stamp down hard on this shocking hidden scandal and ban players for 2 years . I believe all the bad behavior is down to players being full of this extra energy whether its Caffeine England’s tipple or a mixture i mentioned of the above. So Foxy i ask you to keep an eye open for these drugs and look for red overheated faces right down to the tip of the neck line thin gaunt looking players and late late goals and attacking and defending in a wave of energy and work rate not possible in 14 players . Celtic proved with the states you can beat better teams if you don’t have tired legs in the last ten mins something a better team would eventually score in . This is is just a thought of mine and in doing this blog no one was hurt or points lost just another load of words by a Spurs supporter whose team suffered another shock result AGAINST A TEAM WHO WORKED HARDER THAN WE DID ?Coys beat the energy

  2. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    It’s concerning that the defensive sub promptly leads to conceding a goal.

    • avatar Longwell says:

      Inability to take care of the ball in midfield is the main problem right now. Nobody in the middle of the park will take a man on and try to dribble through, not Thud, not Sandro, not Dempsey. Desperately missing a fit Dembele at the moment. Until he’s ready, I would play Carroll who at least puts himself about and finds space. Dempsey worked reasonably hard today, but just doesn’t have it together and has been a passenger in every game he’s played.

      Caulker at fault for both goals, I have to say. Rather uneven game from him, as he defended well in patches but was caught napping off a throw-in for City’s first and then didn’t stick with Dzeko’s run for the second. Simple run and scooped ball over the top allows City to score the winner with 2v5 in that area. Scandalous.

      Brilliant shift from Adebayor. Hands down MOTM from Tottenham’s point of view. More please.

      • avatar seattlespursguy says:

        I agree Dempsey has been very diappointing but he is also being asked to do very different things at Spurs. At Fulham he had a VDV style free role and now the boss is asking him to be a disciplined supporting player. It doesn’t seem to suit him. It doesn’t help that Defoe has been his foil for most of the games either. Add in our lack of anything resembling creativity in the midfield and I get why Deuce has not been so good. I’m not excusing it, mind, but I get it.

  3. avatar houstonwegotaproblem says:

    He got tactics!

    Mancini I mean, and Martinez, and Chris Hughton too.

    but wasn’t that what all you guys told us was AVBs numero uno strength?

    here is an article from the BBC called “Talking Tactics: How Mancini made changes to sink Spurs” where the argument is put that Mancini made a tactical switch to turn the game that AVB did not respond to.

    For those of you who prize AVB and tactics above all else is it even a little bit embarrasing now to look back at what you argued to change managers?

    • avatar Longwell says:

      I think Villas-Boas was maybe a little reluctant to make defensive subs (Livermore for Dempsey, say) at 1-0 up since that seems to have been a recipe for conceding instantly so far this season. He’s also working with a short bench at the moment. And again, given that both goals were largely down to individual errors by Caulker, I have a hard time lumbering the manager with too much of the blame.

      This is easy to say in retrospect, but I think I would have subbed Naughton for Vertonghen shortly after Maicon’s introduction. Vertonghen was gassed and just couldn’t keep up. Naughton’s pace should have allowed him to get tighter to Maicon and shut down that outlet ball for City. I would also like to have seen Carroll come on around the hour mark for either Thud or Dempsey. Both those guys were tiring, and Carroll’s more mobile. He should have been sat on Silva. Livermore for Dempsey as the final change to shut up shop (and then wait to concede!).

  4. avatar houstonwegotaproblem says:

    Shut up shop is a dinosaur approach to adopt for every end game.

    But AVB defaults to defensive and cautious. Seen nothing of the modern tactical genius that was promised by so many clamouring for change in the summer. Where are they now?

    Where have all the vampires gone ready to savage the manager for every tiny slip?

    They seem to have been replaced by vicars saying “its complicated” 🙂

    • avatar Longwell says:

      You say that as though it’s a bad thing…

      • avatar seattlespursguy says:

        There is a lot that goes into tactics, so, yes, it’s complicated. AVB has made things more disciplined out there and it will take time to get things ticking over. There will be growing pains this season along with that, I fear.

        Also, hand in hand with tactics is having the players to execute them. Does it seem like AVB has the players he wants yet?

        • avatar houstonwegotaproblem says:

          Look he had been unlucky with injuries and the season is only 11 games old and I expect we will improve and Spurs will finish top 6 even if we have a bad season and likely finish above the emirates team without RVP and we maybe even win the Europa too. So I am not putting the boot in or anything.

          But taking everything into account so far tactics have not looked his strong point which is the opposite of what many told us.

          To answer your question – changing players requires lots of things including transfer windows. Changing tactics requires some flexibility. One is be a lot simpler to do than the other.

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