Delia’s Christmas Recipe to Fry a Canary

Merry tidings and whatnot. I trust you’re all in good spirits? If not then I suggest you vamoose down to your local retailer and get your hands on some as quickly as is humanly possible. If anything it’ll make reading this hogwash a darn sight easier.

To Carrow Road we head, then. A late evening kick-off with Norwich and the cold turkey leftovers of a hectic Christmas schedule in the old Premier League. Boxing Day has already thrown up one or two surprises (and I’m not talking about the contents of the punch bowl). Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City all fluffed their lines in unlikely company yesterday; each drawing against teams in the bottom half of la table. So apart from the rampant United there’s not much change in the points column of those around us. Spurs remain third with two games in hand.

So far, so good.

No side can be brilliant at everything, of course, and in this vein I would suggest we’ve looked a bit unsteady against aerially proficient teams this season. The first half of the Stoke game was ultimately a disaster, and, far from being a rugby union side, the Canaries have similar airborne potencies in their make-up. Not least of all because of the quality of their delivering midfielders (Patches O’ Hoolahan et al) and the effectiveness of Grant Holt’s forehead. A man who carried my fantasy football side this month when Sergio Aguero went off the boil.

I’m no tactics guru but a Kaboul start might not be a bad little idea if he’s fit and willing. 1-2 Spurs, says I.

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