Deep Fry Signs But Who’s Next?

We’re having a few technical issues in the WFRF bunker at the moment and it appears to be a little more complicated than the usual someone’s-spilled-Merlot-on-the-router type scenario that your average work-a-day blogger is confronted with from time to time. Terms such as severely compromised and no, seriously you’ve broken it keep appearing with rather more regularity than I’d hope for.

Still, enough about my problems- we’ll muddle through.

Tottenham Hotspur, now there’s the horse to back. A festive period of immense dimensions. And points, too. Ten of them from twelve, if you want details. Seven wins from the last nine and third spot preserved until at least after the F.A Cup weekend following Harry Redknapp’s improbable triumph over Chelsea at The Bridge on Wednesday. It’s nice to know he still cares, eh? Add to that the return of Scott Parker- with his reliable haircut and unusually exotic red footwear- and we start the year in none too bad a shape. Andre Villas-Bonus.

As the year gets into full swing, then, so does our old demented friend, The January Transfer Window. With only a month to saturate the airwaves with as much gossip, rumour and downright non-truths as possible, the going can often get weird in the condensed Winter market. The hokum comes thick and fast. Sneijder, Villa and Ken Barlow have already been linked with Spurs, all with their own challenges. Wages, age, not being a real person etc..

We have seen some furtive movement in the waters, of course. Zeki Fryers was announced as very much on-board yesterday afternoon. You’d be pardoned for encountering a boding sense of déjà-vu about this one but I can assure you he isn’t Frazier Campbell. Despite the United connections and dubious ‘Z’ in his handle. He can play at left-back and centre-back it says here. Also his full name is an anagram of Refreeze Silky and you can’t say fairer than that.


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21 Responses to Deep Fry Signs But Who’s Next?

  1. avatar jackthelad says:

    ‘period of immense dimensions’ – LOL!!!
    We have been so desperate for a forward for years now – but i suspect we will muddle through without a new one – Llorente on a free you’d think would be perfect.

  2. avatar tryme says:

    llorente i cant see happening.
    moutinho looks like the one that got away too

    i rekon holtby (on a pre) and possibly one other for now to tide us over.


    • avatar Drew says:

      Holtby possibly coming over in the summer is great but it would be nice to get a striker and an attacking midfielder during this January window. Hutelaar is available, so is Negredo and Llorente. there are also plenty of young hot-shot Brazilian, Spanish and Argentinian strikers we can choose from to bring over so they can make a name for themselves in the Prem. Ganzo or Ever Banega are young attacking midfielders we could take a look at that won’t cost us Moutinho or Sneijder money. these are just suggestions, but I don’t believe Llorente will be coming, but we may have a shot a teh man of Klass.

  3. avatar Borris says:

    Gotta say,. I am well happy with Fryers coming in! – Now we can have Naughton rotate play on his favoured right side. You would think he will get a few starts and give Walker a break and a chance to rest and come back in-form.

    My only concernis an article I saw yesterday saying that Benny wants to leave?! – Maybe he does want a last big pay day somewhere, but it would be a massive shame if he left cos hes such an absolute boy – You can tell hes a nutter by the way he plays,. Turning midfielders inside-out from left back! LOL!

  4. avatar Drew says:

    Originally Posted By- DrewHoltby possibly coming over in the summer is great but it would be nice to get a striker and an attacking midfielder during this January window. Hutelaar is available, so is Negredo and Llorente. there are also plenty of young hot-shot Brazilian, Spanish and Argentinian strikers we can choose from to bring over so they can make a name for themselves in the Prem. Ganzo or Ever Banega are young attacking midfielders we could take a look at that won’t cost us Moutinho or Sneijder money. these are just suggestions, but I don’t believe Llorente will be coming, but we may have a shot a the man of Klaas.

    • avatar seattlespursguy says:

      Llorente is in deep talks with Juve and Huntelaar extended his contract with Schalke over Christmas, so I can’t see either of them coming this month. Jose Maria del Nido (Sevilla president) just today claimed he turned down 16m for Negredo and has no plans to sell. Which certainly doesn’t mean he won’t be sold; just for more than Levy is likely to part with.

      I don’t mean to piss on your cornflakes, Drew, and I would mind another striker, but it is likely to be someone lesser known, if it happens at all

  5. avatar Aran says:

    Holty has signed! Looking good. Two young talents now. Building for the future.

  6. avatar Aran says:

    Fergie’s spitting feathers about Fryers too. This is a good day.

  7. avatar Aran says:

    So, when AVB came in to Spurs we heard a lot about his “three year plan”. Supposedly this 3YP was what convinced Levy to give him a go. Now we hear that Holtby chose Spurs, in no small part, because he too is convinced by AVBs “plans”. Are we starting to see Phase 2 falling into place?

    We know that AVB likes a young squad of versatile players with lots of energy, able to play a high line, dominate possession and move like a greased pig when on the break. Holtby and Fryers seem to fit this blueprint. We’ve seen Lennon coming on in leaps and bounds and Bale is scoring for fun. Dembele and Sandro are a dominant midfield pairing and they both bring dynamism and energy to the side. Vertonghen has settled in with such consummate ease that his becoming one of the best defenders in the league has gone without much comment. Lloris is now firmly in place as our numero-uno and, as players return from injury, the defence is becoming meaner every day. The team is already younger and more speedy than ever and we’re seeing early moves for young players who will complete the set up next season.

    Clearly a top-four finish is what we want this year. AVB knows that is his job and, with Chelsea a mess and Arsenal faltering, Liverpool way off the pace and last year’s surprise package, Newcastle, looking more likely to be fighting off relegation than fighting for the CL qualification spots, it seems more than likely we’ve the squad to do it.

    So, what if we fast forward to August. Let’s assume we’ve qualified for the CL and Bale, Lennon and all our other stars are staying put (not an outrageous assumption). Holtby’s joined, Fryers is now fully settled in. Kaboul and Vertonghen are our centre back pairing of choice. What has to happen now to make us able to push for a title challenge?

    I’m assuming we need a new striker – someone really world class would be nice – to go alongside Ade and Defoe. Holtby is too young to be our first choice, every week, as a creative mid and I’m thinking, by this point, AVB will want to be playing his preferred 4-3-3 formation, so a creative midfielder to complete the middle three with Dembele and Sandro is needed – Parker remains as back-up, alongside Holtby and a couple of youth players. Caulker and Dawson remain as strong back up in central defence, Gallas is now perhaps a player/coach? Bale and Lennon are now wide forwards with Dempsey and Sig as back-up. So, just a creative mid and a striker? Would that be the complete squad?

    • avatar Longwell says:

      This is a great question, and phrased in such detail that it feels more like an answer. I really don’t know, because it’s difficult to work out exactly what style AVB wants to play and therefore what he’s looking for in a player besides the basics.

      It seems like the game is slowly moving away from the traditional striker and towards the more loosely-defined “forward” as the focus of attacking play. Thinking of players like Willian here, rather than Damiao. But AVB has expressed admiration for both. He’s trusted Defoe to play on his own up front (Falcao isn’t a big guy, either), and he’s also seen the value in skillful target men like Adebayor and Drogba. I have a hard time guessing at what AVB thinks is the best combination; maybe he’s just looking for variability instead of a single best. With the price of the handful of truly elite forwards in the world so high, that might be the way to go. I would like to see us add a true wide forward like Zaha if it can be done.

      In midfield, it’s a lot easier to see what AVB wants. He wants everything. Passing, power, stamina, ball-winning, creativity. And as many of those things in each player as possible. The midfield is the key to everything he wants to do because those guys have to lead the way when it comes to working their asses off to win the ball back in dangerous positions and then immediately pick the incisive pass to slice open the defense before they have a chance to react to the loss of possession. Holtby’s a good pickup. Moutinho is the prize target, and Sissoko would fit in superbly. With Sandro, Dembele, Parker, Sigurdsson, and Carroll, that would give us the deepest and best midfield in the league.

      The back line is in decent shape, but I’d like to see another CB brought in during the summer. Gallas is winding his career down. Dawson may move on soon. Kaboul’s knee is a major concern. That leaves us pretty thin after Vertonghen and Caulker.

      Goalkeeper is obviously sorted and then some as long as Lloris as healthy. Fingers crossed he stays that way, because he’s been brilliant. I worry that his aggressive style could get him hurt at some point, though. Squeezing one more year out of Friedel as the backup is fine, but we should be looking for a new second-stringer who’s younger and better fits the sweeper keeper profile.

      • avatar ruetheday says:

        Agreed, it’s very difficult to second guess AVB’s long term plan. I’m not convinced he’s as much of a fundamentalist/purist as the media may have led us to believe during his time at Chelsea. I’m not at all sure a 433 is all that different from a 4231 in his eyes, and his dalliance with 442 (with a lot of fluidity, and one striker essentially dropping back into the middle of the 4231’s 3 half the time anyway) suggests he’s far more interested in players fulfilling roles than fitting positions.

        So yes – cover at CB and GK, a striker who hits the target seven times out of ten (I’m thinking a poacher with bags of skill, really: a Van Nistlerooy or a Berbatov) and a central midfielder with the vision and creativity to split defences, but the sense to know when to play it safe (a young Carrick, perhaps). And maybe a pacey and combative wide midfielder – unless Townsend and Rose can blossom into that role.

        When we’ve done unearthing those gems I dare say the league will be a walk in the park. I’d really actually like to see AVB go a bit continental and start using wingbacks in the future (Walker and… Rose? With Vert, Daws and Kaboul), but as yet I haven’t worked out quite how that will work with the strength we have attacking from wide – 343/3421?

        Just a by-the-by, I’ve been tormenting myself with FM13 – somehow persuaded Levy to part with £80m (in instalments) to sign Neymar, and another £45m for Falcao, after selling half the bit-part squad men in our ranks. Rampant European domination has ensued. Word to the wise – sign em up 😉

        • avatar Longwell says:



          • avatar Anonymous says:

            It’s true that there’s been more flexibility than we were lead to expect. The 4-4-1-1 or 4-2-3-1 being deployed a few times. If we did manage to pick up both Zaha and Damiao alongside Holtby… well, things would start to look a little bit awesome.

            Imagine this:

            Walker – Kaboul – Vertonghen – BAE
            Sandro – Holtby – Dembele
            Zaha – Damiao – Bale

            The really scary part is that, in that team, BAE is the oldest player. The average age of that side would be… what, 25? You’d be looking at the core of a team that could stay largely in once piece for half a decade! Replace BAE with Fryers and there wouldn’t be a player over 27. At least five of that team is 23 or under!

            It’s also worth thinking about the number of strong leaders in the side. Holtby was the German under 21 captain. Lloris captains France and Vertonghen Captained Ajax. That’s a lot of leadership in such a young side.

          • avatar Aran says:

            That anonymous was me.

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