Chalkboard for Tromsø

ThorstvedtAfternoon, girls and boys. A full Technicolor Europa ding-dong in the offing later tonight, against Tromsø of Norway.

Our Scandinavian brothers aren’t strangers to the virtues of foggy London Town. Back in November 1997 they visited Stamford Bridge and got themselves done-busted by Ruud Gullit’s Chelsea at a rate of 7 (seven) goals to 1. Gianluca Vialli scored a hat-trick that evening and the pre-Russian Blues went on to win the Cup Winners’ Cup.

Meanwhile Spurs were employing Christian Gross and flirting with the idea of getting relegated.

Ah, memories.

Back here on earth and Andre Villas-Boas has been talking to the press this week about our upcoming schedule. Which, you could say, is a touch busy:

“After this game (against Tromso) we have not only the Sunday game but the Tuesday game, which I found as an incredible surprise,” he said.

“How can the game be scheduled after two days? This is putting the players’ career at risk and the risk of injuries.

“I can understand the reasons why our game against Aston Villa for the Capital One Cup was chosen to be on Tuesday, bearing in mind the other fixtures, but I find it absolutely incredible that we have to risk injuries to our players in a game we play on that Tuesday.”

While it does represent some serious fixture congestion, it sounds like the Big Football Computer has its cold, inanimate hands tied on this one, with Swansea and Arsenal in COC action on the Wednesday. What’s more, unless I’m mistaken, Spurs have themselves a bit of a squad these days. So I’m sure we’ll cope.

Expect plenty of changes tonight:



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13 Responses to Chalkboard for Tromsø

  1. avatar Aran says:

    Eriksen… he’s… just… wow. I get the feeling he could be our new Modric, but with more goals!

    Lamela showed some moments of class but clearly isn’t yet bedded in. We’ll see more from him. He works hard for the team too; made a couple of good defensive interventions.

    Just a shame about the injuries.

  2. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Younes and Danny getting done over isn’t ideal. We may have to throw Vlad into the deep end and put Jan at LB

    • avatar seattlespursguy says:

      The Boss thinks it isn’t too bad.

      “Dembele should be okay,” Villas-Boas said. “He felt a lot of pain when he was brought down, but now he’s steady.

      “Younes felt muscle tightness in his adductor and we decided to take him off. He was struggling but he didn’t rupture anything.

      “We have to be a little bit more careful with Danny Rose. We hope it’s not serious.

      “We have to give him one night to see the reaction of his ankle. He is in doubt for Sunday but he should be okay.”

  3. avatar wilson says:

    Abductor isn’t that the person who used to collect the fares on the buses?

  4. avatar Longwell says:

    Paulinho bales out Spurs in AVB Time!

    Starting to wonder when Holtby and/or Lamela will start to get more of a run in league games. Lamela’s movement and Holtby’s determination to find a through ball, any through ball, whatever the cost made the difference yesterday.

    I think this team might be pretty good this year. Chelsea is going to be a big test.

  5. avatar Aran says:

    So, aside from Vlad, we’ve now had a chance to look at pretty much all of our top players this season. So, I wonder, have we started to form an opinion or two on what our best 11 is?

    Imagine it’s the cup final and we’re up against one of the big boys. Everyone’s fit and everyone’s on form, who do you put out?

    Goalie is easy: has to be Lloris
    Fullback – another easy one I suppose since we have so few options here: Rose and Walker.
    Centre back – now it gets a little trickier. I can’t leave Vertonghen out so the final spot has to be between Kaboul and Dawson. I don’t know that I can easily choose. My heart says Daws because he’s the old guard but Kaboul is faster which is important.
    Midfield three – Paulinho is the first name on my team sheet. He does everything we need. He tackles, he runs, he links up and he scores. Then it’s the Great Dane! Eriksen is already a first team lock for me. Too talented to leave out. He’s the number 10. So then it’s a question of either using a defensive holding mid (Sandro or Capoue) or another runner in Dembele. Again, I struggle to choose. Against a really strong side I’d probably plump for Sandro.
    Attacking three: Soldado gets the nod from me ahead of Defoe. But then? Lennon and Townsend give us more natural width but then there’s no space fro Sigg, Lamela and Holtby. I’d be tempted to go with Lamela on the right and then it’s really a toss-up between Holtby and Sigg. Sigg will score more but Holtby will create more.

    It’s in that attacking third that we have some wonderful problems. We have two or three players who can contest the number 10 position and four who we could play as wide attackers.

  6. avatar tony says:

    Performance still looks bitty – good individuals but no overriding pattern of play yet.
    To make it £100m well spent it will need some big improvements and silverware or top4.
    But when you are top of the table who cares about all that 🙂

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