Black Cats Dispatched

Spurs done a win; the other team didnae. That would by my conclusion of Sunday’s meeting with the floundering Wearsiders. And if that’s not enough woodbine for your mind-pipe then I don’t know if we can go on meeting like this.

But, it’s the festive season, I suppose, and I’m a generous sort. Here’re some more expert opinions. You heard. Expert. Do bear in mind, though, that I left my good glasses in the car, so plenty of what I tell you might not have happened exactly as I describe. And, in some cases, replace ‘exactly’ with ‘at all’.

Brad Friedel didn’t put a foot wrong. Or a hand, more importantly. Every ball that came in range of his massive paws- be it a cross, shot or hopeful hoof into the heavens- was either caught flawlessly or swatted away as comfortably as someone might brush off a cobweb. USA! USA! USA!

In the absence of Lennon and Bale, Kyle Walker was perhaps our most effective outlet on the break. Without the other two speedsters- and in a team which relies much on the blistering pace of its wingers- the England full-back’s attacking duties were effectively doubled. Or, at least, his responsibly to get forward was increased. Barring the odd wayward final ball, I thought he adjusted to the task well. Which is, you know, nice.

Sandro, after a somewhat unsteady opening forty-five, was colossal. Someone after the game commented that he began to feel sorry for one or two of the Sunderland chaps as he just wouldn’t leave them alone. In any other walk of life, this would be considered a problem. Arguably one that the courts might need to step in on. Talking of which…

The away fan’s brought the funny with their rendition of stand up if you pay your tax. Jail being all hilarious and all. The Bob Marley reworking was pretty good, too.

Pavlyuchenko stank the place up for a sizeable portion of his allotted time, then scored the winner. That’s so him, isn’t it? Isn’t that just so him? I mean, it’s really him all over. Expect him gone in January.

Nicklas Bendtner was awful.

We’re into third.

The world keeps on turning.




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