‘Best in The League By A Mile’

corr“What a footballer Luka Modric is, hats off. Best in the league by a mile.”

Oh well how nice. The 140 or less characters tapped into social networking guru Joey Barton’s keyboard on Sunday. You might have a point there, Joseph. Not too sure about his earlier efforts regarding Simon Cowell and the desire to see him swing outside parliament for giving  jumped-up little  indie twonks permission to defecate over The Clash back catalouge- probably a tad extreme- but he at least appears to have a good eye for footballing talent. Just to confirm- by ‘swing’ he means hang.

“I found myself clapping when the third goal went in it was such a fantastic goal by Bale. It’s a pity he’s not English.”

Alright, Warnock, that’s enough. People will start to talk.

Cook a cat! Tottenham weren’t half a bit bloody gorgeous this weekend, no? Woo- and if you’ll indulge me further- hoo! Sure enough we’ll face more resilient opponents over the season’s long and treacherous course, than that of West London’s third finest export, but some of the football in the opening forty-five minutes was distressingly good. A quintet of Modric, Bale, Van der Vaart, Lennon and Adebayor- in some cases, at the height of their super powers- carved the QPR backline up like julienned carrots. Warnock’s men looked genuinely alarmed.

Twas Scotty Parker who stole the show, though, with a barnstorming afternoon’s work. Experts would call that a complete performance; one which even provoked our ‘Arry to mention him in the same breath as former Tottenham marvel, Dave Mackay. Not a comparison, I imagine, that’s made lightly around these parts, or, indeed, too often.  And if the man’s not careful, he might well become my new favourite player. Which, you know, is a pretty big deal, too.

Spurs go marching on.

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24 Responses to ‘Best in The League By A Mile’

  1. avatar anurag says:

    Damn that third goal was really something wasnt it??Would really love a GIF of that.
    As always,great write-up Foxy


  2. avatar DAVSPURS says:

    While there was no doubting our class there are a few bad marks that need addressing. Firstly Ady is playing with rather than connecting with Vaan and his assured shooting and his whole game is suffering what we are gaining on the straight we are losing on the corners. The good thing is Walker and now Bale have rescued all the points what makes me worried is we are not playing for 90 mins and conceding every game. Q.P.R had not scored from a header till we gifted them a soft headed goal. So these are my concerns Defoe has trained hard and looked very sharp Harry has given him five o so mins and now none in the last two game his face told the story alongside Pavlyuchenko on the bench verdict sharpness dulled and his head wrecked. Friedel worry s me because he cant keep a clean sheet and his defending at corners and free kicks is shocking and Cudicini who is younger is just has good because he concedes one goal a game Verdict he will be targeted in this area and. could cost us points and bitten finger nails. Lastly Harry using one sub when we was three one up baffled and maddened me because Defoe Livermore Bassong could have kept sharp and eased our defence .But my biggest worry is QPR and others have exposed our fitness levels and we are failing to kill teams off in the last 45 mins the most important part of Football and the last games since the Liverpool nine men have all bean about second half revival for opposing teams who go down the tunnel beat and come out full of running Newcastle’s Work rate even without Tiote was staggering and there defence and wingers Guteress and Oberton Demba Ba CollocinniTaylor showed with there skinny faces and frames if you work hard you don’t need your wife’s slimming tablets to lose weight and win ( ???? Toure)

  3. avatar drwinston001 says:

    I love Davspurs

  4. avatar KayBee says:

    I see Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has described Utd’s masters, the Glazer family, as “ideal owners” and said that they have every right to milk… *ahem* …I mean take money out of Manchester United.

    If that was Joe Lewis saying that I’d be scared witless!.

    • avatar SeattleSpursGuy says:

      So, ManU: Asset strippers who have hung huge debts on the club.

      Chavs & Shitty: Sugar Daddy success buyers, but how long will it last?

      Scousers: Huge injection of money, but where is the money coming from?

      Arse: Stan would like to asset strip.

      Spurs: Benign neglect from Joe and living within our means.

      No perfect system it seems.

  5. avatar SeattleSpursGuy says:

    Davspurs, with all due respect to your feelings on Harry not getting Defoe in, keep in mind: 1) VDV and Ade both looked like scoring more; fine saves and Ade being slightly off prevented a higher tally, but it’s hindsight to say either should have come off to give JD some time. 2) Connected to point 1, it wasn’t until we were into the 70s we restored a two goal lead, so there was less time available and less need at that point to put in an impact sub. 3) VDV’s fitness level has been questioned, but it won’t improve unless he goes 90 minutes. 4) Defoe will likely get a game in Russia. Harry talked up the kids, but I bet JD, Pav, Peanut, Gallas and the like will be involved.

  6. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    I used to watch Dave Mackay.
    Dave Mackay could have been my friend(if he’d played his cards right)
    Scott Parker is no Dave Mackay.

    He’s doing a good job though but he’s only played 7 games.
    Get back to me when he’s played 318 or when he retires
    whichever is the sooner.

  7. avatar Fnarf says:

    Originally Posted By- SeattleSpursGuy
    Scousers: Huge injection of money, but where is the money coming from?

    Mostly coming from the sale of Torres, yeah?

    (I’m also a Seattle Spurs guy BTW)

  8. avatar Aran says:

    Whispers are being whispered that the mighty Spurs may be looking to purchase our towering African hitman come the muddy dawn of the January transfer window. Presumably some sort of solution has been found to the wages problem.

    I expect Pav might get the old heave-ho to help fund the purchase which a very talkative birdie has pegged at ten million GBP.

    Now I don’t hold with broad, sweeping assumptions but I know that everyone who supports Spurs wants this to happen and will be pleased with this news. And salt and vinegar crisps are the best flavour.

  9. avatar cc says:

    “What a footballer Luka Modric is, hats off. Best in the league by a mile.”

    Barton is right.Modric has grown into an incredible EPL player.
    He was always good but acclimatising to the English game is very difficult. Now he looks like he has always been here.
    With Parker doing everything to free him too we have what some are calling the best CM pair in the EPL.
    Injuries permitting I think they can maintain it because although Parker is more DM and Luka more AM they are all rounders enough to adapt to different situations
    Some were calling Modric ratboy and scum in the summer and suggesting we kick him out. But keeping him and keeping him happy too was and is righlty a big priority.
    Imagine if he scores the goal that takes us above Chelsea in the table 🙂

    BTW good luck to Harry for the procedure this week. If its a minor blockage in one of his arteries as the BBC say those sort of things are routine now with just a pain killer and the scar is the same as an needle injection so if it goes to plan he can be back for the Fulham game no problem.

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