‘Best in The League By A Mile’

corr“What a footballer Luka Modric is, hats off. Best in the league by a mile.”

Oh well how nice. The 140 or less characters tapped into social networking guru Joey Barton’s keyboard on Sunday. You might have a point there, Joseph. Not too sure about his earlier efforts regarding Simon Cowell and the desire to see him swing outside parliament for giving  jumped-up little  indie twonks permission to defecate over The Clash back catalouge- probably a tad extreme- but he at least appears to have a good eye for footballing talent. Just to confirm- by ‘swing’ he means hang.

“I found myself clapping when the third goal went in it was such a fantastic goal by Bale. It’s a pity he’s not English.”

Alright, Warnock, that’s enough. People will start to talk.

Cook a cat! Tottenham weren’t half a bit bloody gorgeous this weekend, no? Woo- and if you’ll indulge me further- hoo! Sure enough we’ll face more resilient opponents over the season’s long and treacherous course, than that of West London’s third finest export, but some of the football in the opening forty-five minutes was distressingly good. A quintet of Modric, Bale, Van der Vaart, Lennon and Adebayor- in some cases, at the height of their super powers- carved the QPR backline up like julienned carrots. Warnock’s men looked genuinely alarmed.

Twas Scotty Parker who stole the show, though, with a barnstorming afternoon’s work. Experts would call that a complete performance; one which even provoked our ‘Arry to mention him in the same breath as former Tottenham marvel, Dave Mackay. Not a comparison, I imagine, that’s made lightly around these parts, or, indeed, too often.  And if the man’s not careful, he might well become my new favourite player. Which, you know, is a pretty big deal, too.

Spurs go marching on.

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