Belgian Waffle | Jan Says ‘Nothing is Confirmed’

Don’t believe everything the press writes. Nothing is confirmed. Still player of #Ajax

Crikey. These young Belgian chaps do like to keep us guessing don’t they? Not that I’d wish to level the same accusations at an entire nation, you understand. Is calling a whole country ‘indecisive’ racist? Oh well, probably too late.

You’ve got to admire the sense of drama, I suppose. Eden Hazard certainly had a penchant for theatrics. The riddles, the eye-lash fluttering, the intrigue. It was only in the last hurrah that his performance rather let him down. Saha didn’t help with his pre-emptive big reveal, of course, but the real problem was the decision to sign for a team full of complete gwobs. Alas, he is still young.

Jan Vertonghen’s latest insight, suggesting we don’t believe everything that’s written in the tabloids (but I want to!) is a reasonable enough comment. Hopefully it’s just a way of staying onside with the fans of his current employers, Ajax, the club who’ve nurtured him through his formative years, before doing the right thing and signing with us cool cats:

I probably know which team I will be going to, yes. I know where I want to go and I think it is clear to everybody.”

Oh, Jan, you big flirt. We like you, too. Yes, ‘like you’ like you.

The saga continues…


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17 Responses to Belgian Waffle | Jan Says ‘Nothing is Confirmed’

  1. I’ve not written anything about Ledley in this post. I’m short on time and feel the great man deserves a little more than a ‘and finally’ bit tagged on the end.

    If he does make the decision to retire, that is. Otherwise rock on, big man.

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  3. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    The England Belgie match is coming up and this will be my 1st chance to see big Jan. Let’s hope he is worth the hype.. It would be sad if he gets beasted by Defoe!

  4. avatar Trembly says:

    Hardly breaking news, but I shared a lift with one of our old players tonight at the GH in Dubai. It’s ‘orrible to say it, but how far have we moved on since we had JO’H on the left.

    Overall CL spot capitulation aside, life is sweet- Belgian choccies. I think I saw a bit of Belgian lace on the missus. It’s a sign.

  5. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Jan’s agent is saying a deal is close and an agent would not lie, so it should be any minute now.

  6. avatar Longwell says:

    23 March 2012 – Harry Redknapp responds to suggestions that his name being touted for the England job has had an effect on results: “Absolute nonsense. That’s the biggest load of nonsense I’ve ever heard in my life. They don’t care whether I’m manager next year. They wouldn’t lose any sleep over that. Footballers play the game, they come in every day and train. Someone else walks in here tomorrow-the king is dead, long live the king. They don’t worry. They don’t think ‘Harry is going to England’ or ‘he is going to go somewhere else’.”

    5 June 2012 – Harry Redknapp responds to lack of clarity over his contract: “The simple situation is, I’ve got a year left on my contract. It’s up to Tottenham whether they want to extend that contract or not. If they don’t extend it and I go into my last year, it’s not an easy one when players know you’ve only got a year left. It’s not a case of me looking for security. What it’s about is players knowing you’ve got a year left on your contract, and knowing that it doesn’t work, basically. I think it’s a situation of ‘well he might not be here next year’.”

    Oh, Harry. Don’t ever change.

    • avatar Anonymous says:

      Surprised as I expect more from you than this tittle tattle of an argument.

      It was a unique situation he was in spring time but I don’t think just comparing quotes tells you anything at all anyway.

      You or I could dig up a quote from Levy saying Berbatov was not for sale then he sold him to United, or quotes from Modric that he wanted to play for Spurs then Chelsea then Spurs then not sure, or quotes from Robbie Keane explaining his boyhood club was whoever he was signing for that season, or any player or anybody come to that the list is endless. You could do the same times a hundred every day for everyone if you wanted to.

      But does all that tell the world everything they need to know about Redknapp or Levy or Modric or Keane? Or is that just part of the football business that anyone who knows football is not surprised by.

      In the end he wants a new contract. We give it him or not. Everything else is just fluff imo.

      • avatar cc says:

        sorry that was me above, not sure what happened with the anon

      • avatar Longwell says:

        Meh. I think there’s a difference between hedging on player transfers and staking out a position vis a vis whether or not your charges give a toss if you stay or go.

        If it makes you feel any better, I think Robbie Keane is a bit of a mug and I wouldn’t want him managing Spurs either. Nor Berba and Luka, for that matter.

        I am not surprised by anything Harry says any more. Once you accept that everything he says is designed to serve whatever Harry’s short-term interests are *at that moment* then all becomes clear. It was even a little bit charming before he oversaw the collective bed-wetting that was the final third of our season. Now it’s annoying.

        If the people I manage at my job all of the sudden stopped performing well, I would probably not choose that moment in time to start bleating to my boss about my pay. I’d focus on making sure things were put right before inviting that sort of scrutiny.

        Harry is the manager of Harry Redknapp Inc. first and the manager of Tottenham Hotspur second.

    • avatar Trembly says:

      I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t prefer a bigger name Manager who’s also got that rapport with the players, Hiddink, Mourinho, Klinsman, Ancelloti.

      But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t so totally disappointed with our progression in the last 3 years. We’ve never had it so good is probably right, but then again he’s never had it so good either and I don’t think he’ll get a better gig than this.

      “Oh, Harry. Don’t ever change.” Fine – I think he’s too set in his ways. But I certainly expect Danny Levy to be succession planning. I would also take the 1 year rolling contract stance, with better terms based slightly more performance targets. Buying for the club still has to be for the club and not for the manager imho, so whilst we dilly and dally (compared with cheatski and manure) we still have to play it right. We’re not made of money, we’ve got massive spending coming soon, and we lost our chance to make more sponsorship due to lack of CL next year.

      If it’s fundamentally a money game, sorry Arry but our 2nd half dip cost us. Not only that, Krankie going for 4m? Had he had proper game time last season (cf rotation), we’d have probaly lasted the season better and were we to off him anyway, would have had at least double as income.

      Can you be grateful and ungrateful at the same time? thanks but no thanks.

  7. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    My Belgian waffle’s gone cold. How’s yours?

  8. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Hmmm. Fox, I suggest an all singing, all dancing, Harry in or out blog.

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