3 January Signings That Could Breathe New Life into Spurs


It’s been a difficult week for Mauricio Pochettino and the gang. Barely able to muster the energy to make a scene — no punches thrown or pint glasses smashed — Spurs were quietly escorted out the back door of the Champions League last Tuesday. That was followed days later by the relinquishing of the only unbeaten record in English football. Antonio Conte the architect of a narrow Chelsea victory that sent his side to the League’s summit and kept Tottenham back in 5th.

While the prognosis isn’t terminal, there’s a feeling amongst Spurs fans that January could be a welcome opportunity to huff some air into an already weary-looking squad, lest they lose momentum entirely.

In short, Tottenham could do with a player or two. And not like the ones they bought in the summer, either.

Good ones.

Here’re some options:

Daniel Sturridge

Perhaps not entirely suited to the Pochettino blueprint. Daniel has already shown that he doesn’t mix well with others when system is king rather than the individual. That’s the reason Jürgen Klopp has curtailed Sturridge’s involvement in his hyper-intensive Liverpool side to last-quarter-of-an-hour cameos. The England man feels his skillset is much more suited to having lots of shots rather than running around like a schmuck.

Having said all that, and ignoring The Dance, which, obviously, should result in an instant 10 month ban, he is a proven goal-scorer. When fit, one of the most reliable in the division. And when Spurs were experiencing something of a barren stretch earlier in the month, how heartening for Pochettino would it have been to know he had Sturridge at his disposal?

Yunus Malli

Despite rattling in the humdingiest of humdingers against Chelsea on Saturday, Christian Eriksen has looked somewhat out of sorts this season. Perhaps overburdened by his role of creator-in-chief in the Spurs side, the Dane has tended to let games drift him by. When he ought to be running them.

With Eriksen struggling, then, and Luis Suárez and Eden Hazard unlikely to be as dead keen to join as they were back in Harry Redknapp’s day, Yunus Malli might prove a more realistic target.

The Turkish midfielder has been in super form for Mainz 05 this year, who lie squarely in the middle of the Bundesliga. With six goals (only one fewer than Robert Lewandowski) and four assists, Malli is comfortably the German club’s most productive player.

Andrea Belotti

Serie A’s second top scorer isn’t going to come cheap. In fact, it’s unlikely he’ll come at all. Having already loosened up the Expensive Striker funds in the summer on Vincent Janssen, it seems doubtful that Daniel Levy will sanction another spending bender on the young Italian hitman. The smart money is on Pochettino being forced to persevere with Janssen.

If the Dutchman continues to make everyone sad over the festive period, though, and the boot appears less and less of a good fit, then Spurs might be tempted to invest in Belotti. After all, ten goals in twelve domestic fixtures are numbers to really get behind.

Tottenham would need to remortgage half the new stadium to pay for him, of course, but whose fault is that?

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