You’re Capello- Which Tottenham Players Would You Take to South Africa?

0107 - Snakes On A Plane, 2

For the World Cup, you understand- not just as means of deporting unwanted stock- before anyone throws Jenas in the hat.

My spidey sense is tingling. Just ninety-nine days until the country’s workforce start thinking seriously about the possibilty of taking a month off work, building a fort in the living room and splurging the joint account on a television big enough to block out the sun. Yes, we’re edging closer, folks. The World Cup is thundering over the horizon like a black rhino on the Serengeti.


But what of our lot? With plenty of English talent knocking about the place these days, any mere mortal would assume that little ol’ Tottenham would have much to say about Capello’s final squad of twenty-three. Crouch did his chances no harm last night with a- let’s face it- game changing shift. Before his raw-boned frame was put in the mix-up, England looked shoddy at best. Our Peter gave them some much needed focus while notching his international scoring record above and beyond the hallowed goal-every-other-game yard stick. He’s in, you would think.

Defoe and Lennon, too, you’d hope. On the back of Walcott’s befuddled offerings- injury permitting- I would suggest they’re both firmly in the Don’s plans.

But what of the rest? Dawson, Woody, King, Huddlestone…Bentley?

I’d take Dawson over Upson or Lescott any day of the week.

But what say you?

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53 Responses to You’re Capello- Which Tottenham Players Would You Take to South Africa?

  1. avatar Miek Rowe says:

    Dawson should be in the frame, he has been excellent this season and is exactly the kind of player that would fire the rest up.
    Lennon if fit has to go and Defoe has surelyalready booked a place.

    Just wish Gareth Bale was English too.

    The rest are simply not going to go as there are better players out there at the moment.

  2. avatar anon says:

    Dawson, Lennon, Defoe, Crouch (it should be those two plus Rooney and Bent imo)

  3. avatar Sambo says:

    If Lennon is fit he has to go. Crouch is nailed on as he brings something different to the table – even if it’s just distracting the opposition who stop and stare at his freakish height!
    The Don can’t fancy Dawson much as he’s done enough to get in the squad in my book.
    Thudd would be a good choice as you always get a bit more time in international football and that – as we all know – is when he really shines, probably too much competition for a berth though.

    Then there is Defoe… I think that only 4 forwards will go to Africa;
    Rooney, Heskey, (who will start) Crouch and one other, my heart says Defoe, but my head says Owen. If we’re one down with 20 mins left in the quarters, who is more likely to pouch a goal off the bench? Owen every time… Although he can’t seem to run further than 20m without something twanging these days.

  4. I think Pete and JD are nailed on now, as is Lennon if he’s fit.

    Love to see Daws there also but with only a couple more friendlies to go, he’d have to 1st get picked–which hasn’t happened lately–and then play a lot and have blinder games. It might be a bit much at this stage, and that’s a shame as I think he puts Upson/Lescott/Shawcross to shame.

    Thud has an outside chance and his ability to play CB in a pinch could help

    Woody: No shot. Too crocked and wouldn’t be match fit.

    Jenas: Is this still even a question?

    Bentley: England has too many contenders on the right for DB mk2 to get on the plane.

    King: I would LOVE this, but, God, what a gamble on a great defender who can’t train and is always a fraction away from total breakdown.

    But never mind this; worry about getting past the Yanks in the opener 🙂

  5. avatar Spiritual Advisor says:

    Has anyone read the “Perez Shilton” match report ? Priceless…..

  6. avatar Alex Meehan says:

    Dawson, Lennon, King, Defoe, Crouch.

  7. avatar Spud says:

    I wish I was Capello. I’d drop that cnut Terry out of the squad forever for being a disrespectful little toe rag. I’d also like to think I’d look father fetching in black speedo’s a la Capello.

    Lennon, Defoe and the ‘raw boned one!’ (brilliant) must be shoo-ins injuries permitting.

    I would have expected Cuddlestone would have been in the squad if he decided not to injure himself booting Heitinga. I think Capello rates him and am touting him as an outside shot.

    Unfortunately I think Awesome would have been called up for this squad if he was going to make it. Unless there is a major injury crisis (or Terry goes mysteriously AWOL…..) he hasn’t got much chance.

  8. avatar Spud says:

    Also forgot to mention that if Bentley cant get ahead of Walcott I think anyone expecting him to get in the squad might be slightly kidding themself

  9. avatar DAVSPURS says:

    SSG . You stole my thunder with the Hudds and please don’t come on and say he is to slow .Just look how Gerrard Lampard and Rooney Rocket slowed to normal last night and if the pass is right crouch can Deliver we need to count how many shots Defoe hits and fails to convert .I think Crouch should stop being a target man for lazy midfielder s and Defenders and get is long legs in the box more.I said months ago to win a world cup you need expert at every facet of a football game this would be my team. HEART OR JAMES MILNER TERRY DAWSON OR FIT FERDINAN BAINS OR FIT COLE ———- LENNON FIT OR PHILLIPS HUDDLESTONE ROONEY GERRARD CROUCH DEFOE. We would have two attacking full backs two attacking wingers two creators in the midell and scorers upfront a mary poppins team perfect in every way.

  10. avatar Spud says:

    Davspurs needs his own panorama special

    He’s a man who knows how to get things done

  11. The movie sequel could be “Snake’s on a Plane”

    You know, Plissken taking a trip.

  12. Dawson deserves to go! Impressive goals allowed record this season, which has a lot to do with him. But for sure, Lennon, Crouchie and Defoe should go as well.

  13. Not pleased. Just found out that the match is on an afternoon replay for the US market, meaning it’s dodgy internet for me. Bollix.

  14. avatar Spiritual Advisor says:
      • avatar Spiritual Advisor says:

        Was a short way of demonstrating my frustration at the result, I’ll definately take the draw and thankful for the next round being at the Lane, but I can’t help but think we should have killed off any chance of a replay, 10 games to go in the league and more replays equals greater risk of exhaustion and injury. I know Mr levy will be happy with the gate reciepts for a match that we should win at home but I’d rather have had a swifter result rather than our inabillity to find the killer insinct when it counts. Fair play to Fulham though, for my money the most improved side in the League for me this year.

  15. Before we get Fulham at the Lane, they have Juve (A), Man U (A), Juve (H), Man City (H), and 3 days after our replay they travel to Hull.

    Lots of congestion there. Plenty of opportunity for them to be stretched, tired, or fielding a weakened team. I hope our boys recognize this opportunity and grasp it.

    • avatar spud gun says:

      Also they don’t have the largest squads available to them which can only help our cause.

      Their shit away regardless!

      • avatar Sambo says:

        A replay at the Lane should be a by. I just hope that Mr Rednapp keeps the lads focused on the Fulham replay rather than looking forward to the semi-final/final.

        Big Tom may well be back for the replay and if Fulham double up on Baler again, he will have the whole of the centre of the park to show off his (fluid) passing ability!

        Is anybody else getting a little over excited yet..!?

  16. avatar Who framed ruel fox? says:

    Good evening, peeps. Sorry for the lack of posting over the last couple of days. No- I wasn’t at the oscars…bastards wouldn’t let me in. I’ll be back tomorrow for a catch up and a bit of waffle from yours truly. Until then,

  17. Wigan clearly remain our bitches 😉

  18. avatar ModricMagic says:

    Hey wfrf, haven’t been on the site since you were just starting on ole ole… like the changes, happy to see you’re doing well.

    I think dawson if he continues his form will get on the plane. lennon will start if fit. crouch and defoe both on the plane. but i suspect heskey will start with rooney. crouch and defoe will both have understudy roles.

    I had a feeling hudd would get in there but now with his injury that looks very unlikely.

    BTW.. anyone notice how as soon as Hudd gets injured Wilson starts playing like a BEAST in midfield??


    • avatar KayBee says:


      Hudd’s been getting a lot of plaudits all season, but when I watch him, I often see a lazy **** who is lucky enough to play alongside an all-action midfielder that does the majority of his leg-work for him. Wilson is often shattered 3/4 through a game.

      I’d love to see us bring in both cover and a decent defensive partner for Sarge over the summer.

  19. avatar KayBee says:

    Have I mentioned lately how much I love Wigan??!?

  20. avatar KayBee says:

    Good news, folks!

    Our fave Ref, Howard Webb, has been named for the Blackburn game on Saturday.


    Expect the worst. 😉

  21. avatar Day of the Triffics pt.2 says:

    Afternoon all, Foxy are still on winter break insert new blog here, some of us have little else to do. The benevolent, altruistic Arse

  22. avatar Day of the Triffics pt.2 says:

    Gawd .’are YOU still on winter ….’

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