You’re Capello- Which Tottenham Players Would You Take to South Africa?

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For the World Cup, you understand- not just as means of deporting unwanted stock- before anyone throws Jenas in the hat.

My spidey sense is tingling. Just ninety-nine days until the country’s workforce start thinking seriously about the possibilty of taking a month off work, building a fort in the living room and splurging the joint account on a television big enough to block out the sun. Yes, we’re edging closer, folks. The World Cup is thundering over the horizon like a black rhino on the Serengeti.


But what of our lot? With plenty of English talent knocking about the place these days, any mere mortal would assume that little ol’ Tottenham would have much to say about Capello’s final squad of twenty-three. Crouch did his chances no harm last night with a- let’s face it- game changing shift. Before his raw-boned frame was put in the mix-up, England looked shoddy at best. Our Peter gave them some much needed focus while notching his international scoring record above and beyond the hallowed goal-every-other-game yard stick. He’s in, you would think.

Defoe and Lennon, too, you’d hope. On the back of Walcott’s befuddled offerings- injury permitting- I would suggest they’re both firmly in the Don’s plans.

But what of the rest? Dawson, Woody, King, Huddlestone…Bentley?

I’d take Dawson over Upson or Lescott any day of the week.

But what say you?

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