WORLD CUP SWEEPSTAKE | Replica Shirt For the Winner!


Christ the Redeemer on a bike, Batman: it’s the Who Framed Ruel Fox World Cup 2014 Sweepstake!


Following the rampant, some might say erotic success of the competition we ran during Euro 2012, after which one winning entrant was said to have been genuinely astonished when a jiffy bag of official Polkrainian ‘atmosphere’ arrived on their doorstep, we’re wheeling out the old tombola again for another twirl.

What can I say? I’m a provider.

Just like last time, the format is wretchedly simple. The first 32 readers to Tweet #foxyworldcupsweepstake to @ruelfox will be chucked into the draw and randomly assigned a competing nation. And, if your team lifts the trophy on July 13th: fix yourself a Cachaça -based cocktail, friend, because you are one of life’s winners.

The lone victor will receive the following two prizes:

*A replica shirt of any of the competing nations

*A swanky Three Lions emblazoned hip flask courtesy of

Get moving and good luck!



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  1. avatar Who Framed Ruel Fox? says:

    The winner of the Hungryhouse caption competition was Owen with this entry:

    “Trying to steal our burritos are we Xabi? Well how do you like these buried toes”? ”

    Get in touch, Owen.

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