Wolves at the Door, Tigers Round the Corner


As you might’ve gathered from the skip parked unceremoniously in the drive way- filled with old sinks and dog ends- I’ve had the builders in. The decorators, too. You can probably still smell the remnants of the blue paint bomb that went off in here yesterday afternoon; thus giving me this sparkly new backdrop. (Ooooh.) Yes, good people, WFRF? has had a make-over. For now at least, I’d advise you to keep the clicking to a minimum for the fear of it breaking the site’s weak foundations (toothpicks and PVA, mainly). I get the impression one false move would cause the whole thing to burst into flames and limp apologetically off the screen.

And on a similar theme, let’s start with Liverpool.

Suddenly, the anger vomited at the LCC for slapping yellow tape around last weekend’s League meet, has been replaced by one of general, widespread acceptance. For reasons which have nothing whatsoever to do with the multiple, long-term injuries to messrs Gerrard, Torres and Benayoun, the date of the 20th January has been declared ‘just about right’ by all involved.

Glad we got that sorted.

Misplaced optimism aside, this is a massive chance for Tottenham. Not for the first time this season, we’ll go to Merseyside with the unenviable task of putting an injured old dog out of its misery; one missing vital limbs and full control of its bladder. We misfired against Everton- losing our nerve at the key moment- Benitez’s lot need to be dispatched like Old Yeller. Quick and painless. Gangland style.

Oh, and in other news-hardly worth mentioning really- Harry Redknapp may or may not be going to jail for tax evasion.


Some pre-Hull jabber to follow.

Your thoughts, as ever, very welcome. Encouraged, even.

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