Who Should Play As Spurs’ Number 10?

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Christian Eriksen was left behind in the boggy trenches of International Football last Friday, nursing what looks from a parishioner’s eye to be a severe case of ankle-flub. If you average out the conflicting reports blowing around the airwaves it sounds as if Tottenham will be without their miniature Dane in the region of four-and-a-bit weeks.

This, as you might well imagine, is not ideal for Spurs. With both Manchester clubs lurking in the shadows of late-November and creative inspiration already at a puzzling low, what didn’t need to happen was one of their most cunning operators to go down for a month.

So, what’s to be done? Well, there appears to be four options with which to fill the playmaker-void left by Eriksen and here, by golly, are your legitimate candidates

Moussa Dembélé

Many suspect the Belgian’s most effective position is in the wake of a main striker, as oppose to the deeper role he’s often been asked to play under AVB. Certainly any position might prove more useful than his current residence sur le banc, which was perhaps his argument when telling his Nation’s press recently, that he was ‘unsatisfied’ with how things were going at Spurs. I suppose he may have a point.

The only worry with the gifted Antwerpian, is that his decision making isn’t always so hot. Often we see him slither past opposition as if they were bollards in a Cycling Proficiency Test, only to run into a dead-end or hesitate when the time’s right to play a killer-pass. His itchy-trigger finger (foot?) is also prevalent in his shooting. Seriously, you’re allowed to score, Moussa. No-one will mind.

Lewis Holtby

What he lacks in extreme cunning he makes up for in selflessness, enthusiasm and an agreeable row of teeth. That’s not to do the young German a disservice, he’s got oodles of natural talent- and the potential is there to be a wonderful player (exhibit A: his two assists against Villa in the Cup)- Holtby is just perhaps a little too raw to be burdened with the role of Chief Creator, particularly against the League’s spicier outfits. But his time will come.

Gylfi Sigurdsson

You can’t argue with Sigurdsson’s goal return this season. Well, you could because it’s not exactly spectacular. Just in light of the fact that we’ve forgotten how to score, his reasonable haul of ‘4’ looks positively biblical. Does his relative goal-threat make him a more worthy applicant for the number 10 position? No, probably not. Does it mean he should start every game? Again, it’s hard to argue to the positive. Can we just say he’s a lovely little player and an important member of the squad? Yes. Yes we can.

Erik Lamela

Come on. What’s the worst that could happen? The fresh-faced Argentinean was plucked from the Eternal City with the charge of being au fait in a number of key attacking positions, including as a central playmaker. Perhaps the Etihad is a little too tempestuous a stage for a starting berth in that role; indeed, the decision to involve Lamela gradually since his arrival negates any chance that he’ll be thrust into the limelight for a game as high-profile as this. Which will no doubt prove a fairly astute bit of man-management in the long run. But, still, it would be nice to see the boy in action, no?


Team sheets for City on the way.

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8 Responses to Who Should Play As Spurs’ Number 10?

  1. avatar TONY says:


  2. avatar ross says:

    Lamela is born to play ten . He’s got everything to play there and imo not enough pace to play out wide. AVB is frustratingly conservative though. Expect Holtby to play there.

  3. avatar lee213 says:

    Lamela indefinitely on down note Townsend needs to do as his told and avb needs to stop this inverted winger business and get us scoring again Fk the Europa well he’s been told no cl no job I hope he turns it around because technically he is a good manager just stubborn

  4. avatar borris says:

    Morning all,.

    I have outlined below what I believe to be our players’ strongest positions in an XI:

    A few notes:

    You will notice no other alternatives at FB, because we are weak there!
    What makes this situation even worse is that it’s such a vital part of AVB’s shape! -Very frustrating after the great summer window we had.

    We are currently seeing the detrimental effect this is having to our results due to the lop-sided shapes were getting.. (Newcastle & Wet Spam)

    Unfortunately, I feel this is further massively hampered by our current 1st choice wing options, Siggy and Townsend!

    FB & Wing:
    Walker badly needs compo,.. And perhaps some clockwork orange style conditioning, watching his bad defending back on a big screen whilst receiving electric shock treatment??
    We miss Danny Rose more than any other player in our squad!! – With the exception of Contreao, clearly a key target, and f**k me would he have helped this mess.

    Townsend has had a great run in the 1st team and has learnt a lot, but I dont think there is anything wrong wih a break to de-brief and improve in the cup compos for a week or two,..
    Basically, Im f*****g sick of him cutting in, being wasteful with both the ball and our space,.. Have a seat and a cuppa son.

    Siggurdson is NOT a winger. Siggurdson is DEFINITELY NOT A BLOODY LEFT WINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! –
    Hes a No 10.

    Sooo,… Here is where I see our player best utilised:

    GK – Lloris

    LFB – Rose (We need another quality LB! )
    LCB – Vertonghen
    RCB – Kaboom/Chiriches (Both class, and both better than Sir Les Dawson)
    RFB – Walker (We need another quality RB!)

    DMF – Sandro/Capoue/Paulinhio
    CMF – Paulinhio/Holtby/Dembele
    AMF – Chadli/Dembele/Siggurdson/Eriksen/Holtby

    LWF – Holtby/Chadli/Lamela/Eriksen/Townsend
    RWF – Lamela/Eriksen/Lennon/Townsend/Siggurdson
    CF – Adebeyor/Soldado/Kane

    Meanwhile, back in reality:

    AVB has to contend with injuries, form, politics (think Adebeyor) etc, and whatever other issues he faces in reality. so, considering all these factors, he’ll probably play the below:

    GK – Lloris
    LFB – Vertonghen
    LCB – Capoue (Are both Chiriches and Kaboom injured? If theyre not, then obviously one of these)
    RCB – Dawson
    RFB – Walker
    DMF – Sandro
    CMF – Paulinhio
    AMF – Dembele
    LWF – Siggurdson
    RWF – Townsend
    CF – Soldado

    This will depress me. BUT!! – I will get behind the boys and AVB and cheer em on for a big win all the same!! – COYS!!!!

  5. avatar borris says:

    Just to clarify, Defoe has not been forgotten in error,. I woudl sell him asap. Love the bloke, but he aint good enough.

  6. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    It SHOULD be Lamela. It WILL be Holtby.

  7. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Well, Fox, all four of those fellas played–if you call what happened Sunday ‘playing.’

  8. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Dear god, people are losing their minds. I’ve heard discussion of Klinsmann, Hoddle and Ginola (Ginola!!!!!!) to take over from AVB. Getting to be Ri-goddamn-diculous.

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