One Night in Paris

Lautrec_jane_avril_at_the_jardin_de_paris_(poster)_1893Hullo. Right, enough small-talk let’s get straight to it. Reports are emerging from the underworld that Gallic nouveau riche outfit, PSG, have made contact with the ‘people’ of fellow shorthand favourite, André Villas-Boas. The thinking is that after Carlo Ancelotti is eventually called to Madrid to snuff out the public relations tyre fire left by José Mourinho, an alluring managerial position will be left in his wake- and the Parisians want it filled by AVB.

Although I think Villas-Boas would loath to walk out on Spurs after one season- he genuinely looks like a man content and is being afforded plenty of love from the greater part of Tottenham fans- it does worry me that the French club wouldn’t baulk an inch in the face of the no-doubt colossal buy-out clause Daniel Levy will have attached to AVB’s contract. If they make Levy (and Villas-Boas) a head-spinning offer, then it’s possible we’ll be looking for a new manager in the coming months. Which would be totally sh*t.

There’s a good chance, of course, that the story is complete piffle in a ‘Press Make Up News’ shocker. PSG AVB S.O.S makes a neat headline (Hi, Antony!) but never before has a deal been settled on its acronym potential.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid’s pursuit of Gareth Bale continues afoot. I wasn’t initially aware that the ‘Special Relationship’ we’d formed last summer with the Spanish giants was a go-ahead for any bipedal life-form associated with the club to declare their uninhibited fondness for Welshman. He’s the best player in Europe, said Zidane. He was born to play for Madrid, blurted Florentino Perez. Terrible opinions, offered Steve McManaman, most of the time.

Oh well.


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