Villas-Boas PWNS Journo + A Defeatists Guide to Old Trafford

This is that unique time of season where us Spurs bloggers can just put our feet up and get the pool boy to fix us another Martini espresso. United at Old Trafford. You could bash any hokum and fipsy into this match preview and we might as well be reading someone’s particularly fine recipe for a béchamel sauce, for all the feelings of optimism it could hope to arouse.

We know the stats. Not since the terracotta-hued crisp peddler scored the winning goal have we taken anything from the red half of Manchester. The year was 1654 and Oliver Cromwell had just launched an English expedition to the Caribbean. A golden age, for sure.

Here by way of alternative, then, is a transcript of the brilliant exchange between André Villas-Boas and a mischief-making press grunt yesterday. This was looted unashamedly from Off the Post and it also appeared on Football365. Do your best to enjoy the weekend.

Journalist: “Andre, do you understand Hugo Lloris’ frustration about the situation, because you did pay a lot of money for him?”

AVB: “What is the frustration?”

Journalist: “Well, the frustration at not being in the team.”

AVB: “How do you know?”

Journalist: “Well, he didn’t play last night, did he?”

AVB: “How do you know he’s frustrated?”

Journalist: “No, I’m asking you, do you find him frustrated?”





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10 Responses to Villas-Boas PWNS Journo + A Defeatists Guide to Old Trafford

  1. avatar Aran says:

    Brilliant. I wish more managers would do that when hacks try to stir things up.

    As for the match, I’m ever optimistic but we all know the score (no pun intended… and, of course, we don’t know the score in that sense so, had I intended the pun, it wouldn’t have been a particularly good one). I’d be more than happy if we managed a draw. When all is said and done, very few teams win away at the top sides so anything better than humiliating defeat has to be taken as a good day at the office.

  2. avatar Spurstough says:

    AVB = Awesome – Verbally Brilliant!

  3. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    I saw that AVB response on Fox Soccer and thought it was brilliant. It actually went a bit longer with the journo trying to corner AVB into saying Hugo was upset. Of course, the talking head in the studio used this as evidence of how AVB was out of his depth. Tosser.

  4. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    I’m a bit drunk and emotional but I love this team

  5. avatar Aran says:

    That result was a wonderful example of what sort of side AVB is building. Our flare players are now also fighters. Dembele and Sigurdsson may not have quite the silky skills of Modric and VDV but what they give away in terms of flare they make up for in graft – that isn’t to say they’re not skilled but rather that there’s more balance now between beauty and power. Dempsey, Bale, Lennon, Vertonghen, Gallas – all quality players, all hard working.

    That’s something that winning teams always have. Silk and steel. United showed that in the second half. What a great showcase for the Premier League.

  6. avatar AmericanBarbarian says:

    “terracotta-hued crisp peddler”. Now I’ve seen some allegories in my life, but that is a world beater.

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