Tiger Uppercut: A Pre-Match Shakedown



Right, back to business.

If games were played on paper, environmentalists would argue that this one wasn’t worth the bother. Just scrawl it on the back of a bus ticket and perhaps do some good in the world. Save a tree. Heck, why not give one a hug? Form and league standings suggest this ought to be a home banker for Tottenham. Hull have failed to procure a single League win on their travels this season, and, despite Phil Brown’s nauseating stoicism in the face of this statistic , it remains somewhat of a worry for the residents of Kingston.

Before I forget myself entirely, it’s probably worth remembering that this is Tottenham we speak of and there is rarely such a thing as a home banker. Or an away banker for that matter. In fact, Hull are exactly the sort of team we’ve often mistook for cannon fodder, only to get up close and find they’re not too keen on rolling over while we play keep-ball in their half. They may look fairly two-dimensional without Bullard and, perhaps, lack the kind of leadership he offers, but there’s plenty of character among those that remain. It’s waning slightly under the spotlight of a grim relegation battle, but it’s in there somewhere. Honest. Fingers crossed we don’t see any signs of it tomorrow afternoon.

Complacency, then, is potentially our biggest obstacle. If you’ll excuse the cliché.

Lennon’s out. No doubt welcome news for whoever’s responsibility he was. Rumours suggest that the fortunate left-back has withdrawn the potato-sack from his luggage; the tool in which he had most confidence could impede our fleet footed wingstress. He’ll have to make do with Kranjcar instead. Not completely out of the woods, then.

I’ll echo Sky Sports’ prediction and go for a cautiously optimistic 3-0.



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