The Transfer Deadline Day Special (gulp!)

Oh BallsEeesh. Well, feel free to chip in with your own match reports- I didn’t watch it. By the time I’d finished waggling a fork in the dodgy-box in search of a decent picture we were three goals to the bad and plummeting quicker than a bag of hammers. And by that point, I’m sorry to say, I’d rather lost my appetite. It’s bad enough watching good football on that thing; let alone your dearly beloveds masquerading as the Zaire 1974 World Cup team. By all means, though, share your experiences. You sadistic so-and-sos. I guess in truth we’re looking much less for a match report than an obituary.

The once three pronged super-highway leading to Wembley is down to a treacherous, single-lane road.


But let’s not ruin the day entirely, eh? The transfer deadline is upon us. Shutters officially pulling shut at 11pm this evening (or as it’s called in Harry Redknapp’s world: when ever the hell I say it’s shut.) Most welcome are your snippets of gossip and speculation throughout the day. The theme of the hour La Liga-based strikers, I’d imagine. If you’ve heard something on the grapevine or in the waiting room of the hairdressers, we want to know about it. The more ridiculous the better. In fact, a prize for the most bat-sh*t crazy story on the airwaves. Aguero! Llorente! Raziak! Get to the chopper!

**Winner of the Caption Competition in the previous post is SimonP who wins a Danny Blanchflower ‘The Game Is About Glory’ t-shirt. Courtesy of Philosophy Football. Get in touch, Simon**

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115 Responses to The Transfer Deadline Day Special (gulp!)

  1. avatar Longwell says:

    Crouch and Defoe up front, with Lennon and VDV playing as inverted wingers. Genius.

    I am seriously going to lose my shit if I have to watch Crouch play for this team much longer.

  2. avatar Longwell says:

    Two keepers on the bench tonight.

    Best squad in the league, baby!

  3. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Bentley has an assist and Keane has a goal, so maybe our lack of fire power has turned around.

    Oh, wait.

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  5. Book marked – will come back in in a few days to evaluate rest posts.

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