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jack-nicholson1Well, it’s a good job it was just the Mickey Mouse Cup. Otherwise there’d be some terribly upset folk loitering the streets this morning. I’m just glad they were all sporting enough to at least pretend like it meant something. Those hoards of Arsenal fans; with their sunken faces and bleary wet eyes. All very believable. Truly. They even indulged in some of that I’m not hanging around for this sh*t carry-on. A quicker emptying of Wembley you wouldn’t hope to see if an unmarked ticking carrier bag was left in the car park. Bravo to the lot of them, I say. Bravo.

They should all be given an Oscar apiece.

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  1. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    All respect to Deano and sympathies to his family. Not the most brilliant defender, but played with heart. Yes, 36 is no time to go.

    As for the Arse. El. Oh. El. A totally typical Arse cock up (oohh, er). Only that lot of posers could manage it. Best laugh I ‘ve had in weeks.

  2. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    A random thought, but Brum winning means one less spot in the Europa League based on league place and if a lower end team like the Spammers or Villa win the thing, that’s another spot gone. It could be the 5th place team is the only one to earn European football based on a league place.

    While Europa League certainly shouldn’t be our goal, it should be added incentive to finish high if we possibly wouldn’t even get crappy Europa football if we fell to to 6th.

    • avatar seattlespursguy says:

      Win the FA Cup is what I meant.

      • avatar ruetheday says:

        Europa league puts too much pressure on a squad anyway – too many games, and not enough glamour. Just think about all those seasons we were involved in the (considerably smaller) UEFA cup format, and struggled to fight on four fronts. The one season we’re confined to domestic activity, we go and get 4th place. Could be a blessing in disguise if 5th is the only Europa spot; shit or bust. Surely 4th should be its own incentive for finishing 4th?

        My line manager is a Gooner. I asked him how his weekend was and he replied with a pained “shut up”. Later he told me “we didn’t want it as much as them”, which I thought was a brilliant example of how blinkered the supporters of our dear neighbours can become – sure you wanted it as much, or else what was all that prima donna ground-hugging at the end about? You just didn’t have it in you to play well enough, or with the teamwork of a club fourteen places below you in the league. You expected Brum to roll over and hand you the trophy, and when they didn’t, your supposedly superior in every way team simply didn’t know what to do about it.

  3. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    The last time I pissed myself that hard I was 18months old and wearing a nappy!

    They totally dismissed anyone who made a concerted effort to win the Carling Cup. Then when they finally get bored of winning FUCK ALL make a serious attempt to win it themselves, only to get to the final and lose to a comedy goal of their own making!

    Not for the first time, Arsenal’s fancy foreign fannys were beaten by a team that wanted it more, that worked for eachother and never gave up. Well done Birmingham.

  4. avatar peanut says:

    Mate, you should have made this two separate postings, Very poor judgement to put (quite rightly) crowing at the Arse alongside news of a former player’s passing

  5. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    Shame really because they had the forsight to arrange for Fabregas to be allowed to go up with the team and pick up the cup.
    There would be blood on the blogs if Gomes and Dawson had contrived that failure of communication.
    Failure of communication! How long have they needed a quality keeper?

  6. avatar Mark G says:

    What a time to have a defensive balls up like that eh? Im not nornmally one to take pleasure at others peoples misfortune but I must admit to laughing just a little bit when the camera panned around to show Mr Wegners face. How many more times can he handle falling at the last hurdle ? Judging by his after match interview not many more.

    Does anyone else think he might throw it in if they dont win anything in the next 12-18 months?

  7. avatar KayBee says:

    Big up Dean Richards.

    Original scary-faced defender xxx

  8. avatar KayBee says:

    One of my Arsenal supporting friends sent me this:

    “What’s the difference between Fagin and Wenger?

    When Fagin sends the kids out they come back with silverware.”

    Oliver Twist based humour? Nice!

  9. avatar Mark G says:

    Disappointing win for the Chavs last night. For once I wanted Man Ure to win.

  10. avatar KayBee says:

    I like the Dean Richards black armband for the Foxbot.

  11. avatar KayBee says:

    Good Morning and Welcome to Foxy News Sportsdesk.

    I’m KayBee, and these are todays headlines:

    *BONG!* Pint-size goalscoring muchkin and Page-3 botherer, Jermaine Defoe, 28, in “each game is a must win” rallying cry to team-mates. His comments come as a shock to many, who wish Defoe, 28, would concentrate on his end of the bargain first. Defoe, 28, is still to score his first Premiership goal this season, and, indeed, learn the offside rule.

    *BONG!* With Gareth Bale’s back still being a problem for the player, some tabloids & online sources are beginning to bizarrely question Tottenham’s ability to beat AC Milan without Bale, as suggested here: – seemingly overlooking the very minor detail that Tottenham have done it once already. Away. And without beautiful Croation goblin Luka Modric and Van der Vaart as well. Wacky. Bale is now considered a major doubt for the return leg of this match, leaving us to ponder, will it be fellow Croat the impossibly handsome Niko Kranjcar, or will it be new signing Steven Pienaar?

    *BONG!* …aaand finally, on a more light-hearted note, a certain sporting site is suggesting that Spurs could make a strange move for Arsenal misfit Nicholas Bendtner, source Quite frankly, we’d rather stick with Jermaine Defoe, 28, who is still yet to score in the Premier League and who doesn’t know the offside rule. 28.

    That’s all from Foxy news Sportsdesk, I’ve been KayBee, now piss off.

  12. avatar KayBee says:

    For those of us sick to the back teeth of Jermaine Defoe, 28, and his lack of goals, you may find the following very interesting:

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