The Damned United


Welcome to the jungle, folks. Apparently they’ve got fun and games.

I suppose the fun stops when you get the Ebola virus. Not much joy to be had when spraying your pulped innards on the side of a lemon tree; keeling over in shock, using your grubby trousers as a pillow, waiting for the wolves to find you. Nope. No fun at all.

With that enchanting image firmly lodged in your brain tanks, we move forward. It’s F.A Cup night. The punishment for too much fannying about in the front of goal last time around- the not altogether enviable task of going to Elland Road and trying to vanquish Leeds on their own back patio. We haven’t been here for a while, January 2004 in fact (Keane scored the winner for us), but rest assured it’s still a place with a formidable look about it. For all their dithering in the lower leagues, Leeds, when called for, can park forty-thousand-plus buttocks in their stands. More than most top flight grounds. They may have lost their Premiership way some years ago now, but their homestead would have you believe anything but. If this was the property market, they’d be MTV Cribs in a League of full of How Clean is Your House?

As ever, my requests are fairly modest. Advancement. Sure, an enthralling game with some classic Cup atmosphere would be a bonus, but in truth, I’d settle for complete silence, a dull-to-the-point-of-ridiculous ninety-minutes, just as long as we’re in the hat come the end of the evening.

Oh why not. 4-4. Tottenham win 13-12 on penalties.


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  1. avatar andyto65 says:

    Lets not piss about with this one, we need our strongest available side to start the game and get the job done.

    The best form of motivation for these boys is to tell them that if they don’t win and win well, they will have to stay in Leeds overnight, leaving their respective partners are left alone and helpless while John Terry is on the prowl in London

  2. avatar Terry Nutkins says:

    I’ll take the ball coming off Crouch’s nuts on 90mins; anything to get through to the next round…

  3. avatar KayBee says:

    They’re a proper team, Leeds, and I expect more of the same (a la first leg).

    If we keep our discipline, a Spurs win. If not, you’ve gotta think that Leeds will be every bit as hungry as us, probably even moreso…

    I’m looking forward to seeing some of our yoot dem playing tonight. Kane & Parrett in the squad, I heard somewhere.

    Obika is looking tasty right now, would like to see the boy start getting some cup games sooner rather than later.

    Lastly, LOL @ andyto65’s John Terry threat.

  4. avatar KayBee says:

    I see Harry’s come out in the press and declared his love for Jermaine Beckford.

    If true, imagine that; Harry unsettling a player before his teams due to play against him.

  5. avatar TMWNN says:

    An early goal or two should shut the Leeds scum up, We’re taking a few thousand, so we will make ourselves heard.

    If we do score early, concentrate ffs and see the game through.

  6. avatar Trembly says:

    My prediction? A very simple 0-1 away victory. Boring, but that’s also part of the magic of the fa cup 🙂

  7. avatar KennYid says:

    Have the lessons of last time been learned? Camping in the penalty box is no use if you don’t score, and how many times have we done that this season? A midfield sans Sgt Wilson looks weak when the opposition attack, as, strangely, they always do at some point in a game. Lastly, the Pav lesson. Running about headless chicken stylee does not yield profit. Clear thinking, good positioning and coolness in front of goal does, which was Pav v Leeds at The Lane. We need more of same. I think we need him, as a matter of fact(yes I know he has da groin strain). But I could put up a good argument for at least 8 more points in the Premiership with some more calculated finishing and how would that look……! Well, yes, a simple 0-1 would do me tonight

  8. Stumbling at this juncture would be a giant dick sandwich for Spurs, so no excuses, no shilly-shallying or swanning about. Play it on the floor and open them up. Just do it!

    If not, I blame Jenas 😉

  9. Just in:

    Gomes, Corluka, Bassong, Dawson, Bale, Bentley, Huddlestone, Kranjcar, Jenas, Defoe, Crouch.

    Subs: Palacios, Modric, Rose, Alnwick, Dervite, Parrett, Frederiks.

    OK Jenas, prove me wrong you Cad!

  10. Could only see the 1st half (damned employment) but Jenas didn’t seem terrible. You know–against 3rd Division oppo.

    Bentley looked good as well and if JD can increase his goals to chances ratio to 4 in 10 from 3 in 10 (per game) we should be OK

    Well done lads! COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. avatar Trembly says:

    My knees have gone all… 🙂 Decent enough result, even if we weren’t particularly great at preventing chances for them. Our midfield did enough attackingwise but when Bentley is visibly more defensive than JJ (even with a half decent showing), it’s even more obvious that we miss Wilson when he’s not playing.

  12. Bentley put in a great performance! Defoe needed the hat-trick. Jenas was nothing to brag about.

    Great performance and a solid win boys! COYS!

  13. avatar KayBee says:

    I thouroughly enjoyed that!

    Played at breakneck speed, end to end stuff, two teams really up for it and giving it their all.

    All in all, a great advert for the FA Cup.

    Bolton next!

    • avatar Longwell says:

      I can’t say I enjoyed the first half much. We should’ve been up by three or four within 20 minutes. Thanks heavens we weren’t made to pay for another opening spell of squandered chances galore.

    • Yo, KB.

      I have to offer you my humble apologies. You posted something on here a couple of days ago that didn’t see the light of day. Baaaaasically, because of some annoying spammers (internet trolls, not West Ham fans), I’ve had to install a bit of software to block their devilish schemes. I think your post must have had a few links on it which triggered the thing into action.

      Rest assured, no matter how many links you wish to include in the future, it wont happen again.


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