The Curse of Rain Wooney and Other Tales From the Interlude

Ding dong the witch is dead. Wake up – sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed. International football is off our tellies now for at least another month* and I’m not sure you’ll find many complaining about the wait. As James Richardson said on Football Weekly last week, it’s like paying to watch a film at the cinema only for it to be segued halfway through with a documentary short. You wouldn’t mind seeing the short at a later date- say, at the end of the season- just don’t interrupt my bloody film with it.

But hey, let’s not be a complete stick in the mud. Here’re a couple of Spurs-themed highlights from the last few days, in amongst all the tumbleweedery and widespread ennui…

Bale’s ThunderBork versus Scotland

Yes, the collapse for the winning penalty was dubious. Yes, Shaun Maloney sounded like a brainwashed Soviet drone when he told reporters that he didn’t think he’d fouled Bale but probably must’ve done because how else could he have fallen on the floor like that? And, yes, the whole diving thing is getting a little tiresome. But my, that was some goal. Scotland backed off and backed off, Gareth accepted the invitation and RSVPd with an absolute whallop into McGregor’s top right-hand corner. Sizzle me timbers.

Adebayor Sends Togo to the ACN

The only footage I found of this appears to have been filmed on a Casio Illuminator. From what I can gather, in front of a large, bestirred crowd at the Stade de Kégué, Adebayor stretches one of his elongated limbs from a deep cross to fire home Togo’s second, thereupon taking them to the African Cup of Nations in January. Bad news for Spurs, of course, but genuinely heart-thawing to see the big man celebrate (pre-planned dance-routine as standard) with his teammates. Heaven knows they’ve had a tough couple of years.

And In Other News..

It’s not all been good for the heroes of Tottingham this international interlude. Not like this. Last night Danny Rose was embroiled in some rather ugly goings-on in Serbia as the England U21s qualified for Euro 2013. Sent off for having the temerity to be offended by some fairly blatant racial abuse, the young left-back must wonder where FIFA’s regulatory priorities lie. Kicking a football into a crowd or, well, you get where we’re going with this. Paul Ince is understandably shooting fast and loose with his call for Serbia to be banned for the next five tournaments (his son Tom was also present) but clearly them in Zurich need to do something that’s actually going to mean something and not just hand out an inconsequentially small fine.



* Not strictly true, of course. Look, I wrote this before last night’s torrential downpour, how was I supposed to know they’d  reschedule the bloody thing for today? I’M JUST ONE MAN!


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