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spongebob-iron-hatThere’s every reason to believe that Villas-Boas could’ve been more delicate is his criticizing of the home support against Hull at the weekend, but if the resultant point is that the fraught and cagey atmosphere at The Lane is somehow affecting the players’ performance, then surely it’s one worth addressing. No matter how contentious or potentially incendiary the issue might appear.

Taking a pop at the fans who’ve haemorrhaged a good portion of their week’s earnings to buy a ticket is, let’s say, a dicey strategy- and by no means did the level of action on Sunday warrant a Rodgers and Hammerstein-style chorus line. But if there’s an argument that the crowd can do more, or in some way help matters, then what’s the problem?

Yesterday, the Spurs Supporters Trust admitted that there was ‘room for improvement’ with regards to the overall vibes at White Hart Lane and that they were working with the club to find ways to enhance the old Match Day Experience.

Did someone say cheerleaders and t-shirt cannons?

Anyway, it’s not all bad. Spurs are up to 4th after yet another slender victory courtesy of Bobby Soldier’s liquid-nitrogen-cool penalty taking skills. That, so I’m told, is what you pay the big bucks for.

Perhaps the ambassador is really spoiling us with all these 18-yard area decisions but not only was there a legitimate dump-tackle administered in our box shortly before halftime (if memory serves), which could’ve easily seen Michael Oliver awarded us a spotkick, I think we’re still in credit for around 23 of the bloody things from that Stoke game a couple of years back. We’ll just put them on the tab.

There’s a New Sheriff in Town etc…

So, the diminutive Don Juan himself, Jermain Defoe went level with Martin Chivers’ European goal scoring record last Thursday, with a 75th minute lace-pinger (plus ricochet) against Moldovan outfit Sheriff Tiralspol.  Some achievement, said André after the game, falling just short of adding yeah, but have you seen some the toilet he’s scored against? Shamrock Rovers, Anorthosis Famagusta and Young Boys to name but three of the European heavyweight’s defences Defoe has breeched over the years.

All suspicions aside, it’s a great landmark for J-Dizzles. Regardless the measure of opponent, the man knows where the goal is and you can’t say fairer than that.

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