Team Sheet for Newcastle | The ‘Where’s Ade?’ Edition

GazzaNewIt didn’t take long but the Just Where the Heck is Ade? carry-on has reached its zenith of absurdity. Plain, rational thought would have us believe that by the time you read this, the mislaid millionaire will have turned up; presumably now held prisoner in the Spurs gym, chained fast to an exercise bike in an eleventh-hour attempt to get him match-fit for tomorrow’s visit of Newcastle. If only there was some way to track his movements, in the same way one might follow an order of *ahem* special interest DVDs from a discreet trusted internet retailer. Which I wouldn’t know anything about, officer.

The worse case scenario is that we face a resurgent Le Néwcâstle with a strike-partnership of Clint Dempsey and his hardened ghetto smarts. Not quite the End of Days, then. I mentioned in an earlier post that if we couldn’t muster up some goals with the talent we have in midfield, we might have bigger problems that we thought. No, it’s not ideal, but Dempsey was third in net-hitting charts last year and Gareth Bale appears unable to stop scoring this. Call it a tactical anomaly, an unfortunate glitch: but let’s not completely lose our sh*t just yet.




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  1. avatar Longwell says:

    If we’re sans our own francophone African up front, I’d prefer Bale start up top with either Dempsey or Sigurdsson on the left.

    Dempsey will tend to come short to pick up the ball to feet, and his pace doesn’t scare anybody, so Newcastle will probably be happy to follow him up the field and compress the space between the midfield and their back four. That doesn’t give Holtby and Dembele as much room to operate.

    Bale might not be as effective himself if he’s deployed as the nominal center forward, but he will force Newcastle to defend deeper and that should give our other attacking players more space and time on the ball. When that happens, good things happen.

    I suppose the bottom line is if the rotation among the attacking three or four up front is good (as it was during the last half an hour or so at the Hawthorns), then I’m not too fussed about who starts where. The important thing is, absent a potentially dominant presence like Adebayor, we’ll need to stay fluid and keep changing what Newcastle’s defense has to deal with. None of our backup/emergency options are good enough to trouble them if our attacking “look” is too static.

  2. avatar Justin Martin says:

    Make Ade put Life360 on his IPhone. Hey Presto! We can now track his every movement.

  3. avatar jim-toon says:

    From a toon fan point of view im dreading this game-cant see much else than another thrashing from you-but i would be well happy with a draw, IF we could scrape one 🙁

  4. avatar jim-toon says:


    • avatar Longwell says:

      Heh. I’ve been cursing the schedule computer for giving us your lot at arguably your two strongest points the in the season thusfar.

      I was really hoping Spurs would get Sissoko to help cover the loss of Sandro, but apparently he couldn’t slip past the francophone nets Derek Llambias and Graham Carr had set up at every major port of entry in the British Isles. Damn you sneaky Toon bastards!

      This is a game that’s a much tougher prospect than it would have been a few weeks ago, but it’s one we really need to win if we have serious designs on a run at third spot because our fixture list from March through mid-April is, frankly, terrifying.

  5. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    The Phantom of the Lane (yeesh) supposedly posted Ade still hasn’t flown in to the country.

  6. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Working on the idea that Ade is hitchhiking his way back from South Africa, tomorrow:

    Kyle, Daws, Jan, Benny
    —–Parker, Moose—–
    –Lennon, Bale, Lewis–

    Clint played a tough game in horrible heat in Honduras, so he will likely be tired anyway. Might as well go full Spain on their ass.

  7. avatar Ruskin Road says:

    I hate to bring any of my superstitions into play but I can’t remember the last time Spurs played a good match that was aired by ESPN as a Saturday morning game of the week (US). Between the ESPN hex and playing Newcastle during their run of excellent play, I’m feeling a little nervous.
    I’ll be interested to see how Holtby does for a full 90 minute run. I’m impressed with the little I’ve seen of him. He goes hard and you hope his demeanor can spread to some of the others, especially tracking back on defense. Adebayor will be better as he and Defoe can’t play together. I’d love to see him on the end of the great service given by Lennon and Bale.

  8. avatar Aran says:

    Well that’ll do, won’t it? Bale was out of this world – far and away the best player on the pitch today. Good to see Holtby getting a start too. With Ade coming back things are starting to look more hopeful.

    Arsenal have a tricky match away to Sunderland. If they slip up then it would start to look like the top four is, if not secure, certainly a safer bet.

  9. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Clint wasn’t brilliant today, but man does he work hard. Bale, on the other hand, is brilliant beyond all reason.

  10. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    OK, so 12 games left, 48 points, in 4th place, 1 point off 3rd and 5 off 2nd (realistically, 2 and 6 points respectively, considering our inferior goal difference). As for the contenders, the Scousers fall today in comical fashion, so I think they’re out (12 points back with 12 games to play). Swans and WBA on 37 points, which likely puts 4th spot beyond them. Everton now have 42, but I think they will continue to draw games and will fall off the pace. Let’s hope one of their draws isn’t at our place.

    This leaves the Red Turds down the road, 4 points back with a date at the Lane in a couple of weeks. Not to look past the Hammers, but if we maintain this lead going in, then turn them over at Home, you have to think it’s back to the CL. It’d be nice if it’s at their expense.

  11. avatar ruetheday says:

    Tactical suggestion for the next time we’re stuck without a striker (probably not too far away, I’d imagine):

    Start either Clint or Siggy up top, instructions to “fucking run about a bit” – left and right, back and forth at full tilt, pulling centre backs in all directions. Half time, swap one for the other, same instructions.

    Bale’s in awesome form, but I’m not convinced starting him up front won’t hideously unbalance us. Plus he needs space to accelerate – won’t find that in the penalty area.

    Anyway, onwards and upwards.

  12. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    So the boss has indicated Brad would get the start tonight. Rotation and all that. I wouldn’t mind that so much, but it seems an odd call given: 1) Keepers don’t really get tired; 2) in a cup tie, away goals play a part, and I think Brad is more likely to concede than Hugo. Seems unnecessarily risky to progressing; 3) This is Hugo’s old team and he will be well up for the match.

    Maybe it will be fine and it’s AVB’s call, but it’s a strange one for me.

  13. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    The line up:

    Friedel, Walker, Gallas, Vertonghen, Assou-Ekotto, Dembele, Parker ©, Lennon, Bale, Dempsey and Adebyaor

    Subs: Lloris, Naughton, Holtby, Dawson, Caulker, Sigurdsson, Livermore

    • avatar seattlespursguy says:

      Strong team, save Brad, Daws and maybe Holby, the strongest we can put out. It’d be nice to put the tie to bed today. Win 2-nil and the return leg is almost a formality.

      • avatar seattlespursguy says:

        Swap Hugo for Brad, clearly

        • avatar seattlespursguy says:

          Well, the Baler does it again. Can’t really blame Brad for their goal; if Brad and Hugo were both in goal I don’t think they stop that one.

          • avatar ruetheday says:

            Hmm, I disagree, think both keepers were at fault for all three goals (but can’t complain about ours!) – Gallas’ clearance was a bit poor and there should’ve been more cover on our right, but Brad came too far over to his near post and set himself in stone (looked a bit startled actually), rather than stepping out to close the angle or moving a bit more central to give himself a chance. I’m not saying Hugo would have definitely made the save, but he’d probably have got a hand to it – he likes those big expansive dives. I think Brad’s become a bit rusty – understandably given his time out. That said, it was a belter of a goal.

            Pleased we got a result in the end, but we can’t keep relying on Bale like this. Still, makes a nice change to be a threat from free kicks since, what, Jenas against United?

          • avatar seattlespursguy says:

            Well, maybe Rue. I’ve watched that goal maybe 15 times and the way it was struck and where it was placed it seemed to me that a keeper would have to cheat (a lot) toward the back post to have chance at it. It was an absolutely great strike off the half volley. I was much more annoyed at Gallas’ crap clearance than Brad’s positioning

  14. avatar Aran says:

    Bale was amazing. Again. But how about Holtby? He looks a real talent. Constantly moving. Always making himself available for a pass. And he can pick one too, can’t he? Physically strong, creative and energetic. Nice.

    • avatar Longwell says:

      Holtby looks a lot stronger than I’d been led to believe by my mates who follow the Bundesliga more closely than I do (I try to watch Hamburg games when I can because of the VDV and Jol connections, but that’s about it). Early doors and all, but he reminds me of a cross between the aforementioned VDV and Jack Wilshere.

  15. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    This just in: In preparation for his move to Spain, Gareth Bale is changing his name to Juan Manteem.

  16. avatar Aran says:

    I’m getting sick of these Bale to Real/Barca/Bayern crap.

    Yes, at some point, Bale will leave for another club. That happens when a player is as good as him – he will one day play for one of the giant clubs. But he’s 23, he’s got three years left on his current deal and Spurs are on the up. No reason to believe he’ll be off this summer or even the following summer.

  17. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    I know I shouldn’t care; I know it’s petty. But I LOVE IT when Arse takes a beating.

  18. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Twitter chatter saying Spurs fans were attacked in a Lyon pub tonight. WTF? More Lazio style bullshit?

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