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Ah the opening day. That unique point of the season when every club- even the most downtrodden and unfancied- can forget their problems and dare to daydream. From the petrodollar bankrolled, with squads full of handsomely paid superstars; to the newly promoted stone-broke, who ought to be pleased just to be there. For one day only, in those moments leading up to kick-off: all men are equal. Anything could happen. Everyone has a chance.

Except David Moyes.

You’ve had yours, David Moyes.

So it’s off to Upton Park for the mighty Spurs, then. To try and right some of Timothy and Andre’s wrongs from last season.

Perhaps the main concern for Pochettino in his first game in charge is that, after spending a good portion of last week recruiting a talented young right-back, one who could fill in for the injured Kyle Walker, he’s made the careless mistake of sending him back home again. The impossibly cool DeAndre Yedlin is a Tottenham player, but not before we’ve enjoyed a handful of Kyle Naughton outings first. We’re a patient bunch.

Anybody care for a prediction?

A season-opening-with-a-wallop 3-0 to Spurs for me. Kyle Naughton to have a blinder, just to shut my know-nothing face up.



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5 Responses to The Team to Face West Ham | Return of the Retro-CM Chalkboards

  1. avatar davida says:

    sadly i believe Dembele is injured

  2. avatar steve says:

    I would be suprised if that many players who haven’t had a pre season are selected. Vertonghen perhaps, but in midfield i expect Holtby and probably Capoue to start if fit (why did Capoue miss the last friendly?) Also Rose may keep his place as he’s played well in pre season. The exciting thing for me is that even with the world cup players not included we still have plenty of options.

    • avatar SP says:

      I agree – but especially about Capoue. If he is fit, I think he will play. He fits Pochettino’s tactical priorities in a way that Sandro doesn’t. Capoue can win the ball and then transition play forward immediately, even when under pressure. Sandro is more of a ‘win the ball and give it to the creative midfielder to do something with’ type defensive midfielder. That usually means play slowing down and can leave him open to the concerted press. One of the main priorities for Pochettino is to get the ball forward quickly.

      Sadly, for this reason, and because we have such deep resources in midfield (which should be enhanced by Schneiderlin, either at the end of the window of January) I’m expecting Sandro to be one fo the players to make way.

  3. avatar steve says:

    After 50 years I’m ready for another rollercoaster season,the problem with spurs last season and this is too many players of the same ability and no world class players,Eriksen one day.We could all pick a different team and get very similar results.But as usual it wont be boreing.

  4. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    “Kyle Naughton to have a blinder, just to shut my know-nothing face up.”

    All righty then.

    A harsh sending off, but he had his arms up and gave that cyclist/referee a decision to make. Kyle may be a bit too dim to play at this level

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