Talk of Del Piero and Today’s Big Winner

Well, after the hysteria of yesterday’s shirt giveaway (more on that later) things have taken a rather sober turn this afternoon. Like one of those magic-eye pictures that were all the rage in the nineties, the details are burning into focus and it looks awfully like another international break boogeyman. Oh the humanity. Just pop my head under the water until the bubbles stop, if you’d be so kind. Or at least long enough to induce a two-week coma.

But hello, hold the phone. What have we here? Maybe all’s not lost. The Metro have come up with an absolute corker. This is what they blurted out on Monday morning:

‘Alessandro Del Piero eyes summer transfer to Spurs or West Ham’

Hmm. Not sure about the West Ham bit. But we’ll read on regardless:

‘Speculation is rife in Italy about what the forward will do next, after he made it clear he has no intention of retiring just yet.

The former Italy captain has now set his sights on a move to the Premier League because he is a fan of English football, reports Tuttosport.’

A few details that’re quite important. Del Piero has just turned 37 (yesterday, in fact) and will be awfully close to 38 by the time next season trundles along. A wonderful player in his prime- one of my favourite ever, as it goes- but it’s perhaps thinking a little too far outside the box in terms of what we might be able to offer us. At that age, this wouldn’t be so much his career’s swansong, as it would his forth and fifth encore which prompts everyone in the auditorium to shuffle in their seats impatiently and eye up the exits.

I suppose if it where to happen, it could be labelled under one of those ‘he’ll teach the young ‘ens a thing or two’ cockamamie schemes ‘Arry had in mind for Sir David of Beckham. Either way, it smells a bit whiffy to me. But what say you?

**A massive thank you for all the interest shown in the Tottenham shirt giveaway- you literally replied in your hundreds. As always, though, there can only be one winner. And that winner, drawn at random, is a Mr. Matthew Etheridge. Well done to him.**

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14 Responses to Talk of Del Piero and Today’s Big Winner

  1. avatar SeattleSpursGuy says:

    Harry had to bitch slap Levy to get Scotty P into Lilywhite, and it has proven to be good value. But Parker was the incumbent player of the year and still had a couple of years of good service in him. A gamble, but not a crazy risk. I don’t think our Daniel would approve a 37 y/o striker from the walking pace Serie A, who would be on stupid money. Too much downside, methinks.

  2. avatar Parklaner says:

    Fantastic Player back in the day and a great servant to the ‘Old Lady’ but no.
    Would love to see him in the Prem for someone though

  3. avatar Matt Etheridge says:

    I thank you, I thank you, I thank you!

  4. avatar KayBee says:

    Looking at that picture, I reckon Klagg might be a good choice as an understudy for Ledley.

    Could be a bit of a red card waiting to happen, though.

  5. avatar KayBee says:

    By the way… the Everton match has finally got a date – January 11th.

  6. avatar cc says:

    Been busy and with distracted what with there being no Spurs game but this Del Piero stuff sounds unlikely to say the least. Beckham could have done good for us but this is not the same thing.
    Talking of transfers Tevez as a player would be a great addition and Harry likes him as a target. Normally I don’t pay attention to all the bad boy baggage and Ade/Billy have shown that Harry can tame the wayward. However in the case of Tevez I just don’t like the guy or his behaviour. So I hope we get some striker of his quality, just one who is not a ****.

  7. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    I’m afraid it’s
    ‘The end of the Piero show’.
    Pity, not that many one club players left these days,
    at the top top level anyway

    Not good enough for Juve: not good enough for us.

  8. avatar KayBee says:

    Something jumped out at me on Newsnow today…

    Good news if it can be believed.

    I see he’s bought a place in Hertfordshire, which is where I’m at. I might stalk him. 🙂

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