Striker Close to Move, New Kits and the Great Demise of Chirpy

The good times, they just keep on a-rollin’. André Villas-Boas delivered his first interview for Spurs TV on Wednesday, after which he held a delightfully brief Q&A for a select group of press-types, who’d also taken the opportunity to get their peepers on our new, state-of-the-art training centre at Enfield; a seventy-three acre sprawl of modernity and mortar which, from the outside, looks like it tumbled out of the brain of Isaac Asimov. It has a swimming pool, too, don’t you know. Which’ll mean Daniel Levy can have a dip of a Monday morning in relative peace.

It’s not so much that what AVB said was all very encouraging or that his performance was polished (a brain damaged horse could be talked up by a good salesman) it’s that he has the steely-eyed look of a winner. I believed him when he talked of titles and silverware. I believed every word.

Here’re some choice excerpts from Sky Sports News:

“I think my career has been steadily going up and I see this as a step forward.

“The club is very solid in the way they support the first team, there is much more emotional warmth in this club, and this is important.”

Oh, burn.

“It’s all very well put together for the last five years and looking into the future – there is going to be a new training ground that we will move in to that soon and it will be a massive step for this football club, as you can imagine.”

Yes, André, I can imagine.

“We have the new stadium project and we have this feeling, mainly from last season, where we know we are very near in terms of winning trophies,”

“We go into four competitions next season and we go into them with the maximum ambition of trying to win them.”

Delightful stuff.

Making Sinatra Look Like a Hobo

With the onus very much on the new and excititng, the latest shipment of Tottenham Hotspur apparel arrived on our doorstep yesterday. Under Armour, for my money, (well, perhaps not my money as such) look to have done a rather splendid first job with this lot. And, for a multi-million pound uber-brand, they appear to have a good grasp of the funnies. Not only does their Twitter timeline make for a light-hearted read (more than willing to virtually mingle with us lowborn peasants) they managed to coax the entire first-team squad into pulling ‘mean’ faces for the official launch. The result is an odd mix of expressions, ranging from the ‘let’s have some!’ look to the less menacing ‘I appear to have soiled myself.’

The start of a beautiful friendship? I do hope so.


Meanwhile, an agreement looks to have been struck between the Oil Barons and ourselves, for one Emmanuel Adebayor. As you might well recall, at the end of May, the Togolese striker said this:

“Loved my spell at Tottenham. We are working hard with the chairman to make it permanent. Will keep you informed”

Indeed, someone has been working hard. Namely, Daniel Levy and his trusty negotiation mallet, who between them have managed to panel-beat the fee down to a reported six million of your English pounds. My word.

And Finally…

Behold the glorious work of WFRF reader, Kaybee. But be warned, it’s not for the feeble of heart.


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