Should Levy Back AVB in the Window?

So, them sleigh bells are ring ting-a-tingling.

Of course there’s every chance that it’s not sleigh bells at all, just the sound of Daniel Levy emptying the contents of his money sock onto Andre Villas Boas’ desk. It’s been a tough year, Andre, he says, trying to keep a straight face as a handful of copper rattles and rolls across the table/toilet door on bricks. Tough, tough year.

As has become a custom this time of season- as traditional as food poisoning, Noel Edmonds and vague promises about joining the gym in January- Spurs approach the end of the year at somewhat of a crossroads. A fork in the road, if you’d prefer. With just two prongs to wander down. Down the first is the proposal to do nothing; simply have faith in the current squad and march into the new year with fingers crossed and balance sheet in a favourable hue of green.

So far, so boring. The second option is the novel idea of Squadron Leader Levy slapping his fiscal gonads on the altar and consolidating on a decent opening half of the season. Reinforcements, my dear boy! The smart money- and, indeed, every fibre of my being- suggests that we need to send out the Bat Signal and reel in the cavalry.

Nothing monstrous, you understand. Just some careful jigger and tinker in certain areas to give us a fighting chance for the remainder of the campaign. (All sounds very familiar) True enough, at present, the squad has quite a pleasing balance to it; with important players returning to the fold what seems like every week-Parker, Kaboul, BAE and the like- we’ve one of the strongest in the league. Healthy competition in most areas and quality in generous handfuls if not spades. Team spirit amongst the chaps looks relatively LOL, too, which should never be underestimated. We have a laugh, don’t we?

Unquestionably, though, if we’re being greedy,(‘tis the season for gluttonous endeavour, after all) there’re one or two positions in which we’re rather lacking that extra glug of allure and artistry. Broadly speaking, Spurs could stretch to another creative midfielder (the fruitless chase of Moutinho suggest they’re in agreement), a striker, and, if we’re into the land of crazy talk, a versatile/two-footed winger. And maybe a reserve left-back. And a new stadium. And a favourable draw in the Europa League. And, well, we’ll stop there, I reckon.

So, Daniel, over to you, old chap. Give Andre the backing in January and trust that the formula for abiding success isn’t necessarily Saha+Nelsen=£££ in the bank. There’s a love.

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8 Responses to Should Levy Back AVB in the Window?

  1. avatar tryme says:

    moutinho (get him if hes gonna end up at chelsea) erikson or willian + llorente and i am one happy spurs man

  2. avatar Keiran says:

    Since we very surprisingly made a profit in the summer transfer window, I think Andre Villas-Boas has every right to expect a fairly handsome budget. Move Gomes, Cudicini, Naughton, Gallas, Bentley and Jenas on, then look at Butland, Eriksen, Alderweireld and Damiao.

  3. avatar Longwell says:

    I think your identified areas of need are pretty much on the money, Foxy. The only one I’d quibble with is on the wings. In my view, we need to give Townsend and Falque more chances to show what they can do before we buy additional cover. They’ve both shown enough in limited action to deserve more time.

    So my shopping list is a lot like yours: a versatile forward who can play through the middle or wide in a 4-3-3, a creative and industrious midfielder who can bang a few in on occasion, and a left back.

    Forward: Loic Remy – Marseille (two seasons remaining on contract after this one)
    Midfield: Younes Belhanda – Montpellier (one season remaining on contract after this one)
    Fullback: Not a fucking clue.

    Carlo Cudicini – LA Galaxy (seems to be some moderately serious interest)
    David Bentley – LA Galaxy (Still on the Beckham career path! Okay, maybe not so serious here. Another loan?)
    Jermaine Jenas – another loan?

    That would be a mighty busy window. I’d be quite pleased with any three of those moves happening, provided at least one is an “in”. Giddyup!

  4. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Well, today the boss said we would buy no one because the squad is strong and BAE, Kaboul and Parker coming back would be just like new signings. So that’s good; I don’t need to pay attention to the window now.

  5. avatar Danespur says:

    I am Danish and I can’t understand that many spurs supporters thinks the world Of Eriksen – he is really not that good. He is not a new Laudrup that some people seem to think. I really hope avb goes for moutinho and willan instead the gulp Of difference in class! Oh and then Llorente thats all I want for Christmas

  6. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    Should he? Definitely. Will he? Probably not.
    AVB has overachieved with what he has got and the new signings
    are just beginning to settle in.
    Injured players returning are almost like new signings will be Daniel’s line
    with the promise of big money in the summer if we make top four.
    How we will survive without an extra top class striker I just don’t know.,
    especially if Ade goes to the Afican tournament which I suspect he still might.
    Transfer window? We’re still boarded up here at the Musings after the riots.

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