Season Over? Pffft.


It’s okay, everyone can relax now. Natural order has been restored. After a few months of panic, the top four has a reassuringly familiar look about it. Spurs, Villa, City, and any other uncouth band of gatecrashers with the nerve to sneak in the back door while no-one’s looking have been well and truly rumbled. The game’s up. Now all we can hope for is the dignity of being allowed to wait outside in the rain; occasionally pressing our noses against the window, gazing at the all the beautiful people on the inside.

*long drawn out sigh*

You’d be forgiven for buying into this rather gloomy outlook. Seemingly, now, a point advantage in this business is tantamount to an unbridgeable gap. It’s the small margin that Liverpool find themselves ahead by, yet there’re some quarters who’d have you believe it was twenty, such is their state of deflation. The media are having fun with it, too. Sky Sports went with the rather dramatic ‘Spurs and Villa Suffer Self-Harm’ in their reaction to the weekend’s frenetic stalemate. Sure, I was disappointed, but self-mutilation? That’s a little too far, wouldn’t you say? Blimey.

Call me old fashioned, but with thirty-nine points still up for grabs, I’d suggest there was still plenty left yet to play for. Thirty-nine points. That’s enough to save a club from relegation. Imagine if Hull fans resigned themselves so quickly- Phil Brown would have more luck turning the Humber Bridge into white gold if that was the extent of their patience. It’s no different at the other end. S’Ralex doesn’t slide a gun in his mouth and concede the title in February when things start to wobble. He battens down the hatches and drives forward like some unstoppable Scottish bastard, hoovering up points as he goes. Shouldn’t we be trying something similar?

The voice of doom, then, is somewhat of an overreaction. More like the voice of could do better. Specifically, must do better in front of goal. An amazing thought for a club with five-ish international strikers on their books and a plus-twenty GD. But it’s a problem nonetheless. One that needs resolving. It’s the reason why Villa have joined Stoke, Hull and Wolves in clubs who’ve left The Lane, having rode their luck, completely untarnished. And it’s only Saturday’s opponents on that list which one could go someway to forgive. It’s forgivable in context, anyway.  Unlike our other slip-ups, Villa have been pulling this trick all season long. They’re defensive behemoths. They don’t just park the bus, they erect a twenty-foot wall made of buses. Ten buses wide and three thick. It’s like a First National scrap yard. Not something easily breached, as United and many others have found out to their cost.

For all Tottenham’s dominance and genuinely marvellous build-up work, we came up short in the whites of Brad Friedel’s eyes and the reinvigorated frame of Richard Dunne. Watch a highlights reel of our chances and you’d be hard pushed to imagine how Villa could’ve escaped with a draw. But they did and Crouch, Defoe, King et al should’ve done much more with what they were given. Crouch misses far too much for my liking. We have an unnerving capacity to generate lots and lots of chances throughout the course of an afternoon- against most teams. Sadly, however, it’s becoming fairly customary that 3MP becomes the misfiring punch-line to all the good work. But then his link-up play is the cat’s pyjamas. He’s becoming a bit of an enigma, really, and I can’t make up my mind whether it’s one I like.

Anyway, if there’s a conclusion to be drawn from  any of these witterings, then I guess it’s this.

5th in the League, still in the F.A Cup: it could be worse, couldn’t it?

And we’re certainly not finished, despite what you might read.

Wolves tomorrow. The season starts here.

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16 Responses to Season Over? Pffft.

  1. avatar Ross says:

    Too bloody right, some people just can’t be pleased.. season starts here.. fingers out.. goals in tha back of the net and points on the board.. COYS!!

  2. avatar Foggy says:

    Fox,that picures just cruel mate report it or tell me so I can.

    The seasons not over yet I wouldn’t worry this bad luck in front of goal can’t last forever.

  3. avatar Terry Nutkins says:

    As I keep saying, if someone said by Feb we’ll still 5th and in the FA cup, I’d bite their hand off…

    ‘Arry has done some stirling work and should be applauded and supported, not whinged and moaned at. We are Spurs, not Manure and our club will always go about it the difficult way. It’s in the contract…

  4. avatar Bobby says:

    I guess it’s the sheer number of points we SHOULD have amassed that bothers people the most. Any club could say the same but I must say I find myself wondering how many more times we can completely dominate a game and end up dropping points. We should really be giving the scum a run for their money for third.

    Still, as I’ve said before, it’s surely gonna click together soon. There’s another Wigan on the cards. As you said, the season starts here so lets get off to a flyer!!!!


  5. avatar TonyTott says:

    Don’t dwell on what should have happened – points-wise. I am concerned about the fixtures remaining. Liverpool appear to have an easier run-in than us. Lets hope that they continue to flatter to deceive. Looking at our remaining fixtures, I have set a very conservative minumum points total of 17 points from the 13 games. All we need to do is turn some of those draws into wins and losses into draws and wins. It is still in our hands.

  6. avatar Burnsy says:

    Plenty of points left. No matter where we finish this season has been great.

    I just dont get Crouchy. His of the ball movement and link up play isn’t great (it’s not that its bad either). His finishing is OK. I just think we have a lot of players who are very similar. We just miss Lennon’s pace. Which creates that little bit of extra space for Crouch, which he needs.

    I’d love to give Defoe and Pav a game or 2. Certainly even the last 20-35 mins of games. Just to try and change it up.

    … but we still play great football and 90% of our games are great to watch. Which is all I really want.

    I watched that Merseyside Derby – fucking awful.


  7. avatar TonyTott says:

    I think Pav is the way forward. Defoe has not forged a partnership with Crouch OR Keane, and Pav is the only one that we haven’t tried yet (barring Gudjohnsen of course). Our problem is that we are lacking cutting edge – Pav is certainly classier than the others – if not the best for grit and determination (but that can come from elsewhere). Next 2 games define season – away to Wolves and Wigan. 4-6 points and we have a great chance. 3 points: still in it. 2 points: we will have to make up points in difficult games. Less than 2 points: forget it.

  8. avatar KennYid says:

    Hmmm….. Just seen a bit of Harry on the box – Sky Sports, pointing out how useful Crouchy is as he gives us something different. Plenty of teams playing the ball about prettily but he gives us the chance to break through defences, then they showed a clip of him winning the ball in the air in a crowded penalty box….. and heading it wide! Seemed to sum up Crouch for me. He doesn’t score enough. I would like to see Pav gven a real chance. As I have boringly announced to the listening, or otherwise, world before, goal scoring isn’t all about effort, think Martin Peters. Guile and movement can take you further sometimes and we need to start putting away the chances we create.

  9. avatar SPURSSINCE82 says:

    I do not understand why our boys are always (like Harry) In the media….
    maybe more shooting practice and heading sessions(yes heading accurately)
    you never know it might just do the trick (missful Pete) and less time talking …
    I mean ..your feet , in all fairness should really define a language of their own.
    Harry has done us proud overall, no problems with the new found teamwork
    but why is it that we seem to always (drop the bat when trying to pick up the
    ball). I suppose this really does define the ‘ road to the unknown ‘ . ultimately
    being the fun journey of a spurs man.
    Pav needs to start ahead of Crouch humble opinion of course. Different
    gravy, just appears not to have materialised I suppose. (Harrys club) founded
    since 2009… members Sir jermaine Defoe and the right honourable Sir
    Peter Croich. COYS ……….

  10. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    The Season starts here?
    You meant that wonderful dream I was having about us not only making a serious challenge for top four and playing decent football, treated by most teams as the real deal, parking the bus against us,keeping clean sheets, even getting honourable mentions from Alan Shearer was just that, a wonderful dream!

  11. We owe Wolves a twatting for last time, and for putting out their JV against MU.

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