Scott Parker vs. The World: Spurs Star Upgraded to MVP

parkerthunderThere’s something reassuringly old-fashioned about Scott Parker as a footballer; the unflappable side-parting, the perma-grass-stained knees, the affection for bone-shuddering challenges. If you want a midfielder to fight tooth and nail for the cause; want them to exude a plucky wartime spirit that’ll mean they’ll bomb eighty-yards to prevent a throw-in or just put the whizzers up some Young Harry Flash, then Private Parker is without question your man…

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4 Responses to Scott Parker vs. The World: Spurs Star Upgraded to MVP

  1. avatar kennyid says:

    Great to see you on Huff Post Foxy. more power to your elbow. Nice article too.

  2. avatar Longwell says:

    Nice going, hoss. I agree with every word.

    Scotty needs to start that party up again or else we may be seriously in the shizazzle.

  3. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Top shelf, Boss. Hope Huff Post is treating you right.

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