Same Old Trafford. Always Losing

dalekWell I guess the first thing is to mention the news that Luka Modric’s been declared unavailable for tonight’s trip to Old Trafford, as his head isn’t in the right place. According to ‘Arry via the wireless yesterday evening. Quite why no-one hasn’t told the wee Croatian that it’ll probably be attached to the spindly bit of flesh between his shoulders where he left it, one can only speculate. These bloody foreign-types, eh?

The concern for many is what effect this nonsense might be having on the rest of the camp. This brand of heel-dragging is not exactly new to us; The Great Bulgarian Sulk of 2008 is still garden-fresh in the memory and there’s no reason to believe Modric will be the last of his kind. A rebel without a clause. Just a gentleman’s agreement and considerably less humility than we might have first thought. The sh*t.

Still, moving on. As mentioned we’re up to the poor half of Manchester this evening; a belated season opener at the (in no way pretentiously named) Theatre of Dreams. A place where our record not so much speaks for itself, as whispers something half-heartedly about not having the best of luck with referees and Pedro Mendes woz robbed. Spurs have an abysmal CV against United. The last time we beat them at Old Trafford the War of the Roses raged on in the background. Don’t bother checking the facts. I didn’t.

So what will be different about tonight, I hear you ask? Well, no surprises here, that very much depends on those that turn up and what course of action they decide to take when the inevitable happens and United get a decision go there way or we make a monumental balls-up. It’s about how we respond. Whether we decide to buy into talk of hoodoos, conspiracies and mental flimsiness. Or whether, instead, we think we might fancy taking something home from this fixture. Something more than just that familiar feeling of being schooled by Sir Alex’s lot.

Do that and we’ve got half a chance. COYS!

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  1. avatar KayBee says:

    …it’s not Howard Webb tonight, is it?

  2. avatar KayBee says:

    (by the way, brilliant write-up, as ever, young Foxy. In particular, I enjoyed “rebel without a clause” and “Don’t bother checking the facts. I didn’t.”

  3. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    I think the only question is the manner of our screwing. A free kick in our half that chips De Gea but is disallowed when it hits the back of the net and bounces out too quickly for the fat wheezing lino to register? Gomes conceding a peno and sent off for handling in the area? Rooney pulls brass knuckles from his sock, de-tooths Bale and gets a hug and a free kick from the ref? The possibilities are endless.

  4. avatar wayne says:

    ‘arry keeps harping on about the wage structure and missing signings because of it.Spurs want to be serious contenders have to start paying the wages simple as that.Don’t see the point in keeping Modric just a matter of time before he leaves anyway,may aswell cash in while the price is high.

  5. avatar Donny says:

    Tonight is all about our ability to attack a young defense. We have the players to punish them. The player that is ccapable of making it happen is Huddlestone who can play Bale and Lennon into those open spaces. I think Livermore should be in central midfield with Tommy and offer mobility and the tackles in the mid. He is better than Krank. krank will leave Hudd exposed .

    • avatar Longwell says:

      Agree with respect to Kranjcar. I’d be okay with him alongside Livermore again if Thud isn’t fit to go the full 90, but playing him and Thud together in the middle of the park is asking for trouble.


      …would be my team for tonight.

  6. avatar Paul Doyle and Barry Glendenning says:

    “A free kick in our half that chips De Gea but is disallowed when it hits the back of the net and bounces out too quickly for the fat wheezing lino to register? Gomes conceding a peno and sent off for handling in the area? Rooney pulls brass knuckles from his sock, de-tooths Bale and gets a hug and a free kick from the ref? The possibilities are endless. ”

    All are part of the rules of football as long as no whistle is blown, you clueless no-mark

  7. avatar Longwell says:

    The more things change…


  8. avatar Longwell says:

    Let’s overreact!

    • avatar seattlespursguy says:

      It’s always difficult there, so no over-reaction from me, but it’s pretty clear we won’t do much without a new frontman. JD can do it against 3rd rate Scots, but most PL sides won’t let us get away with aJD/VDV partnership, never mind MU.

  9. avatar Donny says:

    Firstly – Manchester United BEAT us fair and square. I am in wo of what Alex Fergusen has done spending money. Then there is Spurs, Friedel great shot stopper, I have to question if being prepared to come off your line whould have taken care of some of thise balls in aka Gomes style????

    Starting Krank and Livermore…………….. pathetic and it is NOT their fault. Then giving Thudd only 13mins was stupid. And on the ball I WILL ALWAYS MAINTAIN the ball travels faster than people can run. Thudd could have open United up for Lennon and Bale………………….. spilt milks is wat my mind is saying.

    We could have come away with a draw!!. Nae a victory. BAD CALL REDNAPP!!!!!!!!!!

    Krank and Livermore in last year started…………………….. 3 full games for Spurs

  10. avatar ruetheday says:

    Whoop. I’ve found a spot of wi-fi that doesn’t involve potentially life-threatening window dangling!

    Thanks to my prowess in speaking foreign lingo (say the word in English, do a frantic little mime, repeat until understood), I managed to watch the match from about ten mins before the first goal. I was watching on a 12″ old school telly, about 10′ away from me, so detailed match analysis on my part would be a little bit like using twitter feeds alone to debate the riots (so forgive me if any of the following stuff is bollocks; I was effectively watching gnats chase a white atom around a green matchbox).

    What I will say is this – the world and her husband have been commenting on how wobble De Gea looked on corners and crosses in pre season and their first match; we (in theory) have two of the best wingers plying their trade in the Premier League. Is old fashioned wing-play with crosses from the touchline so out of fashion it’s not worth trying anymore? I know Crouch was bubble-wrapped, but surely we could’ve crossed low, had Defoe push De Gea about a bit, and at least had a justly disallowed goal to complain about for a change. Who knows, we might even have unsettled the rest of the defence and changed the face of things a bit. At any rate, watching VDV shoot on sight from all over the place was just a little bit frustrating – Barca showed how to pass it around United at the end of last season, and at Hearts we looked to be gearing up to try something similar, but what little (in both time and physical size) I saw suggested we’d abandoned that entirely in favour of having a punt now and then.

    Oh, and while Livermore looked handy against lowly Hearts, starting him at Old Trafford is far from baby-steps. I just hope Harry doesn’t now decide he’s not up to it and send him back to rotting in the reserves; let’s break him in gently, he’s taken a long time to reach the level he’s at, we can’t expect him to suddenly step up to a regular first team spot.

    Anyway, I got a free drink from the sympathetic barman who’d (after the third) finally understood I wasn’t a United fan, so it wasn’t all bad. Apparently he’s a Villa fan; could be worse, eh?

  11. avatar KayBee says:

    Ugh. Me and my big mouth.

    Anyway, on a much more interesting note than having our collective arses handed to us by Surbiton Utd again, it seems like we’re about to officially announce we’ll be building a new stadium round the corner from WHL in Northumberland Park – probably with an upgraded NP rail station as well.


  12. avatar Aran says:

    By all accounts Adebayor is a done deal and Diarra too. Prattle about Cole is probably nothing more than prattle but I’d still take him.

    Wilson on his way out and talk of Crouch being off too.

    All told, if this goes through and we keep Modric then I feel fairly happy about this transfer window.

    • avatar Longwell says:

      It would be nice to shed some more deadwood like Bentley, but yeah if we upgrade from Wilson and Crouch to Diarra and Adebayor then it’s hard to complain too much.

      In the And I Want a Pony category, I would love it if Levy could pull a proper winger/forward like Ruiz out of a hat at the eleventh hour a la Van der Vaart. I would like to see us have the ability to play 4-3-3 when the matchup dictates, but we don’t have anyone who’s cut out for the right-sided forward in that formation. And I like Lennon a lot, but he might be drifting into one of those periods where he needs a rocket up his trumpet to get back on form. Hopefully his performance at Old Trafford was just one poor game.

  13. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Yeah, Cole is just talk. Nearly 30, high wages, and Pool won’t just give him away. Can’t see Levy indulging Harry on this.

  14. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Hmmmm. The latest rumor is the blue scum to offer 40m for Modric. That is truly silly money and wonder how Danny will react?

  15. avatar KayBee says:

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