Rovers Return With Nowt


By thunder. I think we’re onto something here. Three wins on the bounce and suddenly we find ourselves making waves in the form book at just the right time. Whispers of an April death march can be put on hold for the moment; right now it’s Tottenham holding onto the elite’s coat-tails for all they’re worth, and- despite a few face reddening wobbles along the way- don’t look to be leaving the party anytime soon. Until next weekend, at the very least. We’ve hit another purple patch, dear reader, and we couldn’t have scheduled it better.

But what of Blackburn? Well, Sam’s rabble certainly didn’t make it straight forward- nor did the comedy stylings of Howard Webb- but in the end, the gritty Lancastrians found it difficult to keep up. Some, one would concede, more than others. Did anyone see Michel Salgado in the Spanish Football studio last night? He didn’t move much, did he? I know it’s not really essential for pundits to do their job quivering with wild abandon- ask Mark Lawrenson- but he looked like a man who needed a good lie down. Gareth Bale’s dazzling showcase on Saturday probably pushed the man’s retirement forward a good couple of weeks. I would’ve suggested taking a swing at him- but he never once got close.

What an exciting prospect that boy is.

Super Roman Pavlyuchenko. Some would have you believe his recent upturn in fortunes is at the cost of getting him a good spot in the summer shop window. He’s playing for a move, and, more than willing to cash-in as best he can on the want-away striker, Harry’s letting him do so. The goals have merely come as a pleasant windfall in an otherwise dastardly scheme to get shot of him. Here’s hoping there’s no truth in such talk. Who knows what Redknapp’s got planned for the Russian in the warmer months; maybe he’s not sure himself. All I can say is: when you see him twonking them goalward week in week out- clearly off his happy tits at the thought of doing so- you can’t imagine why he’d want him gone. I think it’s time our head honcho made his intentions clear. It would be a crime to let the man wander off into the sunset at the first hint of an offer.

A strange thought, but both Bale and Pavlyuchenko could be playing for Birmingham right now, had we allowed our first impressions to get the better of us. Doesn’t bare thinking about.

Anyway, on we go. Nine games left and we’re firmly in the mix-up, as we have been all season. Recent stumbles from all those around us have ignited yet more hope; here’s wishing Portsmouth do us another favour tonight and complete an unlikely double over Liverpool.

Thrilling times we live in.


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  1. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    Hate to tailor the optimism, BUT………

    Sunderland were very spirited yesterday against City. City deserved the draw IMO.
    We still have to visit The Stadium Of Light…….

    Stoke failed to trebuchet themselves another home win but made it difficult for Villa. It’s a tough place to go the Brittania.
    We still have to play Stoke AWAY.

    That said, we’ve got a good away record this season and we’ve visited places like Ewood Park and come away with all 3pts so we can afford to carry some confidence into the above fixtures. The results could have only got slightly better for us this weekend (had City & Villa lost of course) but we’re looking in an even better position than we were on Saturday morning.

    I said on Friday we had to get a win and lay down the gauntlet to City, Villa & Liverpool to try and keep pace with us and they fluffed their lines. We need to keep doing the same in EVERY game that’s left in this season.

    9 games to go 16 points needed (according to Harry).

    No-one ever said it would be easy but I think we can do it.

    Time for heroes Tottenham, time for heroes.


    • avatar who framed ruel fox? says:

      You’re right, Jim.

      I’ve allowed myself to get a bit giddy at the thought. That said, I reckon we’re in a mighty strong position, one I wouldn’t have thought possible after the defeat at Wolves. No-one’s pulling away but everyone’s dropping points. I see no reason why we can’t take it.

      Time for heroes, indeed.

  2. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    The Wolves defeat was horrific. One of those games where nothing went right.

    I’m impressed that we’ve come back from that performance in such an emphatic manner. I just hope we can keep it up and not give ourselves a reason to look back and say “what if?”

    The table is looking alot better than it did on Saturday morning though and for that we can be very thankful.

    Let’s just hope Pompey pull out all the stops tonight against the Mickey Mousers!!

  3. avatar KayBee says:

    Firstly, brilliant write-up, as ever, Foxyness.

    Secondly, a rousing first comment, J!

    A time for heroes, and every man (and boy) to stand up and be counted. We can only aks that we take the maximum possible points on offer each game. Keep doing that and we set the pace for fourth. We have to believe, and, possibly even more importantly, we have to want it. Want it so bad we can taste it.

    Us fans already do. Let’s hope our players feel the same.

    Regarding the game, I don’t think we really got out of third gear, and cruised it. Sam’s team of kickers didn’t kick as much as I was expecting, and actually played some nice football, but we cruised to a fairly comfortable victory in the end.

    A word on Webb; you have to go some to leave both sets of fans, managers and players feeling like they were hard done by. What bad comedy his officiating was; their goal was dodgy to say the least for two reasons, and could easily have been chalked off. Their disallowed goal was fine, and should have stood. Their penalty claim could have gone either way, depending on interpretation. We should’ve had one maybe two penalties and Salgado should have been sent off.

    Ladies and Gents, I give you… Howard M.F. Webb!!

    The last time we sent a shit ref to the WC, he booked the same player three times and got sent home early.

    Here’s hoping!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. I hope our boys realize that each remaining game is a cup final–including a possible cup final.

    It’s nice to start edging ahead ever so slightly, but still a lot to do.

  5. Schadenfreude–noun:

    1-malicious joy in the misfortunes of others

    2-what I hope to be feeling today after a rousing Pompey win.

  6. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    Howard Webb’s wife must have ran off with a Spurs fan. Either that or he was bullied by a kid in a Spurs shirt when he was little.

    Think the whole ground joined in when the chant of “you’re not fit to referee” went up!

  7. avatar spud says:

    Some Braveheart-esque comments frequenting these boards nowadays. I fully concour with the ‘win every game’ attitude and hope thats currently being drilled into the players.

    I was pessimistic to say the least of our chances of top 4 but everyone seems to be dropping points at the moment. I’m trying to restraint myself from getting too carried away. All we need to do is get three points where we are expected to win and try to squeeze as many out of the big boys we’ve got to play.

    Appreciate the ‘Roy Lichtenstein’ Fox. Pop art will always be cool

  8. avatar KayBee says:

    Stewart Lee on Braveheart – move it to 4:38mins in, where Stew does his “Braveheart was a paedophile” routine.

    In Glasgow.


    Part 2!v=Jgm3xMWQVT0&feature=related


  9. avatar KayBee says:

    9 games left.

    16+ points required for fourth.

    8 points off Arsenal in 3rd.

    1 game in hand on them, with a six-pointer at the Lane yet to come.

    Yummy. 🙂

  10. Disappointing result tonight. Just took a quick look at the Liverpool headlines and they’re pretty full of crowing about this “amazing” win.


  11. avatar DAVSPURS says:

    Well Liverpool looked like eleven Usain Bolts and i am not joking they had not won on a Monday night under Rafa .Pompy without James and looked very slow mainly because they are relegated already and will be back up to Speed in the Cup .Liverpool where boiling hot with running the legs of pompy and could have been 8 goals up at half time .Will they be has fast on Thursday i don’t think so but they will be on Sunday if we get beat they will be in front and Flying . Just have a look at the way they played lobster face Carragher was mopping everything up and when they scored near the end he flipped they want our goal dfferents gone

  12. avatar Goodspurs says:

    An ‘amazing’ win. They really are scrapeing the bottom of the barrel if at home to the relegated certainties is something that should require an amazing performance. Jokers.

    Follower but first time writer, big fan of all yous’ work. Nice


  13. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    Sandro deal to be completed this week. Fee is £6.5m.

    Sandro has just turned 21, has 1 cap for Brazil and is supposedly a technically gifted DM. Word is he’s been learning English for a number of months and hopefully will be good to go come pre-season.

    If you add the above to Huddlestone signing a new 5yr contract, I reckon it’s time for JJ to pack his bags.

    So long JJ. Let’s hope you can leave us with your head held high with a 4th place finish and an FA Cup medal in your back pocket.

  14. “A strange thought, but both Bale and Pavlyuchenko could be playing for Birmingham right now”

    Never thought of that… I’m actually cringing just trying to imagine it.

  15. avatar Spiritual Advisor says:

    and just when you thought Pompey could do us a favour Liverpool finally find some form. 🙁

  16. Gawdamn Wigan. Those clown shoes can’t do anything right, can they? OK, except for beating Pool, but still……….

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