A Pig’s Ear of a Spurs-Trotters Preview

Aloha and good morning. Just a quick one from me. What to say about Bolton? Not a great deal if I can help it. In his comparatively short turn at t’Reebok, Owen Coyle’s managerial stock has fallen somewhat rapidly. From the Glaswegian Wenger to Sue Barker in the time it takes to polish and glue in those unfeasibly white teeth.

The Wanderers are stumbling, bleary eyed out of a false dawn which promised technical brilliance and doing things the right  way™, with the likes of Jack Wilshere and Daniel Sturridge on board- two excellent but unsustainable flurries of short-termism- to one which would be happy for a return to the so-so old days of simply being difficult to beat.

A dismal ten defeats out of thirteen would suggest that that idea has gone well and truly up the river. There’s no hiding from the fact, a 77% losing ratio does not a Premiership team make. Not for very long, anyway.

Tottenham, on the other hand, are on the up and up. If you haven’t been reading the newspapers lately we’re officially in the mix. A dark horse in the title race which in recent weeks has turned a few hues lighter. I’m not convinced that we’re capable of sustaining it to the bitter end but the longer we’re in the pursuit, very much the better. Three-nil against The Trotters, says I. Adebayor hat-trick and junk.

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