Palacios. Madrid. Crumbs.


So Real Madrid give truth to that old saying about money and happiness. Anyone who thought otherwise need only to take a quick peek at the thousands of Los Blancos fans dry heaving into their paella last night as yet another quarter-final place eluded them. They certainly didn’t look very happy. In fact, they all looked pretty angry if truth be told. A number of them were thumbing cross-bows. 250 million euros later and suddenly you ask yourself why the hell they didn’t just buy Darren Bent. Heads will roll, I’m sure.

Elsewhere, ITV caused much dry-heaving of their own. Mainly thanks to the constant hand-jobbing of David Beckham throughout the course of the evening. I mean, really. Yes, we know, he used to play for United and now he’s back. Playing against them. Miraculous. But did we really need a three-course bumming from Drury and the team- cooing every time he so much as touched the ball or looked forlornly into the stands. I literally think he could’ve pulled a wrench from his sock and shanked someone, and still have Andy Townsend drooling over his jabbing technique. What a pallava.

Just realised that all sounded a bit euphemistic. Drooling over his jabbing technique? Christ.

Anyway, ITV, enough with the eulogising. He’s not dying.

Moving on. Wilson Palacios has been making his intentions clear this week; apparently he sees Tottenham as a mere stepping-stone in his grand scheme for world domination. Next stop? Well, Real Madrid, naturally. From the horse’s mouth, via The Sun:

“I am really happy at Tottenham but I will continue working for a future move to a bigger club. I would like to play for Real Madrid.

“Today, many people respect me in England. That’s because of my hard-working attitude.”

Don’t go Wilson. They’ll never appreciate you. Plus we know how to get to a quarter-final when we put our minds to it. Plenty of stumbles and replays along the way, but get there we undoubtedly do. Am I right? Yeah? Who’s with me?

Oh forget it.

Have a splendid day.

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  1. avatar Blanchflower says:

    Very funny, top blog.

  2. avatar Rob says:

    So right about Townsend. The pathetic ‘love-in’ generated around Beckham (once a great player admitedly but NOT now) made me feel sick. GIVE IT A REST GUYS AND NO SPURS AREN’T INTERESTED IN BUYING HIM !
    At least Andy (Mr Football) Gray was not commentating. If he’d begun by wiggling across the screen little pictures of the boyhood hero, that would have been the last straw !

    • avatar spud gun says:

      The replays, slow motion replays and super slow motion replays of him waving (or saluting in media speak) the united fans was ridiculous.

      He’s never one to miss a photo opportunity with the green and gold scarf is he?!

      I wonder how Beckhams career and subsequent media obsession would have panned out if he looked like Luke Chadwick?

  3. If Wilson plays so well that Real come in for him we would either have the best DCM in the world or 30-40 million in return. I have as big of a man crush on Wilson as anyone, but that much cash is hard to turn down.

    It’s all hypothetical anyway. Wilson would have to seriously up his game to get that move in the long term, which would certainly help our short term goals.

  4. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    Let’s focus on beating Fat Sam’s Blackeye Rovers this weekend!

    Word on the street is that they’re missing Captain Nelsen and first choice LB Lars Jacobsen. Givet (a very suspect LB) has been drafted into CB. Oh how I wish Lennon was fit to batter this lot!!

    On Wilson………………. he won’t go. Yet anyways. He’s been to inconsistent since the death of his brother. The quote itself was shoe horned into his mouth by the interviewer and the SUN (via one of their gooner/spammer journo’s) twisted it into WILSON WANTS OUT.

    Fuck the SUN. It sucks balls. It’s a poor mans Daily Mail for the lower class racist who likes a bit of Dear Deidre!!

    Onwards & Upwards. COYS!

  5. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    I wouldn’t squash Blackburn.

    I’d use some sort of massive bomb to wipe it out. That way we could start rebuilding on it straight away! Who votes for a water park?

    Regarding their football team, they make Stoke look like Brazil circa 1970. Therefore they should be crushed. If we can replicate the first half against Everton we should look to have 3 put past Robbo by HT. Then let Rose, Livermore & Townsend have a run-out.

    We can’t afford another performance like the Stoke, Wolves, Villa & Hull games at home! Three points is a total must against Blackburn.

    Get the job done, put down a marker, pile the pressure on the chasing pack then sit back and watch them try to catch us.


  6. avatar Day of the Triffics pt.2 says:

    Afternoon all, very amusing Mr. Fox,. here we are at the business end of the season and as all ‘big clubs’ should we do have a lot of business ahead. First up we have to beat Howard Webb and whoever elase Fat Sam puts on the pitch. ten cup finals to 4th place and a cup final. COYS!!!

  7. Our next 4 league games against the lower half are hugely winnable. IF (the biggest word in the English language) we win the 4 we would be looking pretty good for the final push

    Pool have Pompey (H), Man U (A), S’land (H) & Brum (A).

    Shitty have S’land (A), Fulham (A), Wigan (H) & Burnley (A).

    Villa have Stoke (A), Wigan (A), Wolves (H) & Chavs (A).

    Plenty of pitfalls there. A good run right now could create some daylight.

  8. avatar spud gun says:

    Missed the Madrid – Lyon game due to being forced into watching United beat up some grandads. Did catch the last final minute when they missed a couple of sitters that I’m sure even Bent would have managed to shin in.

    With regards to Wilson I’d be disappointed in him if he regarded Tottenham being the pinnacle of his career and his work is done.

    A General Willy who is motivated to improving himself to aim to play for the best in Europe is a someone who is going to improve the team. The challenge for Spurs is to match his ambitions and get in amongst the big boys.

  9. avatar Spooky says:

    Wilson won’t be going to Madrid. Because Madrid will be signing Sandro.

    Is there no big bad Croat DM we could sign?

  10. avatar Tom the Yid says:

    Palacios isn’t good enough for Real and even if they did come in for him, anyone with the attitude like that can go anyway. Why do players choose to alert the whole world they want a bigger club? Nobody respects them for it and there are more subtle ways of alerting a club of your desire to play for them. Works hard and is a great tackler etc but hasn’t been that consistent this season and passing is atrocious. Don’t want to put him down too much but if we got more than what we paid for him then use the money to buy someone who can tackle as well as pass….plus maybe want’s to be at spurs and help make them successful rather than constantly dreaming of a bigger club

  11. Please, PLEASE, check out Spooky’s latest offering. I nearly pissed myself.

  12. avatar Rasputin says:

    Watching Real against Lyon last night it’s clear they need more than Palacios to revive them. In any event a defensive midfielder who can’t pass very well is unlikely target for them. My hunch is that this is more about money than anything. The downside of any success the side achieves this season is a likely demand for higher wages by a number of players.

  13. avatar Day of the Triffics pt.2 says:

    Morning all, does it not bother you that we are such comfortable favourites for this encounter agaist Sam’s hooligans or maybe it’s just me. Can’t help thinking not that long ago, the beacon of Europe was on the horizon, we went to Cardiff and royally f**k*d up against, yep Blackburn Rovers. There I said it.

    • avatar Day of the Triffics pt.2 says:

      Yeah KayBee, that’s what I was refeing to in terms of being comfortable favorites. Maybe it’s time to accept that we are hitting ome highs and they cannot be ignored and being in the top 4 for all but five days of the season indicates tangible progress. I still feel uneasy.

  14. avatar Day of the Triffics pt.2 says:

    I really do wish I could stop seeing headlines such as these:
    Spurs are ready to join the Fab Four.

  15. avatar who framed ruel fox? says:

    New stuff up in a moment, innit.

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