No Excuses- Wolves Need Obliterating


Revenge, they say, is a dish best served cold.

With this in mind, tonight we should be offering the stuff on a plate taken from a blast-chiller and garnished with liquid nitrogen. Wolves, ladies and gentlemen, need shoeing back to the Ice Age. Nothing less than a win will do.

Mick McCarthy’s a loose cannon- you can tell that just by looking at him- and as such, he’s formed a team with a similar penchant for the unpredictable. Any number of sides could turn up this evening, literally. We could see certified relegation fodder or we could come up against the same hardy bunch of opportunists who spannered our plans last time and who’ve taken points from both sides of the Mersey as well as beating Fulham. Alternatively, we might just have the pleasure of entertaining a rabble of juveniles and second-stringers, there only as understudies and life-preservers of the main cast- depends, entirely, who they’ve got at the weekend.* Who knows? Who knows what crack-pot scheme Mick’s got boiling up? All I can say for sure is- I want them seen to.

No fannying about in front of goal. Not even a hint of it.

At the risk of sounding like a damaged vinyl; Lennon’s still out. The general consensus seems to agree this to be a rather more long-term situation than first thought. If you trust your sources, we wont be seeing him again until Wigan o’clock on the 21st of February. That clunking sound you just heard was Erik Edman dropping his guts like a dolphin slipping onto the deck of a Japanese trawler. Yikes. Bentley is our man tonight, then. A real chance for him to bring all those encouraging performances together and make it sing. I’m really confident he can do the business. Gawd, listen to me; encouraging, confident, the business. Whatever next.

In the interest of flooding the midfield and saturating the Midlanders, I would suggest popping Bentley and Krank on each flank; let Huddlestone and Wilson take care of all things central; while Modders ghosts behind a lone striker in the shape of Jermain Defoe. Unlikely to be the way of it, as HR is much more in favour of the petit et grande combo, but an attractive proposition nevertheless. I trust ‘Arry will get the fax.

Right, a win please. Not too much to ask for, I don’t think.

3-1. Defoe with a couple and Jenas with a last minute nerve settler.

It should be water off a shmuck’s back.


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23 Responses to No Excuses- Wolves Need Obliterating

  1. *Word in my ear- it’s F.A Cup, so no-one.

  2. avatar Morgan says:

    Thought we owed Defoe rather than loaned him? 😉 (could be lone strikers of course!)

    I def think they should drop Crouch tonight…oh and Sunday, Sunday, Sunday……..

  3. avatar Morgan says:

    Thought we owned Defoe rather than loaned him? 😉 (could be lone strikers of course!)

    I def think they should drop Crouch tonight…oh and Sunday, Sunday, Sunday……..

  4. avatar fiftypeehead says:

    You lost me when you said Jenas!!! COYS

  5. avatar Sam says:

    How about giving Gudjohnsen a go?

  6. avatar Trembly says:

    Lace Doylie to take a shock home lead. 🙁 But Defoe to score from a cr’Ouch knock down after an exquisite 50 yard pass from Les, and Gazza Baler with an absolute screamer to win it 1-2.

  7. avatar JTyido says:

    To be fair Trembly if they score first we’ll be right back in the same situation as when we last played them, it’ll be 70 or 80 minutes of pure championship anti-football, the only difference is this time we’ll be away. We haven’t won away since December in the league.

    Definitely like the Defoe on his own plan, let Modric run free.

    A nervy 1-2 (I hope) although another clean sheet will be diamond. COYS.

  8. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    I think we are being too obvious, coming out like tigers and battering them back into their lairs from the off.
    We need to tempt them out, leave a dead sheep or two in the centre circle. Obviously spread some lion dung along the edge of our penalty area, just in case, and wait for them to come out.
    As soon as they start sniffing round the dead sheep carcasses and Jenas, hit them on the break, like the third goal at Leeds.
    Sorry JJ, alls fair in love and comedy.

  9. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    Just playing to the crowd Foxy, playing to the crowd.
    Anyway its on your website not mine. The candles still burning over here.

  10. avatar DazzaTHFC says:

    Edman won’t be dropping his guts anytime soon he’s been released by Wigan couple of weeks ago

  11. avatar TMWNN says:

    Even the die hard ‘Jenas lovers’ have seen the light now. It took a while, but they came round to their senses eventually – just a bit slow 😉

  12. “Jenas with a last minute nerve settler”

    That could become the dictionary definition of a bad team: “A team so crap even Jenas scored on them.”

    Of course, what does that say about the team that actually employs him? Yeesh.

  13. avatar KayBee says:

    Can anyone explain to me Harry’s team selection last night?

    And is he determined to do last season in reverse?

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